Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Third Young Master


Xu Yuan’s footsteps stopped in their tracks as he stared in shock at the fading eyes of the giant Buddha’s head.

Details that he had overlooked earlier came to mind, and Xu Yuan suddenly understood something.

Reality was not like anime or movies, where enemies waited for you to discover them before ambushing and killing you.

But the giant Buddha had appeared silently beside him, yet had not attacked until he had retreated to the edge of the temple before engaging the woman in black.

Rain continued to pour outside and the air inside the temple felt icy cold.

The Third Young Master…

Xu Yuan looked down at his weak body and he let out a deep breath.

The giant Buddha’s address, the state of his body, and the events that had just transpired gave him a guess about the world he had crossed over to.

It was too familiar.

The events that had just occurred were nearly identical to a segment in the 2.5D pixel-style game “Blue Spring” that he had played before.

The giant Buddha, the broken temple, the young man in silk robes, and the woman in ice-cold black.

The only difference was that in “Blue Spring”, the pixel style was directly translated into a first-person view, and the vast differences between the two made it difficult for Xu Yuan to initially connect them.

But now, the giant Buddha’s address of the Third Young Master suddenly confirmed it.

He had become the Third Young Master of a prominent official’s family.

In “Blue Spring”, the Third Young Master was the most tragic character who had been killed twenty-five times in twenty-five different storylines.

But as soon as Xu Yuan realized this, his previously tense heart relaxed slightly and he looked up ahead.

Time seemed to slow down and the rainwater sliding off the eaves created a bright silver line in the darkness.

Adapting to the darkness, Xu Yuan could vaguely see the graceful figure moving towards him.

Her footsteps were light but clear.

The darkness of the temple spread quickly, and the cold wind of the rainy night howled.

Finally, Xu Yuan met the woman in black’s clear, shining eyes in the darkness.

“You are….”

A male voice like flowing water sounded in the darkness.

Just by listening to his voice, one could imagine that he was a dazzling young man.

The Third Young Master’s body should have a good appearance.

Thinking of these miscellaneous thoughts, Xu Yuan continued speaking.

“…Ran Qingmo?”

Before the last syllable had even left his lips, a cold glint flickered in the woman’s eyes.

But upon seeing the bone-chilling ice that glinted in her eyes, Xu Yuan became completely relaxed.

He had guessed correctly; this was the world of that particular game.

The current situation aligned with the plot that he knew, and Xu Yuan immediately remembered that the purpose of the cold woman in front of him was to capture him, not kill him.

Because the woman still needed him to “persuade” her boss, who was about to start a war.

Regardless of how he might die in the future, Xu Yuan’s temporary threat to his life had been lifted, and the pressure was suddenly gone.

After a few seconds of eye contact, the coldness in the woman’s eyes slowly faded away. She turned around and spoke in a flat tone.

“Follow me.”

Xu Yuan realized that she was preparing to flee.

The corpses outside, as well as the “holy Buddha” in the temple, all belonged to the father of this current body. Although the woman had not left any alive under her sword, they couldn’t stay in this shelter for much longer.

However, while the other party was leaving, Xu Yuan couldn’t just follow her and leave.

The body of third young master should have a good appearance to be sold.

Thinking about all this mess, Xu Yuan continued to speak:

“…Ran Qingmo?”

Before the words fell, a touch of coldness quietly swept across the clear and tranquil eyes of the woman.

Seeing the chilling ice in her eyes, Xu Yuan was completely relieved.

He guessed right, this is the world in that game.

The situation in front of him is consistent with the storyline he knows. Xu Yuan immediately remembered that the purpose of this big ice block is to capture him, not to kill him.

Because they still need him to “persuade” the BOSS father who is about to start a war.

No matter how he will die in the future, the temporary threat to Xu Yuan’s life has been lifted and the pressure has dropped sharply.

After staring at each other for a few seconds, the coldness in the eyes of the woman in black gradually dissipated. She turned around and said calmly, “Follow me.”

Xu Yuan realized that she was preparing to run away.

The corpses outside and the “spiritual Buddha” in this hall are all under the control of this old man’s subordinates. Although the woman did not leave a single living person under her sword, this place obviously cannot be stayed for long.

However, Xu Yuan cannot simply follow her and leave.

The game “Blue Spring” can have many different endings because of the different choices made by players. Among them, there are several storylines, and the original small villain died on the way of being kidnapped by this big ice block.

Although the deaths in these storylines were glossed over, they did happen.

Therefore, Xu Yuan stood still, staring at the woman’s back in the darkness. His voice as calm and steady as possible, he asked, “Mrs. Ran, do you know what you are doing now?”

Mrs. Ran, is the respectful title given by the protagonist in the “Blue Spring” storyline to Ran Qingmo.


Xu Yuan’s sudden speech seemed to catch the black-clad woman off guard.

Her steps halted and her clear and sharp gaze sparked chicken skin bumps all over Xu Yuan’s body.

She didn’t speak, just stood quietly in the darkness and looked at him.

The feeling of being stared at by this big ice block was uncomfortable. Xu Yuan repeatedly recalled the game storyline in his mind, confirming that the other party could not kill him at this point.

She repeated, “Follow me.”

Xu Yuan maintained his composure and spoke calmly, one word at a time, “Mrs. Ran, there is no point in capturing me.”

Ran Qingmo casually lifted a thick and long stick from the ground.

She held the stick in one hand and the sword in the other, silently walking towards the temple gate.

Xu Yuan followed behind the woman. He appeared calm and relaxed, but he spoke slowly, “Mrs. Ran, capturing me is meaningless.”

Xu Yuan tried hard to maintain a consistent tone:

“Someone like my father wouldn’t change his decisions based on whether I live or die.”

At this moment, Ran Qingmo finally spoke, her voice still as soft as ever:

“What are you trying to say?”

The rain outside the temple still fell, beating against the eaves and creating ripples in the puddles.

Upon hearing her speak, Xu Yuan immediately replied:

“Of course I’m talking about your reason for capturing me.”

As he spoke, he gave a slight smile:

“Mrs. Ran, you captured me to save the forty thousand disciples of the Sword Sect…”


Before he could finish his sentence, time seemed to freeze within the temple.

The chilling atmosphere suddenly increased, and a gust of wind centered around Ran Qingmo spread out instantly, causing Xu Yuan’s robe sleeves to flap loudly.

An invisible pressure slowly emanated from the silhouette of the woman hidden in the darkness, and just by standing there, Xu Yuan almost wanted to kneel down.

He was pushed back two steps by the pressure, and he clenched his hand, which was hidden in his voluminous sleeve, and held onto a wooden pillar to stabilize himself.

In the darkness, the woman’s cold killing intent made his hair stand on end.

This sudden change caught Xu Yuan off guard. He didn’t understand why Ran Qingmo had such a strong reaction to his words.

In just a split second, his mind raced back to the plot of the game, and he suddenly realized that he had said the wrong thing.

As a “player,” the event of the Prime Minister overthrowing the Sword Sect was something he should have known.

But for the people of this world, this event should still be in the planning stage and be a secret among only his father, the cheap old man, and a few trusted henchmen.

At this time, the Sect Leader of Sword Sect was still the respected national teacher1 of the Great Yan Dynasty and had been long-time friends with his father, the Prime Minister.

For the Prime Minister to want to overthrow the Sword Sect, if he were to say it out loud, even the Sect Leader of Sword Sect himself would not believe it.

Although this original third son of the Prime Minister was highly regarded, his lifestyle that included indulging in food, drink, and women would make it impossible for him to know this kind of secret.

Sweat poured down his face.

He made a huge mistake.

At this point, Ran Qingmo had turned completely around. Her eyes emitted a faint blue light in the darkness, and she walked towards Xu Yuan while unsheathing her sword:

“How do you know?”


The “Teacher State” (Chinese: 师国; pinyin: Shī Guó) was a political institution in ancient China during the Zhou Dynasty (c. 1046–256 BCE). It was one of the three ranks of nobility, along with the “Senior State” (Chinese: 老父之邦; pinyin: Lǎofù Zhī Bāng) and the “Junior State” (Chinese: 少父之邦; pinyin: Shàofù Zhī Bāng), which were all conferred by the Zhou kings to their vassals.

The Teacher State was a higher rank than the Senior State and was usually granted to the most trusted and loyal vassals of the Zhou kings, who would act as their advisors and teachers in political and military affairs. The Teacher State had the right to supervise the Junior and Senior States, and their leaders were given the title “Teacher” (Chinese: 师; pinyin: Shī), which implied their role as advisors and mentors.

However, the power and influence of the Teacher State declined over time, as the Zhou kings lost control over their vassals and the Warring States period (c. 475–221 BCE) began. Eventually, the Zhou Dynasty was overthrown by the Qin Dynasty, which established a centralized, bureaucratic government and abolished the old feudal system.

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