Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Breaking Your “Moving Flower Pavilion” Supreme Technique with Yin Wu Lei’s Art

Huang Rong, who had stepped aside, watched Yang Huan’s figure and couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful. Although she cursed him as an evil and lewd thief, over the past two days, she found this evil thief rather interesting.

Despite tormenting her for a day, it was partly due to her relentless taunts. Yang Huan was never a saintly person, and considering the things she said to him, he showed considerable restraint by not killing her outright.

Furthermore, Yang Huan didn’t force himself upon her, which was the crucial point. Thinking back, apart from being a ruthless killer, he didn’t seem to have many other major flaws.

Hence, Huang Rong couldn’t help but wonder if it would be a waste if Yang Huan were to die like this.

“Should I plead for mercy on behalf of this lecher, asking Flower Young Master to spare his life?” Huang Rong pondered in her heart.

However, she was still considering this idea. After all, no matter what, Yang Huan had indiscriminately killed innocent people and forcefully abducted her. That was a fact.

Now, she had to rely on Wu Que, the Young Master of Moving Flower Pavilion to free herself, which could also provide an opportunity for Wu Que to give Yang Huan a good lesson and let him know the difference in strength.

In Huang Rong’s mind, this was how she thought.

At this moment, Yang Huan had fully focused and accumulated his inner energy, ready to strike.

On the other hand, Wu Que stood there, maintaining his nonchalant demeanor.

Clearly, he didn’t regard Yang Huan as a formidable opponent.

Sunshine Over the Nine Provinces!

Yang Huan seized the opportune moment and attacked directly!

His palm force was incredibly vigorous and unmatched as it came crashing towards Wu Que.

Wu Que stood with his hands behind his back, gently waving one hand to casually unleash a palm strike.

Although the strike seemed light and gentle, its contained power was tremendously terrifying!

The palm force was fierce and unrivaled, sweeping towards Yang Huan like a force of nature.

This was the Supreme Technique of the Moving Flower Pavilion—Flowing Flowers, Receiving Jade!

Flowing Flowers, Receiving Jade, hailed as the world’s top palm technique!

This set of palm techniques followed one’s heart’s desire and its greatest feature was becoming stronger when encountering a stronger opponent.

The stronger the enemy’s attack, the stronger the counterattack.

In simple terms, this martial art is about redirecting and rebounding the opponent’s martial techniques. Essentially, it is a skill that uses the opponent’s force against them, similar in nature to Wudang’s “Four Ounces Overpowering a Thousand Pounds” and Shaolin’s “Eighteen Subduing Falling Stars.”

Once the direction of the opponent’s force is understood, the practitioner can use their palm techniques to freely redirect the enemy’s attacks.

Yang Huan’s attack hadn’t fully exerted its force yet, but it was already deflected and returned by Wu Que, with even greater power.

Fortunately, Yang Huan reacted quickly and swiftly avoided the force that was rebounded by Wu Que.

Otherwise, that strike alone would have been enough to seriously injure Yang Huan.

Seeing that the first attack didn’t work, Yang Huan refrained from attacking again and remained vigilant, watching Wu Que closely.

Wu Que didn’t make any offensive moves either, as he wasn’t looking for trouble with Yang Huan in the first place.

Yang Huan frowned, thinking to himself: The “Moving Flower Pavilion” martial art is truly tricky.

If he had the Long Rainbow Sword in hand, Yang Huan might still have a chance to fight back.

After all, with the Long Rainbow Sword’s support, the power of the Long Rainbow Sword technique would be significantly stronger.

Now that the Long Rainbow Sword wasn’t in his possession, he didn’t even have a sword in his hand.

Faced with Wu Que, relying solely on the Long Rainbow Sword technique would clearly lead to defeat.

“Using their own methods against them, the ‘Moving Flower Pavilion’s’ Flowing Flowers, Receiving Jade, is indeed unpredictable.”

“But I don’t believe that he can deflect every attack!”

Yang Huan’s gaze grew serious, and a fiery spirit ignited within him, provoked by Wu Que.

Because Wu Que’s nonchalant appearance was truly irritating.

Though he didn’t show contempt, it was precisely due to the lack of contempt that it was even more humiliating.

It was as if in his eyes, Yang Huan wasn’t even worth his contempt.

This made Yang Huan very displeased, and he wanted to slap that noble young master’s face!

“Yin Wu Lei’s Art—Palm Thunder!”

Yang Huan suddenly raised his arm and opened his palm.

A black thunder, sinister and vicious, extremely eerie, with terrifying might, erupted from Yang Huan’s palm and swiftly thundered towards Wu Que.

Wu Que’s eyebrows slightly furrowed as he tossed away his folding fan. He no longer stood with his hands behind his back but instead used both hands to execute the “Moving Flower Pavilion” technique, attempting to deflect Yang Huan’s attack.

However, that black thunder was incredibly elusive, and the “Moving Flower Pavilion” technique couldn’t change its attacking direction at all.


A loud noise resounded, and the black thunder raged on the street, raising dust.

The once-clean stone-paved street was now turned into scorched earth!

As the dust gradually settled, Wu Que stood firmly in the middle of the street.

Although Wu Que didn’t suffer serious injuries, his pristine white clothes were now tainted with dust.

Yang Huan’s “Yin Wu Lei’s Art” shocked everyone!

Wu Que’s maids, He Lu and He Shuang, stared in disbelief at Yang Huan.

They never expected that this person could dirty Wu Que’s clothes!

You see, their young master, Wu Que, had never encountered an opponent since he descended from the mountain. He hadn’t even faced an opponent capable of touching the corner of his clothes!

But now, this person managed to soil Wu Que’s clothes, indicating that he was no ordinary individual!

Looking at Wu Que’s expression, it was evident that he was taking this seriously!

“This gentleman’s martial skills are truly extraordinary, controlling thunder and disregarding the ‘Moving Flower Pavilion’ technique.”

“I must admit that I underestimated you earlier, but now, I won’t make the same mistake!”

Wu Que put away his nonchalant demeanor and focused entirely, ready to face the enemy.

Observing Wu Que’s serious attitude, Yang Huan coldly smirked and said, “Today, I’ll use this ‘Yin Wu Lei’s Art’ to break your ‘Moving Flower Pavilion’ technique!”

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