Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Lin Beifan didn’t take the stage, and a small fry defeated us?

On the side of Great Yan, the first to take the stage was the top scholar Tang Yong.

In the past two days, the team representing Great Yan has continuously suffered defeat, morale has greatly diminished, and emotions are not high. Therefore, they could only send Tang Yong, who is the most emotionally stable and academically talented, to boost morale.

On the side of Great Wu, Liao Rumin took the stage.

The opponent is relatively talented in poetry and literary composition, so she took the stage first, hoping to achieve a good start.

After two days of confrontation, both sides have become more familiar with each other. Without much words, they all raised their heads and faced the Empress, waiting for her to present the topic.

A box filled with questions was brought before the Empress.

The Empress reached out her hand, preparing to draw a question.

At this moment, Lin Beifan lightly flicked his finger, and a slight breeze slipped by the Empress, blowing out a piece of paper with the question written on it, which fell into her hands.

The Empress didn’t think much and directly took it out.

Upon opening it, she read, “Bamboo!”

The referee immediately announced loudly, “The first question for poetry and literary composition – Bamboo! Representatives from both sides need to write poems and literary compositions about bamboo within the time of burning an incense stick, and then submit them for judgment by the officials present at the scene!”

This question is not considered difficult.

Bamboo has always been a beloved plant by literary scholars.

They admire the bamboo’s loyalty and unyielding spirit, leaving behind numerous poems praising bamboo.

The current talented scholars, in their spare time, would often write one or two poems about bamboo to show their refinement.

Tang Yong, the representative from Great Yan, smiled confidently.

Because, he was prepared for this topic.

He has written quite a few poems about bamboo, among which there is a masterpiece.

Once it is presented, it will definitely amaze the entire audience!

We are certain to win this round!

However, Liao Rumin, the representative from Great Wu, was ecstatic in her heart.

She also prepared a poem about bamboo.

Moreover, this poem was modified by the Principal, elevating the overall level of the poem by more than one level, achieving the effect of a masterpiece!

She believes that once it is presented, it will surely shock the entire audience!


Truly, the heavens are helping me as well!

I am certain to win this round!

Today is the time for me, Liao Rumin, to make a name for myself!

Both sides glanced at each other, revealing extremely confident smiles.

At this moment, the referee lit an incense stick and loudly declared, “The countdown begins!”

“Tang, please!”

“Liao, please!”

Both sides approached the table, picked up their brushes, dipped them in ink, and started writing.

This scene attracted the attention of the crowd, and whispers broke out.

“They started writing quickly, it seems like they were well-prepared!”

“It should be so. This topic is not difficult. It all depends on who can write better poems!”

“Poems about bamboo are already everywhere. Now it depends on who can bring out something original and meaningful!”

“It really tests their skill level!”

On the side of Great Yan.

The Heavenly Prodigy Ding Shaojie clasped his hands and smiled, “Congratulations, Your Highness! Congratulations!”

“What is there to be happy about?” The Third Prince was puzzled.

Ding Shaojie smiled, “I had the honor of reading Tang’s collection of poems! There is a poem about bamboo in it, depicting the bamboo’s loyalty and unyielding spirit, reaching the level of national stability! As long as Tang presents this poem, our chances of winning are great!”

“Haha! That’s good news!” The Third Prince laughed heartily.

“The only thing we need to worry about now is Lin Beifan!” Ding Shaojie frowned, filled with dread. “His talent is something I have rarely seen in my life! In the realm of poetry and literary composition, he possesses unparalleled talent! Every poem he has written has reached the level of a masterpiece! I’m afraid that he…”

The Third Prince smirked mysteriously.


There’s absolutely no need to worry!

He has already taken money from me; he will definitely purposely lose in the competition.

Writing poetry and compositions tests one’s abilities, and either you can do it or you can’t. There won’t be any unexpected occurrences.

Therefore, we will definitely win!

“I have a feeling that we will win this round!” The Third Prince confidently declared.

Everyone was shocked, “Your Highness, why do you say that?”

“Just keep watching quietly!” The Third Prince smiled mysteriously.

At this moment, Tang Yong had already finished writing his poem, a five-character quatrain.

Everyone looked at it and praised it without reservation.

“What a great poem! This poem is marvelous, it truly depicts the bamboo’s loyalty and resilience!”

“Definitely at the level of national stability!”

“Barring any surprises, Tang Yong should be the winner of this round!”

“It’s no wonder he is the top scholar!”

Tang Yong felt proud and delighted, and Great Yan’s side was beaming with joy, as if victory was within their grasp.

At this time, Liao Rumin from Great Wu also finished writing and took a glance.

“Liao, how did my poem turn out? Does it meet your standards?” Tang Yong said with a hint of arrogance.

Liao Rumin gave a faint smile, “It’s indeed well-written. You truly live up to your title as the top scholar!”

Tang Yong instantly felt dissatisfied!

She made it sound so easy. Can your writing be better than mine?

He had inquired before, and it was true that Liao Rumin was talented, but she was far inferior to them. If she were to take the imperial examination in Great Yan, she would barely make it to the second-ranked scholar.

What qualifications does a second-ranked scholar have to look down on their poetry?

“Then please, Liao, showcase your poem for everyone to see!” Tang Yong said with a fake smile.

Liao Rumin confidently presented her poem and exclaimed, “This is a poem written by this student, titled ‘Bamboo and Stone’! Your Majesty, and esteemed gentlemen, please have a look!”

Everyone focused their attention and immediately had a face of astonishment.

They saw the words written on the paper:

With steadfast grip, it clings to emerald mountains, its roots entwined in the broken crags.

Through countless trials endured, undeterred, it braves tempests from the four cardinal flags!

Amidst the verdant peaks, an eternal testament, it stands tall, unyielding to nature’s wrath.

For every wind that howls from every direction, deep in its core, fortitude fills its path!

“What a great poem!!!”

“Just one word, and it allows this old man to see the tenacity and unwavering nature of bamboo!”

“The entire poem seems to portray an old bamboo, firmly rooted in the rocks! Fearless of any winds from any direction, unafraid of any trials and tribulations. Upright, righteous, strong, and persevering, standing out from the rest!”

“This poem truly captures the strength and perseverance of bamboo! I have read many poems about bamboo, but this one depicts it the most vividly, genuinely loved it, and has reached a profound understanding!”

“This poem… definitely reaches the level of a masterpiece!”

The audience consisted of the most elite scholars of the present time, who loved reciting poetry and composing essays, and possessed the highest level of poetry appreciation ability.

Now, witnessing a poem that reached the level of a masterpiece, and one that came from their opponent, Great Wu, made them even more excited. Words of praise overflowed.

“Thank you all for the compliments. I’m humbled, and unworthy of your praises!” Liao Rumin modestly said.

But deep down, she was overjoyed!

Tang Yong, the top scholar, looked dumbfounded at this scene. “How is this possible?”

He had already brought out his best poems, reaching the level of national stability, and thought he had already won.

However, his opponent presented a masterpiece, reducing his national-level works to ashes in seconds!

Life is full of ups and downs, and it was too thrilling!

The Great Yan side’s faces instantly turned ugly, as if they had lost their parents.

Especially the Third Prince, his expression was the worst.

He had been boasting confidently, thinking they had already won this round. But now, Lin Beifan had yet to appear, and their opponent’s insignificant member had already defeated their top scholar!
What a slap in the face!

Tang Yong opened his mouth and asked, “Liao, is this really the poem you wrote?”

Liao Rumin blushed slightly.

The original version of this poem was indeed written by her.

But later, the Principal made significant changes to it, resulting in the current effect.

Liao Rumin glanced secretly at Lin Beifan, but saw him shaking his head.

Knowing Lin Beifan’s intentions, Liao Rumin confidently said, “Of course, I wrote it. Would you give such a masterpiece to someone else?”

Tang Yong shook his head inwardly.

To scholars, this masterpiece is like a peerless martial art skill in the hands of martial artists.

Who would be willing to give it away and let someone else have it?

The referee smiled faintly and said, “Writing poetry requires inspiration! It’s not surprising that any scholar can produce a masterpiece with a moment of inspiration. Just like our Principal, who is exceptionally talented and abundant in inspiration, often reciting masterpieces for the world to appreciate!”

“That’s right! Our Principal is indeed a person of exceptional talent. He effortlessly writes poetry and compositions, earning him the title of a literature star! Because only literature stars possess such stunning talent! Compared to him, I am far behind, with not even a thousandth of his talent!” Liao Rumin immediately began flattery, showering him with praise.

Lin Beifan listened and felt quite pleased.

This kid understands and is not helping in vain!

Tang Yong also knew the situation, but he couldn’t accept his own failure.

In the end, after the votes were cast, Liao Rumin unsurprisingly emerged as the winner.

Tang Yong walked down, feeling desolate, with a bitter smile on his face. “Your Highness, and everyone, I apologize for disappointing you!”

“Tang Yong, you have already performed well. Your loss does not reflect your ability! Who would have expected Liao Rumin to produce a masterpiece? It can only be said that luck was not on your side. Although you lost, it is still honorable!” The Third Prince consoled him.

“Thank you, Your Highness, for your consolation!” Tang Yong bowed.

“Now, leave it to us!” The Third Prince said urgently. “Do you have any other poems about bamboo? Now is not the time to be stingy. Quickly bring them out!”

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads with bitter smiles.

“Your Highness, we really don’t have any!”

“Your Highness, I have one, but it pales in comparison to Liao Rumin’s ‘Bamboo and Stone’!”

“Your Highness, the poem in my hand is not presentable at all!”

The Third Prince became even more anxious and urged, “Since there are none, then think quickly! Use every method you can think of! Although this is only the first round of poetry, once we lose, it means we have lost the literary contest entirely! How will we explain it to His Majesty and the people?”

Representatives from Great Yan were close to tears.

“But Your Highness, it’s not easy to come up with a masterpiece!”

“Even if I rack my brain, I can’t think of one!”

“We really don’t have a solution!”

The Third Prince shouted, “Stop wasting time, think quickly!”

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