Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The First Protagonist Appears, and He is Also Reborn!

After drinking half a glass of wine, they finally got to the point.

Song Yuqing put down her cutlery and said with a hint of anticipation and pleading, “Mr. Lin, the main reason I asked you to come out this time is because there is something important that I hope you can help with!”

“What is it? Tell me, if I can help, I will definitely help!” Lin Beifan put down his cutlery and listened attentively.

“It’s like this…” Song Yuqing explained the problem she encountered at the hospital.

“That’s the situation! Our hospital is currently facing financial difficulties, but the amount of this purchase is quite large, reaching 120 million! If we take out the money to make the purchase, it will affect the normal operation of our hospital! So, we want to buy this batch of equipment on credit, hoping that Mr. Lin can help us out of this situation. We promise that we will repay this debt within six months, and we can even pay interest based on the current bank lending rate!” Song Yuqing said sincerely.

Lin Beifan nodded, “Okay, I will speak up for you!”

He picked up his phone and quickly sent a WeChat message with his nimble fingers.

After a moment, he put away his phone and said, “I have already contacted the director of the marketing department, and they said there’s no problem! Tomorrow, you just need to come to my company with your identification documents and follow the procedures!”

“That’s it?” Song Yuqing was dumbfounded.

“Of course, it’s not a difficult thing!”

“Don’t you have any other requirements?” Song Yuqing couldn’t believe it.

Lin Beifan chuckled, “What other requirements? Everyone has financial difficulties at times! You help me, and I help you. Isn’t that how business works? I believe that under Miss Song’s management, the Song Hospital will definitely overcome this difficulty soon! When you have overcome it, please take good care of our family business!”

“Definitely, definitely! I toast to Mr. Lin!” Song Yuqing happily raised her glass of red wine.

Lin Beifan also raised his glass, “Cheers!”

With the important matter resolved, Song Yuqing relaxed.

She gently swayed the wine glass in her jade-like hand, smiling at Lin Beifan.

“Mr. Lin, I have found that you’re not quite like the rumours say!”

“What kind of person am I according to the rumour?”

“According to the rumour, you’re a useless rich second generation who spends all your time partying and only knows how to ask your parents for money! But now, you seem completely different! The impression you give me is that of a refined gentleman, a knowledgeable scholar, and an old man who sees through everything with indifference…”

Song Yuqing shook her head. “You give me a strange feeling! Can you tell me which one is the real you?”

Lin Beifan smiled. “They are all me!”

Song Yuqing was surprised. “All of them?”

“All of them! The useless rich second generation is me, the refined gentleman is me, the knowledgeable scholar is me, and the old man who sees through everything is also me! As long as it is needed and makes me happy, I can be anyone! As for how others perceive me, I don’t care! Because I don’t live for them!”

Song Yuqing’s heart fluttered.

So, he is a man who lives by his own rules!

For some reason, as she looked at the man in front of her, she felt a hint of attraction.

With a hint of shyness, she said, “Mr. Lin, please don’t call me Miss Song anymore, it feels too formal! Just call me Yuqing, or you can call me Sister Song! Because I am older than you! Hehe!”

“Then don’t call me Mr. Lin either, just call me by my name, or you can call me Xiaofan!”

“Okay! Let’s exchange WeChat contact information for easier communication in the future!”

“I’ll scan your code!”

Like this, the relationship between the two took a step forward from being strangers and became friends.

They continued to enjoy their dinner, laughing and talking.

However, Lin Beifan occasionally looked towards the entrance of the restaurant.

Where is the male lead, Xiao Chen? Why hasn’t he arrived yet?

At this moment, there was a handsome man wearing sunglasses and a hat, hiding in the distance, his eyes burning with anger.

“You two dogs, seducing each other again! Especially you, Song Yuqing, you shameless woman! Clearly, you’re my fiancée, yet you’re fooling around with others and not keeping your virtue as a married woman! This time, I will make you pay!”

This person is none other than the male lead, Xiao Chen, the successor of the Ghost Valley Divine Physician. He is also the fiance chosen by Song Yuqing’s ancestors.

That’s right, he has also been reborn.

Returning to the beginning of the story, he descended from the mountain after reaching the pinnacle of medical skills to seek refuge with his fiancee.

Although they had never met before, from the moment he saw Song Yuqing for the first time, he considered her to be his woman. Whenever he saw her leave, he would secretly follow her.

But he discovered that his woman was having a friendly conversation with a handsome man, showing great intimacy.

As a result, he was consumed by jealousy and couldn’t help but make a move.

He initially believed that with his abilities and his identity as a successor of the Ghost Valley, he could easily handle the situation, but instead, he was beaten up by the other man!

In various confrontations that followed, he was constantly crushed by the other man and suffered defeat after defeat!

His own woman, Song Yuqing, gradually drifted away from him and fell into the arms of the other man.

He couldn’t understand it. How could someone who seemed like a useless rich second generation be so terrifying?

Fortunately, fate gave him a chance to be reborn!

To be reborn, that is the treatment of a protagonist!

Having been reborn once, knowing all the plotlines, he doesn’t believe he can’t surpass you!

“I, Xiao Chen, swear!”

“In this life, I will make Lin Beifan pay the price!”

“I will make him lose everything!”

“I will make him end up on the streets, begging!”

“What he has swallowed, he will vomit tenfold!”

“And Song Yuqing can only be mine!”

After making the vow, he stared solemnly at the two people opposite him.

This is a very crucial plotline.

In this plotline, after a dinner together, the two people form a partnership and their relationship quickly develops.

So, he must interrupt this collaboration to reduce their chances of contact.

And he has this opportunity.

How to interrupt it?

That’s by making Lin Beifan fall ill!

It would be even better if he couldn’t recover!

That way, the blame will fall on Song Yuqing!

The collaboration will naturally fall through!

Song Yuqing and the Song family will be in crisis, and he can take advantage of the situation.

With his extraordinary medical skills, not only can he win the beauty’s heart, but he can also gain support from the Song family!

They still don’t know each other, so it’s the perfect time to act!

The plan is simply perfect!

With these thoughts in mind, Xiao Chen had a needle in his hand.

Doctors save lives!

Doctors can also kill!

As long as he pierces the needle into the other person’s skin, everything will be successfully accomplished!

Time waits for no one. He pretended to be a drunk customer and staggered towards Lin Beifan.

Due to the loud commotion, Lin Beifan turned his head and looked surprised.

“The protagonist Xiao Chen has arrived. Why does he look like this?”

“Never mind! Regardless, since he’s here, it’s time to test the effectiveness of the wish!”

“I’m getting a little excited just thinking about it!”

Lin Beifan was even a bit impatient.

“System, I make a wish…”

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