Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – The White Royal Family Wants to Get Along 2

Three days passed and there was movement.

Surprisingly, the first to move was the royal family.

The mysterious magic tool that had been offered to the youngest daughter of the royal family by the Viscount Lardrich was still blowing cold wind without a magic stone.

To be frank, it was nothing but creepy.

Of course, the royal family investigated the creator of this crazy magic tool behind the scenes, and finally the whole picture became clear.

“I have summarized the report.”

The old man who was given the investigation report by the spy had almost figured out the truth about the Great Mage Aix, but he frowned as soon as he saw the second line of the report.

“Well done… Is this report truly genuine?”

“Yes, it is.”

[Aix’s Guild Card]

Rank: Expelled

Title: Defective Magician

Name: Aix

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Data: 160cm, 45kg

Job: Mage

Specialization: [Extension of Effect Duration]

Sacrificial Karma: [Can only use basic magic]

(Why was he expelled? What did Aix do? And what is this derogatory term assigned by the guild?)

Continuing, he turned to the second page. From fragmented information, reports on Aix’s estimated abilities were revealed, causing oldman to tremble with every piece of information he received.

“Ugh… Is this guy really human?”

“Yes, he belongs to the human race.”

Aix’s Estimated Abilities And Informations:

– A mysterious tool that blows cold wind
– Eternal Ice
– A continuously flowing water jug
– Everlasting light
– A contract with hot spring spirits
– Commanding household spirits
– Zombie effects by buffing
– Temporary life by buffing
– The shadow ace of the Great Forest watchmen
– Consistently drinks Slime Water, which tastes disgusting

“Is this true?”

“It is indeed true.”

A flat voice answered, devoid of emotion.

“I’m not doubting it, but… Hmm, it seems that while he may not have much attacking power, if he pull out a bow against the royal family, it won’t end well. The possibility of zombies, temporary life, there is also a possibility of black magic, very dangerous.”

Old man then reached for the third and final page.

The royal family was a pro at controlling the hearts and minds of the people. They knew some people couldn’t be swayed by money. These were people like eccentric magicians.

Honour, power, and special materials were substances that no amount of money could purchase.

The royal family’s signature method was to expose these hidden desires and skillfully control them at the perfect timing.

This was made possible by the “Desire Reading Machine,” the royal family’s treasure.

While the desire may change over time, the accuracy remained high. They used it again this time.

Therefore, the third one is very important.

Who knows what the unknown and irregular great magician demands.

It would be very unfortunate if they were asked to bring about the destruction of the country, the return of the Demon King, or to obtain the philosopher’s stone.

“I can only pray that this person will not bring disaster to the country. I want to keep this to myself, but I can’t even read Aix’s personality, so I can’t predict his desire. Aix, what are you plotting?!”

The old man swallowed his saliva and prayed to the heavens before opening the third one.

“Aix’s desire”

“I… don’t want to work anymore”

“Hmm? Is this real?”

“It is indeed true.”

Today, it was the third time for an authentic statement.

The old man searched for the mischievous third princess, Lula, hoping that it was just a prank, but the princess who brought chaos was nowhere to be found.

The spy looked at him with a flat gaze.

“What should we do about this?”

The spy with an unwavering heart sought the next instruction with a flat voice.

“What do you mean Aix doesn’t want to work? What am I supposed to do about that? Oh, Princess!”

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