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Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Real Genius

Su Hao, rarely, once again found the feeling he had when he was with Old Zhao. At this moment, he felt relaxed, as if the threatening sensation that had weighed on his mind had disappeared. There would be no more illness, no one or nothing that could harm him.

No danger, no worries, he could leisurely wander through books, freely constructing his own private little world without any pressure.

This feeling was really fantastic!

Just like dropping more than ten thousand in car loans, mortgages, and living expenses each month…

Specifically, he could live freely according to his own desires!

Su Hao sat in the chair in the pinball space, holding a book, slowly flipping through it.

It had been a long time since Su Hao had dealt with academic subjects. At first, it was difficult for him to immerse himself in the books. Not because he didn’t want to read, but due to the long time without contact, many fundamental knowledge and thinking skills had almost been forgotten.

So Su Hao simply picked up the books he had read before, from the shallow to the deep, rebuilding his own knowledge structure.

First, the subject of ‘Mathematics,’ which took roughly two months, retrieving everything he had previously abandoned!

After picking up the ‘Mathematics’ subject, Su Hao found that the sheer volume of knowledge in this single subject was immense. What he had picked up was only a fraction of what he had learned within the ‘Mathematics’ subject in his pinball space.

So, how long would it take to delve into all the knowledge in ‘Mathematics’ from now on? Ten years, twenty years?

This wasn’t even certain. Not to mention the vast knowledge systems of ‘Physics,’ ‘Chemistry,’ ‘Biology,’ ‘Astronomy,’ ‘Information Technology,’ and so on. If each subject consumed twenty years of his time, it might not even be possible to finish them within his lifetime before his physical body naturally decayed.

Su Hao couldn’t help but sigh, “In the end, my brain just isn’t sufficient! If I were a genius like Einstein, studying and researching these knowledge areas would certainly yield much more, saving a lot of time. Unfortunately, I’m just an ordinary, unremarkable person…”

Suddenly, he thought of something, and Su Hao’s eyes lit up, “Wait! Genius?”

What is genius?

Su Hao believes it’s the manifestation of talent and effort.

Some say ‘genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.’ He believes he isn’t lacking in effort; what he lacks is that one percent of inspiration, which is the legendary talent.

But this thing called talent, Su Hao doesn’t naturally possess it, but he can create it himself!

He even created a transcendent talent race, so isn’t it difficult for him to create a smart brain for himself?

“Not difficult, right? Quite reasonable, right?”

Thinking this, Su Hao couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “I can’t compare to those who are born as once-in-a-millennium super geniuses, but I can learn why they are geniuses and then study that. The old saying goes, ‘As long as the mind does not slip, there are always more solutions than difficulties.’ By getting closer to geniuses, learning the secrets of geniuses, I will also become a genius.”

“Genius genes? Design a set of genius genes for myself, wouldn’t that make me a genius too?”

The more Su Hao missed the ability to comprehend, the happier he was about studying ‘Mathematics.’ Su Hao planned to upgrade his hardware to enjoy learning math more.

Then, Su Hao thought about the naturally evolved ‘Prophet’ gene from Zhu Hua people.

According to this gene, the ‘Prophet’ gene had four abilities: ‘Acquisition,’ ‘Analysis,’ ‘Recording,’ and ‘Simulation.’ To complete these steps, an extremely powerful brain was required, almost a standard feature for geniuses. If Su Hao could acquire these abilities, along with the pinball space and Little Light, he would undoubtedly produce unimaginable effects.

Even Little Light could experience an upgrade because of this.

So Su Hao decided, “Let’s upgrade my brain first and evolve into a ‘Prophet’!”

This was the first time Su Hao used himself as an experimental subject for ‘gene modification fluid,’ and he was actually a bit hesitant. What if he ended up frying his brain? Would he continue wandering in the universe?

“No, can’t rush it, let’s try it on someone else first!”

Two months later, Su Hao’s experiment was successful; he gained two new ‘Prophet’ abilities. Before and after the evolution, there was a significant difference in intelligence. The originally average intelligence Zhu Hua people, after Su Hao’s genetic modification, exhibited exceptional logical ability, especially in learning and imitation. Not to mention the ‘Acquisition,’ ‘Analysis,’ and other special abilities.

After confirming without error, Su Hao decided to proceed with himself.

What Su Hao didn’t know was, for some things, there’s only zero or infinite attempts. Once he started the first self-experiment, he couldn’t stop.

Of course, before experimenting on himself, Su Hao had to downgrade those two newly evolved ‘Prophet’ abilities and trim off that part of their genes.

Su Hao was reluctant to let those two offenders become intelligent.

So, after a brief moment of glory in Su Hao’s lab, the two wrongdoers Zhu Hua people returned to their original state.

Afterward, they seemed to have forgotten many things, with only a vague impression that they used to be amazing!

And the fact that regression could lead to memory loss caught Su Hao’s attention!

After some research, wasn’t this a skill for erasing memories?

After some time, fully prepared, Su Hao injected himself with the filtered gene modification fluid.

“Can an ordinary person transform into a genius in one go!”

Su Hao slowly drifted into sleep.

After who knows how long, Su Hao woke up again, feeling his brain was hazy, as if a lot of mercury had been poured into it.

Gradually regaining his senses, Su Hao’s initial reaction was, “Failed, didn’t I?”

After a while, as his thoughts became clearer, Su Hao immediately noticed something different, “No, it’s not a failure; it’s a success!”

Just that this time, the reboot of his brain took a bit longer. Activating the ‘Prophet’ abilities completely and adapting to them would probably take a few more days.

“Am I a genius now? Hahaha!”

Relieved, Su Hao happily touched his head. It truly was outstanding!

What excited him wasn’t just becoming a genius in this lifetime but knowing that in any future worlds he traversed, he could transform himself into a true genius.

The ability to leave behind this kind of genius for future generations was the most terrifying part.

“If I were a horse, I could create an entire race of geniuses.”

Up to this point, Su Hao confirmed that he had been on the right path.

He gradually mastered the knowledge that transformed a weak life into strength, and this knowledge had no end. As he acquired more knowledge, he would become increasingly powerful.

Upon reaching a certain level, he would qualify to explore the universe.

With the genetic modification just completed, needing some time for adaptation, Su Hao decided to take a proper break to give his brain and body adequate rest.

He went to the yard, summoned a small cushion, relaxed his body, and entered a meditative state.

This was a habit he developed after becoming Wu Xiangwu, which he continued until now. Periodically, he entered a meditative state to strengthen the power of his consciousness, even though the power of consciousness hadn’t seemed to improve for a long time.

After the meditation ended, his mind clear, he began introspecting, summarizing the past and investigating the sequence and origin of events.

This was Su Hao’s spiritual practice.

Although the effect seemed minute, Su Hao attached great importance to this kind of practice. He understood that only through constant analysis and introspection could he progress continually. Only by constantly examining his inner self could he avoid going astray.

The road ahead was long, and if he started on the wrong path, it would be difficult to correct it later.

Su Hao cleared his mind of distractions, focusing solely on this practice.

After a while, Su Hao opened his eyes, looking puzzled, “Hmm?”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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