Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Su Nan, the Young Girl

Three days later.

Daotian Sect.

Sheng Xian Mountain (Ascend to Immortality Mountain).

Of course, this Sheng Xian Mountain is not the actual place for ascending to immortality.

Rather, it is the place where Daotian Sect specifically recruits disciples.

At this moment, at the foot of Sheng Xian Mountain, tens of thousands of young boys and girls have gathered.

Among them are the scions of the aristocratic families and imperial dynasties from Qingzhou.

But at this moment, the faces of these young gentlemen and princes are filled with respect.

The reason is simple – Daotian Sect is the largest sect in Qingzhou, with countless imperial dynasties and prestigious families serving under them. If you try to act arrogant here, they won’t indulge you.

At this time, an old man in gray robes walked out. His voice was not loud, but it echoed throughout the entire venue like thunder: “As the elder in charge of your trial, you should listen carefully to what I’m about to say.”

“When Daotian Sect accepts disciples, the first step is the awakening test for spiritual roots. The grades of spiritual roots are divided into scrap, ordinary, lower, middle, good, upper, excellent, and sacred. Those who reach at least the middle grade in the awakening test can proceed to the next round of testing in our Daotian Sect!”

“Do you all understand?”

“We understand!”

Tens of thousands of boys and girls responded with excitement.

“Let’s begin then.” The old man in gray robes waved his sleeves, formally announcing the commencement of the disciples’ recruitment.

As this old man in gray robes announced the start of the trial, the tens of thousands of boys and girls on the stage formed long queues, waiting for their spiritual roots to be tested.

Half an hour later.

Out of the tens of thousands of people on the stage, only 5,210 young boys and girls passed the awakening test for spiritual roots, possessing middle grade or higher.

Just the test of spiritual roots eliminated nearly half of them.

The teenagers who passed the awakening test were excited, while those who failed were dejected and left the stage.

“That was close, so lucky that I awakened the middle grade wood spiritual root. Otherwise, if I had to go back home like this, my father would surely be disappointed!”

Among the group of people who passed the test, there was a girl with big watery eyes, long curved lashes, a delicate appearance, and a plain yet clean green dress. She patted her chest gratefully.

“Miss Su Nan, I awakened an upper grade fire spiritual root in the test. As long as I pass all the trials, I will definitely become an inner disciple. Perhaps the elders will even notice me and I might become a true disciple. Why don’t we become Dao companions? In the future, I will certainly help you in your cultivation,” a young man in splendid attire and handsome features suddenly said with a smile to the pretty girl.

Su Nan was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and replied, “Master Chen, congratulations on awakening an upper grade fire spiritual root. Your future is limitless. However, let’s not become Dao companions because I’m still young.”

A hesitant smile appeared on Master Chen’s face as he said, “Miss Su Nan, your Su family is also in Pingyu City, where my Chen family is located. I believe you will change your mind in the future.”

“Yes, yes,” Su Nan nodded.

Chen Shaohua turned around, and his face immediately turned dark.

He was giving this stubborn girl a face, yet she was refusing to give him any respect.

There wasn’t a woman that Chen Shaohua, he himself, couldn’t win over. Even if your Su Family is known as one of the two major families in Pingyu City, along with my Chen Family, it doesn’t matter who is superior.

Now that you have awakened and tested as having a high-grade fire spiritual root, it is essential to become an inner disciple, and there is a great possibility of being noticed by the elders and directly becoming a true disciple.

At that time, with just a simple sentence, won’t your Su Family present you?

At the same time, Elder Grey-cloth reappeared and said to all the young boys and girls who had passed the spiritual root awakening test, “Congratulations on successfully passing the spiritual root awakening test. From now on, you will depart from this place and rely on your own abilities to reach the Ascension Platform at the top of the Shen Xian Peak. Whoever arrives there can become a disciple of our Daotian Sect. The time limit is one day.”

“Along the way, you will encounter various illusions, snakes, insects, and fierce beasts.”

“These are all tests for your character, as well as to check if there are any infiltrators from the demonic path among you, who have been planted as spies in our sect.”

“If you encounter danger along the way and want to give up the trial, just shout ‘give up,’ and you will be automatically transported back to this place. After the trial ends, those who did not pass the trial will also be automatically transported here.”

As the Elder Grey-cloth spoke, his voice gradually became cold.

All the people present instantly felt a chill.

“Alright, let’s begin,” Elder Grey-cloth waved his sleeve.

The young boys and girls embarked on their journey towards the top of the Shen Xian.

Early the next day.

At the top of the Shen Xian.

The Ascension Platform.

The so-called Ascension Platform is actually a huge square that can accommodate tens of thousands of people.

In front of the Ascension Platform, there were over a hundred majestic seats, each occupied by a figure with a strong and imposing aura, despite keeping their breath restrained. They were the various mountain masters of the Daotian Sect, or people with equal status to the mountain masters. They were the pillars of the Daotian Sect, and their names alone could shake the entire Qing Continent.

Of course, there was one person who was an exception.

That is our protagonist, Li Zhoujun.

Currently, Li Zhoujun was sitting among a group of big shots, truly resembling a husky that had infiltrated a pack of wolves.

“Master Li, did you start climbing the mountain from early morning again?” asked a man in a red robe sitting next to Li Zhoujun, with a smiling expression.

This person’s name was Liu Yan, the mountain lord of Huofeng Mountain. Ten years ago, he had burned a large river out of rage, truly desolating the mountains and boiling the seas.

“Actually, it was yesterday,” Li Zhoujun replied with a smile.

Li Zhoujun felt a bit frustrated.

Even though he could now go toe to toe with anyone, he was still fundamentally a mortal.

So, in order to climb to the top of the Shen Xian, he really did have to start climbing from early morning yesterday.

Although there were various illusions, snakes, insects, and fierce beasts on the Shen Xian, Li Zhoujun had been to the peak of the Shen Xian countless times in the past forty years. Naturally, he had familiarized himself with a safe route.

Liu Yan nodded, feeling deeply moved, “Indeed, practice makes perfect.”

“That’s right.”

Li Zhoujun smiled and said, but he couldn’t help but curl his lips, this guy is clearly mocking himself. Maybe he should find an opportunity to test his abilities against him? But I wonder if the system is reliable or not. If it’s not reliable, he’ll definitely be in trouble, completely helpless.

[Ding: Host, can you trust the system? If you dare to question the system, the system will punish the host by publicly strumming its little guitar with its ding-a-ling!]

“What the hell, that’s too much, you even know how to play the guitar!” Li Zhoujun couldn’t help but exclaim in his mind.

[Ding: Of course, the system knows everything and can do anything.]

“Knows everything and can do anything? Then what is the 1,891st digit of pi?” Li Zhoujun asked skeptically.

[Ding: It is the 1,891st digit of pi.]

Li Zhoujun was speechless, “What kind of answer is that? You answered with loneliness. It’s like you had nothing better to say after not seeing each other for a day.”

[Ding: Host, please don’t babble on, is there something wrong with the system’s answer?]

“Well, there’s really nothing wrong…” Li Zhoujun’s mouth twitched, it turns out this is a rogue system!

Just as Li Zhoujun was arguing with the system, at the entrance of Ascension Platform, a girl dressed in white, with eyes like autumn rivers but with a faint coldness and skin like dew, walked in with a lotus-like step.

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