Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: So… I’m a Transmigrator!

The Art of Dreaming for a Millennium, one of the top mystical techniques in the “Great Dream Heart Sutra.”

It can be used on someone with a higher realm.

When used on them during their sleep, it can pull them into a dream world created by the user, instantly experiencing a millennium and reaching a level of authenticity that is nearly indistinguishable from reality. It has an extremely profound impact on both the target and the dreamer.

This technique is too heaven-defying; use it with caution!

This was the ancient book’s introduction to this mystical technique.

It sounded impressive, but for him—

“It seems kind of useless!” Lin Beifan felt quite disheartened.

His top priority now was to quickly raise his strength to the extraordinary realm and then remain in the sect. But what good was a dream technique for him?

It couldn’t enhance his strength.

Nor could it provide him with self-defense capabilities.

“Wait a minute! This ability might not be entirely useless. Perhaps I can use it like this!” Lin Beifan’s eyes suddenly lit up.

At this moment, the night was already deep, and Bai Yiyi returned to her own small courtyard.

Speaking of Bai Yiyi, within the sect, she was practically known to everyone. Not only did she possess an otherworldly beauty, but her talent was also outstanding. At just 18 years old, she had already cultivated to the Divine Sea stage of the extraordinary realm, ranking among the top 10 outer disciples.

In addition to her talent, she was exceptionally diligent.

Every day, she was either practicing or on the path of cultivation, working tirelessly day and night, earning her great admiration.

On this evening, she returned to her small mansion as usual.

Seated cross-legged on her bed, she began her cultivation routine.

But today, for some reason, her mind was restless, and she couldn’t seem to enter a meditative state.

“Master once said, the path of cultivation involves periods of intensity and relaxation! Perhaps it’s because I’ve been too exhausted lately, affecting my cultivation progress. I should give myself a break!”

With that, she exhaled deeply, stopped her cultivation, and lay down on the bed to rest.

As she drifted off to sleep, she seemed to enter a dream.

This dream was quite peculiar.

In the dream, she appeared to enter a fantastical and colorful world.

In this world, people were ordinary, unable to cultivate, but they possessed a force called technology.

They harnessed the power of technology to construct towering skyscrapers, create highways and railways spanning thousands of miles.

With technology, they crafted aircraft and submarines capable of soaring through the skies and diving into the depths.

They solved food problems using technological advancements.

They manufactured devastating nuclear weapons using the power of technology.

And she became an ordinary member of this world.

Orphaned, afflicted by various terminal illnesses like leukemia, heart disease, polio, liver cancer, brain cancer, and more.

Her background was pitiable, as if she had been abandoned by the entire world.

Fortunately, she had a brother who stood by her side.

Unable to walk, her brother pushed her wheelchair through mountains and rivers.

Unable to eat regular meals, her brother cooked porridge and turned solid food into a mush, feeding her bit by bit.

Unable to go to school, her brother taught her to read and write.

Unable to earn money or do anything, her brother took care of everything.

In her world, there was only her brother.

And in her brother’s world, there was only her.

The bond between the two siblings was exceptionally profound.

However, watching her brother toil tirelessly, she often felt guilty.

Because her brother originally had a promising future, a bright path ahead, but it was all delayed because of her.

To avoid burdening her brother, she had countless times contemplated suicide, yet her brother always saved her.

“Brother, let me die. I don’t want to burden you anymore!”

“Sis, what nonsense are you talking? If you die, what am I supposed to do? How do I explain to our parents? Sister, let me tell you now, if you die, I won’t live alone; we’ll die together!”

“Brother, I’m sorry. I won’t contemplate suicide anymore!”

“Haha, that’s right!”

Lifting her head, she looked at her brother’s happy face and said firmly, “Brother, if there’s another life, I’ll definitely be your sister again. I’ll definitely repay you well!”

Her brother was also very happy. “Good, in the next life, we’ll still be siblings!”

They thought such days would continue calmly.

But fate took an unexpected turn. One day, as usual, her brother pushed her to the hospital for a check-up.

Suddenly, a large truck rushed out from nearby, crashing recklessly.

The two siblings couldn’t dodge in time and were sent flying several tens of meters by the sudden truck.

Then, they fell into a pool of blood and died simultaneously.

“No! No!”

Bai Yiyi shouted loudly, waking up abruptly.

Her gaze was filled with horror, cold sweat covering her body as she breathed heavily.

Looking around at the familiar surroundings, she breathed a sigh of relief, muttering to herself, “So… it was just a dream! Such a terrifying dream! Strange, why would I have such a bizarre dream?”

Yet, as she carefully recalled, she found everything in the dream to be vivid, as if she had experienced it firsthand.

Especially the scientific knowledge within, despite being complex, was logically consistent and full of reason.

From her current understanding, there was no flaw to be found.

Moreover, the literary knowledge inside, including poetry, songs, movies, music, and more, was diverse and vast, as vast as the ocean. It was completely different from this world, impossible to have been dreamt up.

“No… This is not a dream!”

“But rather, I have unraveled the mystery of my prenatal existence and awakened the memories of my past life!”

“So… I am a transmigrator!”

Bai Yiyi was filled with shock.

In her past life, due to mobility issues, she loved staying at home reading, especially enjoying online novels.

The protagonists of these online novels often faced difficulties in real life and then accidentally transmigrated to another world. With the knowledge and plot armor from their previous life, they rose to power, becoming renowned.

She had also fantasized about how great it would be if she could transmigrate!

Unexpectedly, it had now come true!

Not only did she have a healthy body, but she also possessed excellent cultivation talent, with the opportunity for immortality in the future.

However, she didn’t feel particularly happy. A clear figure appeared in her mind.

“Back then, the large truck came rushing, and my brother and I died on the spot!”

Although she had luckily transmigrated and come back to life, her brother…

“No! My brother definitely won’t die!”

“Even I, as a disabled and unloved person, survived! My brother, who is so kind and outstanding, will surely be blessed by the heavens and transmigrate to another world like me!”

“He must be somewhere in the world, waiting for me to find him!”

“Yes, that must be it!”

“What I need to do now is to find my brother back!”

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