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Chapter 207

Chapter 207 ‘Universe Light 3.0’

Regardless of Little Light’s intelligence level, his simple functionality can no longer keep up with Su Hao’s pace.

Currently, Little Light’s two most important functions for Su Hao are ‘information retrieval, organization, simulation’ and ‘bloodline micro-operation.’

The first function allows Su Hao to freely access all recorded information for comparison, while the second function is crucial for Su Hao’s future completion of genetic modification.

The remaining functions, big or small, are not as crucial for Su Hao; they are good to have, but their absence does not affect his learning and research.

However, these two crucial functions of Little Light aren’t as powerful as Su Hao desires.

For instance, ‘information retrieval, organization, simulation’ requires Su Hao to personally command each step, making the process notably cumbersome. If Su Hao doesn’t give instructions, Little Light remains inactive.

Similarly, ‘bloodline micro-operation’ demands lengthy observation and contemplation of long strings of symbols, consuming time and energy. By day’s end, not much ‘genetic modification fluid’ has been successfully cultivated.

Therefore, Su Hao’s upgrade this time will thoroughly solve these two issues.

Furthermore, according to his concept, he intends to add new functions to Little Light.

“The most important aspect is building the underlying framework of the system. Once the primary framework functions are established, subsequent modifications within this framework become much simpler.”

Su Hao’s idea is very straightforward. The foundational framework of the new system, ‘Universe Light 3.0,’ consists of five sections.

The first section: Information search log section, part of dynamic knowledge management.

The second section: System tool section, an area for module component calls and settings.

The third section: Function section, an area for adding various new functions.

The fourth section: Intelligent feedback section, enabling intelligent learning feedback.

The fifth section: Expanded permission section.

His frequently used functions such as ‘radar,’ ‘bloodline micro-operation,’ ‘genetic simulation transcription system,’ ‘real-time scene simulation,’ ‘model design,’ and others are all included in the third ‘function section,’ basically unchanged from the original.

However, what Su Hao wants to focus on is the fourth ‘intelligent feedback section,’ requiring Little Light to have stronger real-time feedback and learning feedback capabilities.

In simple terms, Little Light should continuously learn from Su Hao’s daily behaviors, reaching a point where it can automatically judge Su Hao’s desires without needing too many commands from him.

At the start, there will inevitably be numerous errors, but with continual adjustments and refinement, the system will inevitably reach an ideal state.

For instance, if Su Hao merely commands ‘analyze XXX gene segment,’ Little Light will immediately autonomously extract the corresponding genes, performing a series of functions like ‘analysis,’ ‘classification,’ ‘summary,’ ‘annotation,’ ‘matching,’ and then arrange them based on Su Hao’s daily search weight.

Similarly, if Su Hao simply commands ‘configure X gene modification fluid,’ Little Light, without Su Hao staring at the symbols for a long time, will autonomously emit the corresponding signal waves according to Su Hao’s needs, completing the configuration of the genetic modification fluid.

Moreover, tasks such as transforming into [Mingzi], the armor design, ‘high-speed flight form,’ ‘silent flight form,’ ‘ground combat form,’ as well as the depiction of runic fields, and so on, Little Light can autonomously carry out the intermediate complex operations.

However, for Su Hao to complete the construction of the intelligent section is not a simple matter, but fortunately, he already has the construction strategy and implementation technology.

What’s lacking is a significant time investment.

But now, Su Hao is not short of time.

With no worries about food, clothing, and shelter, he does whatever he wants, lives however he wishes!

Completely stress-free!

Time passes, and while Su Hao is completely engrossed in building the ‘Universe Light 3.0’ version, Yashan approaches him.

Knowing Su Hao’s temperament, Yashan gets straight to the point: “Boss Wei, there’s a small issue with the experimental ‘Beast Zone’.”

Considering the ‘Beast Zone’ is a new concept, encountering problems is entirely normal. Su Hao calmly asks, “What’s the issue?”

Yashan explains, “We placed two Level 7 beasts inside. One of them, the ‘Violentman’ sequence’s ‘Rampage Bear,’ seems to be feeling too lonely or perhaps going into heat. Within a month, it wandered off in search of a female bear, incidentally, disturbing other female beasts in the process.”

Su Hao twitches at the corners of his mouth. He hadn’t considered finding a companion for that bear initially, never expecting this turn of events.

After a moment of thought, Su Hao suggests, “Then, let’s clean up that rampaging bear. Additionally, let’s clear the other ‘Bright Beast.’ In the future, no Level 7 beasts will be placed in the ‘Beast Zone.’ The direct entry of advanced Level 7 beasts will be controlled by the ‘Temple Forest Union.’ As for the problem of companions for other high-level beasts, I’ll arrange several female beasts to resolve it later.”

Yashan doesn’t question Su Hao’s decision and immediately nods in agreement, adding, “Boss Wei, according to our tracking records, Level 5 and below beasts, due to their relatively large numbers, have all reproduced the next generation of various beasts. The new generation successfully inherits the abilities of their predecessors, aligning closely with your envisioned plan. According to the ‘Temple Forest Union’s’ estimate, in three years, the ‘Beast Zone’ will have developed to a certain extent, allowing the first graduating class of mutant students to enter the ‘Beast Zone’ for trials and achieve their first evolution. Boss Wei, everything is progressing according to the anticipated direction.”

Su Hao remarks, “That’s inevitable. The direction events take ultimately depends on your direction. As long as you persistently move forward, what you foresee will undoubtedly become reality.”

Yashan sighs, “Boss Wei, I used to believe that changing this world was incredibly difficult, even if I invested my entire life’s time and energy, I might not be able to change even a bit. But, in just a short twenty years, we’ve reached this point. It feels as if I can already see the arrival of a new world. Sometimes, I even doubt if all of this is just a dream.”

Su Hao chuckles lightly, “There are many more incredible things than this! Once you see them often enough, you become accustomed. That being said, this world harbors countless unimaginable things, far surpassing imagination. It’s not the world’s oddity, but our limited understanding and impoverished knowledge that make everything seem novel.

For me, the direction in which this world changes is foreseeable and controllable. Whenever I want, I can steer this world in a different direction and control the theme of the world. For example, an era without mutant technology, an era of mutants and technology coexistence, an era of mutants fighting without technology… There are many choices, it’s not about good or bad, it depends on my mood.”

Yashan listens in disbelief. Boss Wei claiming the ability to control the development of this era is undoubtedly beyond his understanding.

Su Hao asks, “Yashan, do you know what I rely on to control the direction of this world?”

Yashan shakes his head, then curiously asks, “What is it? Is it an unparalleled power?”

Su Hao responds, “Power is just one factor, it can be said to be and not to be. What I rely on is knowledge!”

Although Yashan doesn’t fully comprehend, he still finds it extremely impressive. Having followed Boss Wei for many years, he has gained some understanding. He says, “Knowledge!”

Su Hao adds, “And the essence of what you perceive as ‘power’ is also knowledge. One could say that by mastering enough knowledge, you possess enough power.”

Yashan silently nods. This must be why Boss Wei values the academy so much! It imparts both knowledge and power.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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