Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Performing the Trick of Lying Down and Obtaining the Abilities of the Elderly Sage!

After ordering a large takeaway meal for the crew, Lin Beifan was taken by the makeup artist to get ready.

During the process of getting his makeup done, Lin Beifan familiarized himself with the character in the script.

He was to play an old man.

However, this old man was quite remarkable. He was knowledgeable in various subjects from all over the world, understood the principles of yin and yang and the five elements, and possessed skills in divination and fortune-telling. He could even predict the changes in the world throughout history. He was known as the Elderly Sage.

On the verge of death, he exerted all his effort to speculate on the development and changes of the world for the next 500 years, and wrote a book called “The Future Scriptures,” which he placed inside his coffin.

Once this information became known to others, it sparked the interest of various factions, and many experts were dispatched to seize it.

This led to a series of absurd and bizarre stories.

Although the background of this script seemed grand, it was produced by a low-budget crew with a total investment of less than 3 million.

Therefore, in order to make this play well, the director and screenwriter were very meticulous and tried to save every penny.

Lin Beifan didn’t care about the investment of this play or whether it would make money, as long as he could act in it.

In order to perform better, Lin Beifan humbly asked the makeup artist who was doing his makeup.

“This is my first time acting, is there anything I need to pay attention to?”

“Just make sure not to move!”


The makeup artist continued while doing Lin Beifan’s makeup, “I mean, you’re playing a dead person, and dead people don’t move! As long as you keep that in mind, there shouldn’t be any problems!”

Lin Beifan nodded in agreement, “You’re right!”

The reason he took on this role was because it didn’t require much acting, just lying down would suffice.

After finishing his makeup, Lin Beifan lay down in the coffin.

The prop master gave Lin Beifan a book with the words “The Future Scriptures” written on it and asked him to hold it with both hands.

Casually flipping through it, Lin Beifan realized that apart from the attractive cover, the contents were not appealing at all.

It was simply a thick collection of stories wrapped in a fancy cover.

Truly a low-budget crew, even this could be cut corners on!

At this moment, the director walked over and looked at Lin Beifan’s appearance, nodded in satisfaction, and waved his hand to shout, “Alright, all departments, get in position and prepare for filming!”

Lin Beifan immediately lay down, closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

In order to act more realistically, he even held his breath.

The director leaned down with the camera and started filming.

First, he filmed Lin Beifan’s feet, then slowly moved up, filming his legs, his waist, and then his hands holding the book “The Future Scriptures.”

Finally, the camera reached Lin Beifan’s head, lingering on his face for 5 seconds.

The whole shot took about 20 seconds.

“Great, that’s enough!”

Lin Beifan immediately jumped up and eagerly asked, “Director, how was my performance?”

The director vaguely said, “You did well, keep up the good work!”

“Thank you, director!” Lin Beifan responded happily.

His scene was done, so he quickly took off his disguise, changed back into his own clothes, and ran back home.

After closing the doors and windows, he eagerly asked in his mind, “System, how was my performance?”

“Ding! The character you played, ‘Elder Tianji,’ has reached a passing level!”

Lin Beifan jumped up excitedly, saying, “Yes! I knew it would work this way! As long as I have a short enough role and expose fewer flaws, my acting will naturally be good!”

“Ding! Since the character played by the host has reached a passing level, you will receive a 60% reward for the role!”

A powerful message merged into Lin Beifan’s mind.

He couldn’t help but close his eyes.

Then, he seemed to enter a dream.

In the dream, he became a restless child.

This child had been exposed to the concepts of yin and yang, the Eight Diagrams, Qi Men Dun Jia, and the Five Elements from a young age. He showed great talent in this field, studying tirelessly every day, becoming known as a weirdo in other people’s eyes.

The child grew up and became a young man.

His divination ability became stronger and stronger, able to determine someone’s fortune with just a glance.

Looking up at the sky, he could predict the weather for the next few days.

With such abilities, he became famous in his hometown.

However, he was still not satisfied, and left his hometown, traveling through thousands of mountains and rivers, visiting various master teachers, perfecting his divination skills.

As time passed, the young man gradually aged and eventually transformed into the appearance of the Elder Tianji.

At this point, the old man had become a renowned figure known as the top diviner in the world, hailed as the number one fortune teller, the number one feng shui master, the number one stargazer, the number one palm reader…

A living god-like existence.

However, he was not satisfied and wanted to go further.

But just at that moment, the dream abruptly ended.

Lin Beifan opened his eyes, his eyes became somewhat cloudy and decrepit, like an old man who saw through the world.

But immediately, they regained clarity.

“It feels like I experienced everything firsthand! If it weren’t for the system protecting my soul, I might have been replaced by the consciousness of the Elder Tianji, and become someone else!” Lin Beifan sighed.

Then, Lin Beifan became excited.

Because in the dream, he learned the fortune-telling skills of the Elder Tianji along with his growth.

Although he only learned 60% of it, he could still be considered the number one diviner in the world.

With this ability, wouldn’t it be easy to live comfortably in this world?

But then, Lin Beifan became angry: “System, why didn’t I receive the martial arts skills of the Elder Tianji?”

In the dream, the Elder Tianji not only possessed terrifying divination skills but also had some martial arts abilities.

Although not particularly strong, they could easily handle ten opponents at once.

However, now Lin Beifan only gained the experiences and knowledge of the Elder Tianji without obtaining his martial arts skills.

His appearance remained unchanged.

“Ding! This system mainly grants abilities to the host through the memory method! If the host wants to become stronger, they can do so through self-cultivation!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

“But, it should be noted that due to different world rules, some cultivation methods from other worlds are useless in this world! This is an ordinary world where extraordinary powers cannot be displayed!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

Well, whether Lin Beifan agreed or not, this is reality.

The reality is that the system did give Lin Beifan some character abilities, but it was through the memory method and couldn’t directly make him stronger.

And because of the different world rules, some abilities cannot be displayed in this world.

Thinking about it, it makes sense. After all, this system is an acting system, mainly assisting him in becoming the best actor, not assisting him in becoming the strongest in the world.

If he really had that ability, wouldn’t he become invincible just by playing the role of Thanos?

Damn, that’s scary!

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