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Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Two Years

The Yashan-branded aircraft successfully completed its test flight.

Just two days later, Yashan brought his three charming wives to Su Hao’s laboratory.

They were [Shadow King] Nana, [Metamorphic King] Norin, and [Shadow King] Rose.

Su Hao was amazed; this [Shadow King] Rose was once a subordinate of the Tiansha Gang’s [Steel Armor King] Abi, imprisoned for two years, unexpectedly taken down by Yashan, life’s unpredictable!

More importantly, these three [King]-level ladies were neatly managed by Yashan, showing no signs of mutual hostility or jealousy. It must be said that Yashan might not excel in managing teams, but he certainly has a way with managing wives.

Upon meeting, the three [King]-level ladies were visibly pregnant, standing obediently behind Yashan, greeting Su Hao together, “Paying respects to the ‘God of Genesis,’ ‘Wei-God’!”

Su Hao was taken aback, unable to voice anything, holding his breath, struggling to respond.

Forced a difficult smile, he nodded, “Uh.”

After that, Su Hao had nothing more to say. What could he say? What exactly did Yashan and Taini, those two, do in Huaxiang City? Could the people in Huaxiang City truly regard him as a deity?

Well, forget it, let them do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter…

Su Hao directly entered his own laboratory, no longer stepping outside.

Seeing Su Hao enter the laboratory, the three ladies sighed with relief, their calm and dignified faces suddenly fell, each reaching out and grabbing Yashan’s arm or clothing.

[Shadow King] Rose, sounding a bit panicked, whispered to Yashan, “Husband, let’s leave quickly, I want to go back to the room.”

Nana and Norin nodded in agreement.

Yashan, concerned, asked, “What, not feeling well?”

Rose shook her head, leaning in close to Yashan’s ear, whispering softly, “I don’t know why, but I’m a bit scared of ‘Wei-God’!”

Yashan turned to look at the other two wives, noticing the same expressions. Bewildered, he said, “Huh? ‘Wei-God’ is very nice! What’s there to be afraid of?”

“Hush hush hush!” The three of them panicked, immediately pulling Yashan aside.

Nana pinched Yashan hard, saying, “Husband, speak more softly!”

Yashan: “…”

In the following time, Su Hao stayed in the pinball space, reading, absorbing knowledge from various disciplines, making the wisdom of his predecessors his own.

Su Hao now possessed a powerful brain, greatly enhancing his learning efficiency.

However, Su Hao discovered something: learning efficiency isn’t just about the hardware of the brain; it’s also about the method of learning.

In other words, it’s related to a person’s logical thinking when approaching problems.

If we consider the brain as a computer, this kind of thinking logic can be seen as the software running on the computer. The efficiency of software running often relates to the framework and code of that software.

A powerful thinking method can achieve a function in just a few lines of code, whereas an outdated thinking method might require a dozen pages of code or more just to perform the same computation. That’s the difference.

Su Hao underwent special thinking training in the Luo Zhaohui world, relatively advanced. With the acceleration of his thinking now, he constantly optimized his thinking while reading and learning, thus increasing his learning efficiency.

As Su Hao closed the last book in the ‘Mathematics’ subject category, the sound of a baby crying echoed in the experimental base. Soon, Yashan’s excited voice came from outside, “Boss Wei, Boss Wei! Nana has given birth to a daughter; I have another daughter!”

Su Hao opened the laboratory door, walking out and congratulating, “Congratulations, Yashan! Another daughter for you! I now declare your mission accomplished! Grade: Excellent!”

Yashan burst into laughter, looking very happy about completing Boss Wei’s mission. “Haha! Boss Wei, I haven’t been this excited for so long… Oh!”

Seeing Yashan suddenly stunned, Su Hao asked, “Yashan, what’s wrong?”

Yashan honestly replied, “I also gave tasks to my three wives. I haven’t told Nana that her task is completed!”

Upon hearing this, Yashan intended to go back!

Su Hao loudly commanded, “Yashan, stop right there! Never mention tasks again in the future, understood?”

Perplexed, Yashan didn’t understand why Boss Wei was so serious but immediately responded, “Okay, Boss Wei, I won’t bring it up again!”

Satisfied, Su Hao said, “Let’s go, see your daughter!”

Soon, Su Hao held the wrinkled baby in his arms, examined her carefully, then asked Yashan, who was comforting Nana, “Have you thought of a name for this little one?”

Yashan said, “Not yet, I was thinking to ask Boss Wei to give her a name.”

Su Hao nodded, thought for a moment, and said, “Let’s call her Yinger!”

Yashan’s eyes lit up, this name struck a chord with him, immediately thanking, “Thank you, Boss Wei! She’ll be called Yinger from now on!”

After handing the baby back to the midwife by his side, Su Hao smiled and said, “Let’s not disturb Nana’s rest for now. I’ll leave first! Yashan, stay here with them!”

Saying so, Su Hao left the room, returning to the laboratory, ensuring the baby was healthy. His concern was if any special conditions might arise as the special baby was born, but now, everything seemed normal.

When he held the baby earlier, Su Hao didn’t use his abilities to probe the baby’s information. The child was too young, and it wasn’t necessary to rush. In a year or two, when the child completely matures, it would be better to observe and explore.

Over the next month, Yashan’s third and fourth children were born. The third was a boy named Heli, and the fourth was a girl named Xike. From then on, Yashan became a dedicated full-time dad, tending to these three children all day.

And Su Hao continued rapidly absorbing various knowledge. During the Luo Zhaohui era, he actually had limited time for studying, and his research on subjects like ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Physics’ was far from deep.

Because during that time, he almost devoted all his time to studying computer and system-related knowledge, which allowed Little Light to build smoothly, providing unimaginable assistance for the future world’s studies and research.

Two years later, Su Hao is 24 years old!

You can see three little ones playing in the courtyard of the experimental base, running around confidently, not stumbling like typical two-year-old children.

Yashan is lying on a lounge chair, watching his children play, his brow furrowed, fearing they might bump into something.

But watching them all day is not a solution either! Yashan considered handing over the three children to their mothers to take care of. Unexpectedly, his three wives used their ‘Temple Forest Society’ busy schedule as an excuse and refused Yashan’s proposal. About a year and a half ago, they all insisted on returning to Huaxiang City for work, leaving the three little ones for Yashan to take care of himself, which left Yashan dumbfounded.

It’s not what he imagined! In the end, he had to follow Boss Wei’s suggestion and hired two nannies to help.

On this day, Su Hao walked out of the laboratory and enticed the three little ones with some candy, saying, “Yinger, Heli, Xike, come and see what Uncle Wei has prepared for you.”

As soon as they heard Su Hao calling, they dropped their toys and rushed to Su Hao, “Uncle Wei~!”

About to snatch the candies from Su Hao’s hand, they were halted by Su Hao’s swift move, “Getting candies is simple, just stand nicely!”

The three kids, smart enough to understand Wei’s temperament, immediately stood in place.

Su Hao further instructed, “Put out your hands!”

Six little chubby hands reached out to Su Hao. With a smile, he praised, “Very good!”

Su Hao placed a candy in Yinger’s right hand, then held her left hand, slowly infusing some vital energy into her body, bypassing critical areas like the brain, scanning the torso part and entering the pinball space, then slowly retracting the vital energy.

After finishing, he said to Yinger, “All right, go and play!”

Yinger first thanked, “Thank you, Uncle Wei!” Then happily ran to Yashan to show off her candy.

The other two kids, full of eagerness, gazed at Su Hao with clear eyes.

Su Hao smiled inwardly, “It’s time to awaken their innate abilities and talents!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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