Chapter 2 – Madam, are you leaving?

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“Madam, I’m coming!”


[Ding! The host has had sex with the master’s wife, triggering the evil deeds system]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving the rewards: twenty years of pure inner strength, Long Rainbow Sword Technique, and Flying Rainbow Mental Technique].

As expected, it didn’t take long for the system’s electronic synthesized voice to ring in Yang Huan’s mind.

Yang Huan, who was still very tired, suddenly felt a warm current flowing into his body out of nowhere.

The warmth flowed into his body and instantly surged throughout his limbs and bones, passing through his meridians and converging towards his dantian.

In his dantian, an extremely cozy feeling of comfort washed over him.

Yang Huan’s cultivation level instantly skyrocketed!

The early stage of Houtian!

Twenty years of pure internal energy had actually allowed him to step directly from a third-grade trash martial artist to the Early Houtian realmb practioner!

At the same time, a series of sword techniques and mental techniques appeared in his mind, as if had engraved on him for a long time.

The sword techniques and mental techniques were instantly rotten in his heart.

The system’s rewards made Yang Huan overjoyed.

He thought that his life was hopeless and he was desperate, but his heart instantly lit up with the flame of hope.

At this moment, he felt that his future was promising.

This time, the system reward has directly solved Yang Huan’s current predicament.

His biggest problem was that he had low martial arts skills and no powerful martial arts secrets to cultivate.

However, the 20 years of pure internal energy provided by the system directly allowed him to enter the Houtian realm.

Although he is not as good as some martial arts experts, he is only sixteen years old now, and after entering the Houtian realm at sixteen, he has caught up with some martial arts experts.

You should know that even the eldest brother of the Huashan School, Linghu Chong, had not entered the Houtian realm at the age of sixteen!

(Tln: He is the original MC)

His rise to fame came after he obtained the Nine Sword of Dugu.

Moreover, Yang Huan now possesses the supreme mental technique “Flying Rainbow Mental Technique” and the supreme sword technique “Long Rainbow Sword Technique”!

These two techniques came from the family martial arts of a young swordsman in white.

In the world where the young warrior in white came from, the power of these two martial arts was quite terrifying!

With these two martial arts, the young warrior in white finally became the pinnacle of combat power in that world!

At the highest level of training, he could blow up mountains at will!

The “Flying Rainbow Mental Technique” was the most rigid and manly technique, and was definitely stronger than the Nine Yang Manual or the Nine Yin Manual!

As for the Long Rainbow Sword Technique, it was even more exquisite and perhaps not better than Nine Swords of Dugu!

In the early stages, perhaps Yang Huan was not as good as many martial arts practitioners.

But if his development reached a later stage, Yang Huan’s martial arts skills would definitely be able to boast the best of the best!

The upper limit of this martial art technique is clearly far beyond ordinary techniques!

For a moment, Yang Huan was immediately filled with confidence.

“Madam, why are you like this?” Yang Huan opened his mouth and asked Ning Zhongzhi.

Although he could guess some of the reasons why Ning Zhongzhi came here to seduce him, guessing is guessing, it is better to be sure.

Of course, if it was any other day, Yang Huan would not dare to ask.

But now, he is no longer the same person as half an hour ago!

After receiving the system reward, his martial ability had skyrocketed, so he naturally had the strength to do so.

When his martial art is powerful, his back will naturally become erect!

Although Ning Zhongzhi’s martial arts skills are above his ability, and she is in the late Houtian stage. But Yang Huan thought that with his current martial arts ability, he would probably be able to fight a late Houtian practitioner.

Even if he couldn’t, it shouldn’t be a big deal for him to maneuver for a while and find a way to escape.

Ning Zhongzhi also saw the doubts in Yang Huan’s eyes and replied, “Because of your master, your master he ……”

At this moment, Ning Zhongzhi hesitated, hesitating to say or not to say.

After all, how embarrassing would it be to reveal the reason for her infidelity?

How could she casually reveal this?

At the same time, thinking about it made her feel very uncomfortable.

A wave of sadness spread throughout her heart.

Seeing Ning Zhongzhi’s hesitation, Yang Huan knew that it was difficult for her to say anything.

After thinking about it, Yang Huan spoke, “Madam Ning, is it because Master is obsessed with pursuing martial arts, thus leaving Madam Ning alone, that is why you are like this?”

“Mm.” Ning Zhongzhi immediately admitted it.

In the end, she still couldn’t stand it and revealed Yue Buqun’s secret.

After all, one day of married life breeds days of enduring affections.

In fact, she came to Yang Huan purely to take revenge on Yue Buqun.

After all, Yue Buqun had been so cruel with his sword and left her a widow.

It makes sense for her to seek out his own disciple and give him a taste of his own medicine, right?

At the same time, Ning Zhongzhi still didn’t know why.

Why are you so cruel, Yue Buqun?

In order to improve his martial arts skills, he even sacrificed his own family, how cruel!

Was this kind of ruthless person really the famous Gentleman Swordsman she knew?

Ning Zhongzhi who knew of Yue Buqun’s departure from the sect could not accept it.

So in the end, she went to the extreme and went to Yang Huan’s room.

Of course, she didn’t just go there to visit.

Actually, she wanted to leave at first, but Yang Huan seemed to give her a chance.

As time went by, Yang Huan and Ning Zhongzhi gradually opened their hearts ……


[Ding! The host has had sex with the master’s wife, triggering the evil deeds system]

[Note: The same evil deed can be triggered multiple times, but the reward will be reduced.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting the reward: Long Rainbow Sword!]

Yang Huan: “….”

Only the broken sword?

Is that all?

Yang Huan was definitely not too satisfied with the reward this time.

However, the system didn’t care about him, and Yang Huan was helpless.

But when he thought about it, the reward was actually already very good.

Actually, there are many factors that go into becoming an expert.

Martial arts, internal strength, weapons, can all affect one’s fighting ability.

A supreme divine weapon, when in the hands of an expert, can definitely add a lot to his battle prowess.

And this Long Rainbow Sword is a rare and precious sword in the world!

This sword’s original setting was that it was the sharpest of the seven swords!

It is truly the sharpest sword in the world!

The most important thing was that the Long Rainbow Sword, Long Rainbow Sword Technique, and Flying Rainbow Mental Technique all complemented each other!

The final effect of the Long Rainbow Sword Technique with the Long Rainbow Sword was definitely one plus one greater than two!

If the Long Rainbow Sword was in the hands of White Swordsman’s father, what else would happen? He would be able to annihilate the entire Demon Sect on the spot!

This showed how important divine weapons were to a practitioner!

But having said that, the reward was indeed easy to come by.

“Cheating behind Yue Buqun’s back can already have a generous reward, if it’s in front of Yue Buqun… hehehe!”

Such bold thoughts appeared in Yang Huan’s mind.

At the same time, Yang Huan’s heart was also looking forward to the day when he would be discovered by Yue Buqun.

And if Yue Buqun discovered that the martial arts skills he was pursuing were not stronger than Yang Huan’s…

At that time …… What expression will be made on his face?

But at this moment, Ning Zhongzhi was sitting on the side.

“Madam, are you leaving?” Yang Huan asked when he saw Ning Zhongzhi sitting down and even putting on her clothes.

“If I don’t leave, are you willing to wait until your master beheads you with a sword? I can’t let that happen.” When madam finished, she smiled back, a smile that made people faint.



1. 9 Swords of Dugu


2. Long Rainbow Sword Technique and Flying Rainbow Mental Technique are from the animated series “Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit Seven Heroes”

3. Long Rainbow Sword

4. In the original story, Yue Buqun killed his own daughter and abandoned the sect, his wife who found out about it committed suicide as a result.

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