Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: This pampered feeling is really cool!

Saying this, Lin Beifan demonstrated his divine power.

The other person was surprised: “You have indeed entered the extraordinary realm, and awakened the rare thunder attribute divine power. Congratulations! According to the regulations, as long as you pass our assessment, you can join the sect and become an official disciple of our Tai Xuan!”

Lin Beifan asked, “Steward Li, how is the assessment?”

The other explained, “Since you advanced to the extraordinary after the age of 18, missing the sect’s designated time, the entry assessment is somewhat difficult. You need to defeat a disciple of the same level.”

“For example, if you advanced to the extraordinary at the age of 20, you have to defeat an outer disciple who is 20 years old or older. If you advanced at 25, you have to defeat an outer disciple who is 25 or older, and so on!”

Lin Beifan nodded, indicating understanding.

“But in my opinion…”

The other glanced at Lin Beifan and said with a smile, “This assessment seems to have no difficulty for you!”

Lin Beifan also smiled, indeed, it was not difficult.

When he tempered his body, he could already contend with the extraordinary.

Now that he’s extraordinary, defeating a peer is not a simple matter, right?

At this moment, Steward Li handed over a booklet, saying, “This is the list of disciples who advanced to the extraordinary in the past two years, aged between 18 and 20. Choose an opponent yourself!”

Lin Beifan flipped it open and pointed to one person’s name.


Steward Li looked at it, glancing strangely at Lin Beifan, “Really choosing him?”

“Yes, him!” Lin Beifan with an innocent face.

“He’s currently in the sect; I’ll call him over right away!”

In about the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, Wang Chuan arrived in high spirits, saying, “Steward Li, why did you call me?!”

Steward Li pointed at Lin Beifan, suppressing the urge to laugh and said, “Lin Beifan has advanced to the extraordinary, come here to participate in the entry assessment. He chose you as his opponent!”

Wang Chuan: “Damn!”

Lin Beifan smiled politely, “Brother Wang, we’ll be sparring again later. Please guide me a lot!”

Wang Chuan’s face instantly turned green!

Fighting Lin Beifan again, is my face still needed?

Immediately rushing to Steward Li’s side, he pleaded, “Steward Li, I don’t want to fight him. Can I concede?”

Steward Li, displeased, said, “No, you can’t! As disciples of our Tai Xuan Sword Sect, you should be as courageous and unwavering as a sword. How can you concede without a fight?”

Wang Chuan was on the verge of tears!

Lin Beifan is too ruthless; someone might die if they don’t concede!

“Steward Li…”

“Don’t say more. Start quickly, don’t waste my time!”

Wang Chuan, in despair, approached Lin Beifan and said with a trembling voice, “Lin… Lin Beifan, when we fight later, don’t throw me, don’t hit my face!”

Lin Beifan smiled, “Brother Wang, rest assured, I know my limits. I won’t seek revenge recklessly!”

Wang Chuan: “…”

In about the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, Lin Beifan ended this battle with confidence.

Then, he went through the procedures with Steward Li and finally became an official disciple of the Tai Xuan Sword Sect.

Becoming an official disciple comes with many benefits.

Firstly, the sect will allocate a mansion for you.

The mansion is not only clean and tidy but also quite large, about 2000 square meters, enough for a dozen people to live comfortably.

However, Lin Beifan wouldn’t move there because Bai Yiyi is very attached to him and doesn’t want to be separated.

Secondly, you can have servants, with two slots available.

Official disciples mainly focus on cultivation, leaving no time for daily chores, so assistance is needed. Having two servants to serve allows for more focused cultivation.

Thirdly, facilities like the Transmission Pavilion, Weapon Pavilion, Pill Pavilion, and Mission Hall within the sect will be accessible.

However, all of this requires sect points.

Points are obtained by performing sect tasks and contributing to the sect.

In summary, these points serve as the internal currency within the sect, granting access to everything.

There are other benefits to being an official disciple, but they won’t be listed one by one.

For Lin Beifan now, the most crucial thing is to go to the Transmission Pavilion to learn new techniques and strengthen his abilities.

Unfortunately, his points are at 0.

But it doesn’t matter because he has a good sister.

When becoming an official disciple, his good sister Bai Yiyi transferred 5000 points to him.

5000 points, a considerable wealth.

For an ordinary extraordinary expert, it might take 50 continuous years to accumulate this many points.

And he didn’t have to do anything; he got everything.

“Sister is really good. This feeling of being taken care of is really cool!”

Lin Beifan excitedly headed towards the Transmission Pavilion.

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