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Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Main God Space?

After chatting for a while, Yashan said, “Oh, by the way, Boss Wei, there’s one more thing. Several joint envoy teams we sent out earlier have returned from major cities in the last few days, and the feedback isn’t very good.”

“Only the people from ‘Anliang City’ are willing to come for discussions, with a maximum of fifth-level representatives of mutants. The reason is that the previous ‘Evil Child’ slaughtered all the mutants in Anliang City, and no seventh-level mutants have dared to settle in Anliang these years.”

“Anliang is probably afraid of contradicting our intentions and then having trouble with us, so they just sent someone over as a formality.”

“As for the other major cities, we can barely find anyone worth talking to, and they’ve basically been sent back. They utterly disdain our statements and essentially consider the ‘New Century’ project a joke.”

Su Hao asked, “So, what does our Temple Forest plan to do?”

Yashan replied, “Let’s not rush. We can continue attempting to communicate with the remaining cities. Although the outbreak of war is inevitable in the end, we currently don’t plan to conflict with other cities.”

“It’s perfect; now we can take advantage of Anliang City’s vulnerability, control both Anliang City and the surrounding cities, and use Anliang as a test site to build a super large mutant zone, nurturing a new generation of talents.”

“Step by step, steadily, and eventually, we’ll gradually absorb all the other cities. By that time, we’ll have enough manpower to take over the management of other major cities smoothly and initiate reform. Boss Wei, what do you think?”

Su Hao nodded and said, “Just follow your plan.”

Yashan added, “With your approval, I’m relieved. However, the Temple Forest is still concerned that if we become too strong, the seventh-level mutants from the other five cities might unite and challenge us. With our current strength, we definitely won’t be able to resist.”

Su Hao calmly remarked, “No problem. If those people indeed unite to resist, it would be even easier; we can clean them all up at once! Do whatever you need to do without too much concern.”

Upon hearing this, Yashan instantly felt relieved.

He found Boss Wei today precisely because of these concerns. Since Boss Wei said so, in critical moments, Boss Wei would take action, giving Yashan a sense of assurance.

Yashan said, “Boss Wei, I’ll take three little ones back to Huixiang City in a couple of days to handle some matters, and I’ll be back soon.”

Su Hao smiled and said, “Your small matters don’t need to be exposed; you don’t have to tell me. If you want to go back, go back.”

Yashan scratched his head, smiling awkwardly.

After having a wife, this was how things went.

Meanwhile, Su Hao gazed absentmindedly at the sky.

In the face of the overwhelming trend, any resistance and obstruction would be crushed into pieces.

So, what is the overall trend for the entire universe?

On a smaller scale, as he roamed through the Pinball space and then reincarnated in a certain world by chance, what was the overall trend for him?

If he could control the trend of the people of Zhu Hua, did that imply there was something he didn’t understand, controlling the overall trend of the universe?

Su Hao fell into deep thought.

He had never before delved into these questions as deeply as he was doing now.

Just now, his mind became clearer, contemplating questions more comprehensively and deeply, involuntarily focusing on things he had previously ignored.

As night fell, Su Hao gathered his thoughts and returned to the laboratory.

Instead of daydreaming about irrelevant matters, he decided to diligently work on building his ‘Universal Light 3.0’.

Re-entering the Pinball Space, he opened the progress list, contentedly stating, ‘Two-thirds of the progress, soon it will be completed.’

The little light Su Hao was constructing nearly demolished the previous structure, redesigning it from scratch.

Thanks to his considerably comprehensive knowledge base, the ‘Universal Light 3.0’ version undoubtedly possessed powerful functionalities.

Time passed, three years fleeting by. Su Hao, now thirty, had just exceeded the age he was before entering the Pinball Space.

How many years had passed now? Su Hao no longer bothered to count.

‘Universal Light 3.0’ had been completed over two years ago, and in that time, the new little light had undergone significant improvement through learning simulations, far beyond what the 2.5 version could compare to.

Su Hao’s consciousness entered the Pinball Space, and the neutral voice of the little light immediately sounded, ‘Welcome back, esteemed Mr. Su Hao. According to the log, I’ll report the following information for you:

1. All extraordinary fragments of mutant genes have been sorted and recorded without omissions, available for retrieval according to your needs.

2. Currently listed ‘Runes’ have all been successfully expressed within organisms using genes, such as ‘Level 2 – Lightning’, ‘Level 2 – Fire Ring’, ‘Level 2 – Fire Dragon’… adjustments have been made, enabling successful guidance within organisms without causing self-harm.

3. The compound rune of ‘Sense’ and ‘Level 2 – Lightning’, ‘Level 2 – Fire Dragon’, ‘Level 2 – Barrier’, ‘Level 2 – Toughness’ has been completed, reaching 99.9% of independent rune performance, available for upgrade at any time.

4. ‘Mutant Beast Zone’ ecological simulation results – lacking highly energized edible plants, new species have been automatically generated, available for review.

5. Simulation of the [God] gene concluded with a 10% success rate; reasons for failure are unknown and added to the automatic modification simulation task. The next simulation is estimated to end in 60 hours.

6. Your body is in excellent health with no abnormalities. Compared to yesterday, the overall strength increased by 0.0001%; specific details can be viewed.

Respected Mr. Su Hao, the little light has completed the report for you.

Next, I will arrange the Pinball Space Exploration Experiment Platform for you.’

As the little light finished speaking, the scene in the Pinball Space transitioned into a laboratory, with a large table in the middle, displaying multiple small room models.

Inside these small room models, several small round mice could be seen lying still, not moving.

Why were there small round mice in the Pinball Space?

This originated from a bold speculation by Su Hao.

This speculation arose after discovering the ability of saturated blood gas to record object information.

Before upgrading the little light, Su Hao had never dared to make such attempts.

And Su Hao’s urgent need to upgrade the little light also stemmed from this speculation.

This speculation questions whether it’s possible to record the consciousness information of other organisms within the Pinball Space.”

“Suddenly struck by this idea, Su Hao was astonished by his own crazy thoughts.

For this, he remained dazed for quite some time.

There are two possibilities here.

The first possibility is that it cannot be recorded.

The issue is, if it’s impossible to record the consciousness information of other organisms, then how does the Pinball Space record Su Hao’s consciousness information? Does Su Hao have something special about him?

The second possibility is that it can be recorded.

The subsequent question then arises: if it’s possible to record the consciousness information of other organisms, can other organisms, like him, freely switch their consciousness between the Pinball Space and their bodies? On a larger scale, is it possible for recorded organisms to, like Su Hao, obtain a certain form of ‘eternity’?

For Su Hao, this is indeed a crazy speculation.

Regardless of whether the ultimate result can successfully record the information of other organisms, it would provide Su Hao with unimaginable information.

Now, it’s reached the testing phase.

And those grid by grid small rooms represent the confinement cells Su Hao designed, locking in the recorded consciousness and sealing it with permission functions.

What would it mean for Su Hao if he could successfully record consciousness information?

Is it akin to the ‘Main God Space’ imagined, capable of summoning and nurturing countless warriors?

Or akin to the ‘Paradise Game,’ traversing through various worlds?

The operational space in this is beyond imagination!

(End of this chapter)”


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My Divine Diary

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