Chapter 202

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Chapter 202 – I haven’t even made my appearance yet, but you guys are already useless, becoming more and more worthless!

“Everyone, we have lost 8 rounds in a row, we can’t lose anymore! In this final round, we must win! We must protect our last shred of dignity!” The third prince of the Great Yan empire shouted loudly.

The others nodded vigorously, their gazes determined and filled with the resolve to fight till the end.

The fifth round was a poetry contest, the ninth round was a literary debate, and this was the final round.

It was time to draw the topic, and the Empress extended her delicate hand and reached into the box filled with topics.

The representatives from the opposing faction grew nervous.

Because this question involved their final dignity, they had to give it their all.

But just at this moment, the Empress withdrew her hand and smiled, “For this last question, We won’t draw it. The third prince of Great Yan will provide it.”

The officials understood. It was clear that the Great Yan empire had been losing miserably and this was their way of giving them a point, allowing them to save face.

The third prince was overjoyed, and so were the representatives of the Great Yan delegation.

To let them choose the topic, they were certain of victory.

“Thank you, Empress of Great Wu!” They shouted in unison and then whispered to each other, discussing the topic.

In less than a moment, the third prince of Great Yan confidently said, “Empress of Great Wu and esteemed officials, the topic we have chosen is – Wine!”

“Wine? Are you sure?” the Empress asked.

“We are very sure!” the third prince said with full confidence.

Among them, there was a poem about wine that had reached the level of a masterpiece. If they presented it, it would surely amaze the audience, win the competition, and restore their last bit of dignity.

“Good! The ninth round of the literary competition will be on the topic of – Wine!” the Empress declared loudly.

At this moment, the talented representatives from the Great Wu empire were filled with excitement.

“I know this topic, let me go!”

“I know it too, let me go first!”

Liao Rumin was the first one to seize the opportunity and exclaimed, “Your Majesty, esteemed officials, I have a poem, please enjoy!”

The Empress exclaimed in astonishment, “Already? Read your poem!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Liao Rumin immediately began reciting:

In the realm of battles fought for the nectar divine,
Xi’an’s valiant warriors, throughout time they shine!
Gathering with comrades, we toast till our souls soar,
Beside the tower’s willows, our faithful steeds adore!

Amidst the clash of swords, a symphony of might,
Fierce hearts ablaze, seeking victory’s sweet delight.
With every sip, we forge unbreakable bonds strong,
Beneath the lofty tower, where legends belong!

As the moon illuminates our spirited crusade,
Time fades away, lost in the ambience we’ve made.
A thousand tales etched in goblets raised high,
Xi’an’s young knights, upheld by honor’s sky!

From the hallowed land where heroes are grown,
We raise our glasses, united and fully known.
In the fight for the finest wine, our spirits prevail,
Forever bound by the stories we’ll forever regale!

Everyone immediately applauded.

“What a great poem! It captures the joyous drinking of the young knights!”

“Youthful vigour, accompanied by wine!”

“This poem can become a classic!”

The talented individuals from the Great Yan side were collectively dumbfounded.

It was their turn to provide a question, and the opposing side was able to come up with another masterpiece?

The third prince remained calm and said, “Everyone, don’t panic! Although her poem has reached the level of a masterpiece, there is still a considerable gap compared to our poems! So, we are guaranteed to win this round!”

“Your Highness speaks the truth!” Everyone nodded, feeling relieved.

Just then, another talented individual from the Great Wu empire grew anxious and exclaimed, “Your Majesty and esteemed officials, I also have a poem!”

“You have a poem too? Quickly recite it!” The Empress encouraged with a smile.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The talented individual nodded excitedly, then recited with gestures:

In moonlit glass, grape wine gleams like gold,
A melancholy pipa sings, urging the stories of old.
Lying drunk on the battleground’s grace,
Do not mock, for countless fates wars have embraced.

In each sip, echoes of ancient tales resound,
Warriors forged by battles, bound by honor profound.
Yet, who returns from the battles of the yore?
Humankind’s history, a tapestry of valiant lore.

The wine’s ruby hue reflects the scars they bear,
Valorous souls, forever etched with warfare’s despair.
Let not their fallen bodies be a cause for jest,
For the countless hearts stilled in wars’ tempest.

As the grape wine’s embrace leads to dreams afar,
Do not forget the warriors, the brave souls at war.
Their sacrifice, a timeless tribute to cherish,
In their memories, let our gratitude flourish.

Once again, everyone applauded.

“Another great poem!”

“To connect the beauty of grape wine with the battlefield, such a clever and profound imagery!”

“This poem is bound to become a classic!”

The talented individuals from Great Yan were once again dumbfounded.

Yet another masterpiece?

And this poem seemed quite impressive!

The gap between it and the poems they held in their hands was not significant!

The third prince pretended to remain composed and said, “Everyone, don’t panic. Although this poem is good, we have the advantage as the visiting team. Therefore, we will definitely win this round!”

Everyone was bewildered, “Your Highness, what advantage does being the visiting team give us?”

“Earlier, the Empress gave us the power to provide the question, clearly wanting us to win the final round! The ministers present are all cunning foxes who can read the intentions of the Empress. They will certainly show favoritism towards us during the voting!”

“I see!” Everyone suddenly understood.

“That’s right, exactly!” The third prince seemed to convince himself and smiled, “Unless they come up with another masterpiece, the balance of victory will still be in our favor!”

“It’s not easy to create a masterpiece, Your Highness is joking!”

“So, we will definitely win the last round!”

But just at that moment, the third talented individual from the Great Wu empire came forward and anxiously said, “I also have a poem, please Your Majesty and esteemed officials, appreciate it!”

“What? You also have a poem?” The Empress was extremely surprised. “Then recite it!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The talented individual gestured with his head, then recited loudly:

With morning rain, Wei City’s dust embraced,
Guest inn adorned, green willows interlaced.
Take another cup, as wine’s allure unfurls,
Heading west through Yang Pass, no familiar pearls.

The rain’s gentle touch, a dance upon the earth,
In Wei City’s halls, new beginnings find birth.
Embrace the wine and toast to journeys untold,
Through Yang Pass we venture, into the unknown’s hold.

No faces familiar on this winding trail we tread,
Our footsteps echo where the untamed rivers spread.
Yet fear not the solitude, for freedom we find,
In the vast expanse, adventures of the mind.

Amidst the misty rain, our spirits rise high,
In Wei City’s charm, dreams take to the sky.
Raise the cup and savor each sip divine,
For in this timeless moment, our souls intertwine.

Once again, everyone applauded.

“What a great poem!”

“This poem expresses the helplessness and sorrow of parting!”

“Another masterpiece!”

The talented individuals from Great Yan were dumbfounded for the third time.

How could there be another masterpiece?

This was the third time!

When did masterpieces become so worthless and common?

With three masterpieces, did they still have any hope of winning?

“Your Highness, this…”

The third prince had two streaks of sweat on his face, but he remained calm. “Everyone, don’t panic! Although this poem is good, it is not much different from the previous one. So, we still have a great chance of winning!”

“Your Highness, how big of a chance do we have?” someone asked.

“About thirty to forty percent!”

“Thirty to forty percent?!”

The third prince shouted, “What’s wrong with thirty to forty percent? Even if we only have one percent left, we cannot give up hope! You should know, we have already lost eight rounds in a row. Who else in the world is as unlucky as me? Even the heavens will not stand for it! As the saying goes, ‘the worst is over and the best is yet to come.’ Now is the time for our luck to turn around!”

“Your Highness speaks the truth!” Everyone nodded.

“That’s right!” The third prince pretended to remain composed once again and laughed. “Unless they come up with another masterpiece, but how likely is that? Everyone, am I right? Haha!”

“Your Highness is right, we can still win!”

“We haven’t lost yet, we must not give up hope!”

Just then, the fourth talented individual from the Great Wu empire couldn’t help but come forward, saying, “Your Majesty and esteemed officials…”

The third prince had a bad feeling and asked, “You don’t happen to have another masterpiece, do you?”

The other person proudly said, “Of course! If it’s not a masterpiece, it would be embarrassing to present it, wouldn’t it?”

The third prince exclaimed, “Damn it!”

“Your Majesty and esteemed officials, I have a poem, please appreciate it!” The person said.

The Empress sympathetically looked at the third prince and the talented individuals from Great Yan, and hesitated, “Should we just forget it?”

“We can’t forget it!” the person said anxiously, then recited loudly:

Lanling’s wine, a beauty deftly entwined,
With tulips’ scent, in harmony they bind.
Within the jade bowl, amber light does gleam,
As spirits soar, lost in a captivating dream.

Be it host or guest, the line is blurred,
In this noble revelry, where home’s obscured.
The wine’s allure, a portal to realms unknown,
Where hearts intertwine, essence full-blown.

From every sip, a story begins to bloom,
Of cherished moments, enriched with wine’s perfume.
In this intoxicating embrace, time takes flight,
As souls unite, dancing through the night.

For in the realm of Lanling’s noble wine,
Boundaries vanish, merging yours and mine.
Amidst laughter and joy, we find our abode,
Where hearts find solace, in love’s harmonious ode.

The talented individuals from Great Yan exclaimed, “Damn it!”

There was no doubt that this was another masterpiece!

The talented individuals from Great Yan felt their hearts grow cold, and they looked at the third prince expectantly.

“Your Highness, do we still have hope now?”

“Don’t worry, everyone!” The third prince waved his hand forcefully.

“Your Highness…” Everyone’s eyes were filled with hope.

“We are already dead to the core now, we can put our hearts in our stomachs and stop struggling!” the third prince said.

The talented individuals from Great Yan couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

In the end, after the ministers voted, Great Wu had a dominant lead.

So, Great Wu won the final round.

The talented individuals from Great Yan lost all nine rounds, creating a historical first, with no one before them and no one to come after!

The Empress shook her head silently, “I gave you the opportunity to win points, but you couldn’t seize it!”

Lin Beifan also shook his head, “This wasn’t an opportunity to win points, it was clearly a chance to lose lives. You all just managed to lose your own lives, how pitiful and lamentable!”

At this moment, the literary battle had already ended.

Lin Beifan finally stood up and patted his butt, facing the Great Yan side, he said the first sentence of the day, “I haven’t even participated yet, and you all are already unable to continue, becoming more and more useless! I can’t be bothered with you!”

The talented individuals from Great Yan spat out blood, “Cough!”

That day, the news of Great Wu winning nine consecutive matches spread throughout the city.

“The literary battle has ended, nine consecutive victories, creating a historic achievement!”

“Haha! As expected, the talents of our Great Wu are impressive!”

“Not only do we have the Mr. Principal, but we also have many other talents!”

“If we win the martial battle tomorrow, it will be even better!”

Everyone was ecstatic and once again started singing and dancing.

In this joyous atmosphere, Lin Beifan secretly met the Third Prince once again.

At this moment, the Third Prince had suffered a great blow.

His face was filled with worry and he seemed absent-minded, as if he had lost his soul.

Lin Beifan advised, “Your Highness, try to look at things differently! I also didn’t expect that those little brats could hide so many masterpieces! If I had known earlier, I would have definitely tried my best to prevent them from participating!”

The Third Prince bitterly smiled, “Principal Lin, it’s not your fault. This is not something you can control. You have done well from beginning to end! It can only be said that it’s the will of heaven, and heaven is not on my side! Even if we have astonishing abilities, we lack the power to change the course of destiny!”

“Thank you for understanding, Your Highness!” Lin Beifan let out a sigh of relief. “Although we lost the literary battle, we can still strive in the martial battle! As long as we win the martial battle, the situation won’t be bad!”

“You’re right, we lost the literary battle, but we still have the martial battle, and we must win it!” The Third Prince’s spirits lifted.

Lin Beifan lowered his head and whispered, “Your Highness, I have some good news for you. I am the one responsible for selecting the martial battle participants for Great Wu! As long as I arrange it, I guarantee that Great Yan will win!”

The Third Prince became overjoyed, “Principal Lin, I entrust this to you!”

“No problem! As long as Your Highness gives me 1 million taels, I guarantee a resounding victory for you!”

The Third Prince’s face twitched. “You want money again! Even though I owe more than 1 million taels, you won’t let me go!”

Can’t you have a bit of conscience?

“Principal Lin, I think it’s unnecessary! The martial battle participants I brought this time are enough to sweep the people of Great Wu!” The Third Prince said confidently.

“Your Highness, don’t be careless! In consideration of our old acquaintances, I can give you a 10% discount, for only 900,000 taels!” Lin Beifan pleaded with puppy eyes.

The Third Prince’s face twitched again, “Really, it’s not necessary! It’s getting late, Principal Lin, hurry back before someone finds out!”

So, Lin Beifan reluctantly left with a little disappointment in his heart.

“Your Highness, since you said you didn’t need it, then I won’t be polite!”

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