Chapter 2

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===002, Died at age 3===

When Su Hao woke up again, he found himself as a one-year-old boy. His family ran a medicine shop in the city, living a comfortable life.

This made him breathe a sigh of relief.

“It’s a good thing, luck is on my side. This time, I will…”


Su Hao immediately realized that something was wrong.

This kind of coincidence can be attributed to luck. Once or twice is understandable, but if it happens every time, it’s not luck, it’s inevitable.

Su Hao fell into contemplation. The more he thought about it, the more terrifying it seemed, and the more he felt trembling all over.

The pinball space carried his consciousness aimlessly wandering. Where would it go next? It was unpredictable. It could go anywhere.

In other words, the pinball space could bring Su Hao’s consciousness to a toddler over two years old, it was possible, but the universe is vast, beyond human imagination, so this possibility is incredibly small, so small that no one would think it would happen.

However, the most miraculous thing is that as long as time continues to flow forward, any possibility, no matter how small, will surely become reality, it will surely happen in the distant future.

So theoretically, as long as the pinball space keeps wandering, Su Hao will definitely find a new vessel for contemplation.

Su Hao did not feel excited at all, but instead fell into deep fear.

“How long is the interval every time I wake up? One thousand years, ten thousand years, a million years, ten million years…”

Maybe even longer!

This length of time has exceeded Su Hao’s imagination.

Under such a long period of time, each reincarnation of Su Hao becomes extremely precious. This is a small probability obtained by endless time.

He resolved to adjust his mindset and live a good life. All the time he had for contemplation, he had only lived to be thirty years old, which was far from enough.

In the next three years, Su Hao treasured his life and took every precaution, preparing to pack up and run away in case anything happened.

The first rule was to preserve his life.

And through the surrounding environment, he roughly understood the basic information of this world.

This was a martial arts world where the concept of martial arts truly existed.

From his own window, Su Hao saw with his own eyes experts chasing and fighting on rooftops at night, with flashing knives and swords. A light sword could cut a big pillar in half. It was absolutely real.

This made Su Hao secretly feel dangerous, and at the same time, he began to have the desire to become a martial arts master, to wield a sword and punish evil, which was his childhood dream.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he had no opportunity to come into contact with martial arts manuals or find someone to become his teacher. His family was just an ordinary pharmacy.

Su Hao did not feel discouraged. He was still young, and he believed that one day he would succeed.

Another year passed, and Su Hao was six years old. His family saved a female warrior. However, after she recovered from her injuries, fearing that Su Hao’s family would reveal her whereabouts to her enemies, she ruthlessly slaughtered Su Hao’s entire family.

Su Hao also did not escape this calamity and was once again taken by the pinball space into the depths of the universe.

When he woke up again, he became a one-and-a-half-year-old boy, the eldest son of the family, receiving thousands of doting affections. His family had considerable influence in the local area, and it was absolutely impossible for outsiders to harm him. This time, Su Hao, having learned from the pain, was determined to survive. Half a year later, his father took in another concubine who gave birth to a half-brother for Su Hao, but then she drowned him in the fish pond. This time, he didn’t even reach the age of two.

Su Hao regained consciousness again, this time as a two-year-old girl, in a modern world where technological advancements had not yet fully emerged. In the streets and alleys, black and white televisions, radios, and tricycles could already be seen. He believed that in the near future, it would reach the level of the 21st century on Earth. He could be a top student in this world, copying books, songs, and movies, and living carefree.

As for becoming a little girl, Su Hao didn’t think much of it. As long as she lived well, that was the greatest happiness. Two years later, a sudden outbreak of war occurred, and Su Hao, who had not yet had the chance to become a top student, was killed by a grenade that fell from the sky….

Suo Hao arrived in the world of Xianxia, encountering practitioners of evil arts in the demonic path, who slaughtered the city. He died at the age of 3.

In the magical world, the city was breached by orcs and he died in the massacre. He was 2 and a half years old.

In the ancient world, he was swept away by a flood. He was 3 years old.

After experiencing many worlds and trying various ways of dying, Suo Hao realized that life was too fragile. A child would experience all kinds of things during their growth process, and regardless of the size of accidents, just one could lead to the direct death of a child without any self-protection ability.

This made him realize that in his previous life, he was able to grow up smoothly on Earth, and his parents had put in so much effort for that.

Opening his eyes once again, Suo Hao reviewed the previous experiences of dying in his mind, carefully analyzing the reasons why he couldn’t grow up successfully many times.

“The first reason is the hostile world environment.”

“The second reason is the unstable social environment.”

“The third reason is the lack of attention from parents, unable to provide sufficient protection.”

“The fourth reason is being too young and lacking self-protection ability.”

In order to successfully survive, Suo Hao must overcome the challenges of childhood and find a way to protect himself. The world and social environment cannot be changed. What can be done and fought for are the attention from parents and improving self-protection ability.

Self-protection ability is out of the question. For a child of three to five years old, there is no need to expect strong self-protection ability. As long as he is more vigilant and cautious, everything will be fine.

So, what can be done is to strive for the attention of parents and use them to protect oneself.

“This time, don’t die for no reason. It must…”

Speaking up to this point, Suo Hao quickly shut his mouth. He had said such words in his previous lives, but every time he still died, as if cursed. After saying it, he couldn’t escape from the shadows of death.

After contemplating a good strategy, Suo Hao began to think about his own situation.

This is a world of modern civilization. It has entered the era of information technology. Smartphones have entered every household, and all kinds of vehicles come and go on the streets, hardly different from the metropolitan cities in Suo Hao’s previous life.

He was born in a country similar to Earth’s China, and in this world, his name is Luo Zhaohui. He lives in Beizhou City, a second-tier city. His parents are just ordinary working-class people. His father’s name is Luo Shengrong, a home designer who is tall and handsome before marriage but has gained weight and become a greasy middle-aged man since then. His mother’s name is Huang Shujun, a primary school mathematics teacher. Since giving birth to Luo Zhaohui, her appearance has visibly aged.

Luo Zhaohui is their only son. Both parents are busy with work and have no plans to have another child. They are very attentive to Luo Zhaohui. However, Luo Zhaohui has been weak and sickly since birth, causing great agony for the couple. It’s not just about spending money, but mainly because they feel heartbroken for their own son, who, at such a young age, constantly visits the hospital.

Just when the exhausted Luo Zhaohui was brought back from the hospital, he was taken over by Suo Hao.

The couple did not notice anything unusual about their son.

After laying the pretending-to-be-asleep Suo Hao on the bed and tucking him in, Huang Shujun quietly left the room.

At this moment, Luo Shengrong approached and hugged his weary wife. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Shujun, how about we have another child!”

Upon hearing this, Suo Hao’s heart sank. How could they give up on him so easily just after he came to this world?

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