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Chapter 199

Chapter 199: The Genius’s Idea

Really, there is. Not only does Su Hao have ideas, but Yashan also has a new child.

In just three months, Yashan excitedly ran to Temple Forest City and found his Boss, “Boss Wei, my new wives are pregnant!”

Su Hao: “Wives??”

Su Hao originally thought that Yashan, at most, could find one woman willing to have his child, thinking that was impressive. He didn’t expect to underestimate him!

Su Hao said calmly, “Tell me, how many?”

Yashan scratched his head and said, “Not many, just three, and all three are pregnant!”

Su Hao extended a thumb, “Yashan, I can’t believe how capable you are!”

Yashan, feeling somewhat proud of Su Hao’s praise, said, “I thought I must complete Boss Wei’s task, you see? I was afraid that one wouldn’t get pregnant, so I found two more, just to be safe, and unexpectedly, they all got pregnant. It’s a happy event. However…”

Su Hao saw him hesitate and asked directly, “However what?”

Yashan hesitated, “However, when Taini saw that I found so many mothers for her all at once, she couldn’t accept it and got angry with me.”

Su Hao thought to himself, ‘Not only can your daughter not accept it, even I, as the leader, am having a hard time accepting it!’

But since things had come to this, saying more was pointless. As long as the verification could be completed, with Yashan having a few more children, more information could be obtained!

Generally speaking, it’s a good thing!

Su Hao said, “Once your three children are born, Taini will accept it, don’t worry! I’m a bit hungry, Yashan, hurry up and make something to eat!”

At this, Yashan became energized and immediately jumped up, “Alright, Boss Wei, please wait a moment, it’ll be ready soon!”

Su Hao had gotten used to Yashan’s cooking. Meals made by others, when he thought about it, really couldn’t satisfy him properly. Although he wasn’t picky about other foods, he didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying good food; it was just about filling his stomach.

But Yashan’s culinary skills, honed to his taste, were different; they gave him the pleasure of eating and drinking.

Once full, Su Hao began discussing his ideas with Yashan.

“First, let’s create a mold, encircle the land, introduce some beasts carrying the blood and flesh of mutants to reproduce. When the time is right, we can begin household registration, forcing mutants to study for three years, forcibly changing their ideologies from previous ones. If they can’t change, it’s fine; label them and let them be.”

“Then start implementing the model of mutant academies, opening eight major mutant areas. After obtaining enough points, they can enter these areas to hunt and obtain corresponding blood and flesh for evolution.”

“This process might be lengthy, but as long as we persist for fifty years, continuously improving and patching up over those fifty years, after fifty years, a new generation of Zhu Hua people will rise, and the older generation will no longer dominate society. At that point, the entire world will change, and the world you see will no longer be the same as it is now.”

“In summary, the whole society of Zhu Hua people will be more stable, more hierarchical, more creative, and more rule-based.”

“Everyone will act under new rules, even if there are individual extremists aiming to destroy the world, we can respond quickly.”

“In reality, mutant academies also serve as a screening for qualified mutant functions. For those who are too extreme and radical, we directly limit their evolutionary path, guiding them towards sequences that cause less harm.”

Yashan took notes quickly. He seemed to understand and yet not understand.

Most of it, he didn’t understand, but the key point that he did grasp was that the new society would be ‘more stable, more hierarchical, more creative, more rule-based.’

Filled with anticipation, Yashan believed that as long as he followed Boss Wei’s lead, in fifty years, they would inevitably achieve this.

Su Hao didn’t expect Yashan to understand it all at once. He conveyed the idea to implant a concept in Yashan’s mind, and that was enough.

Su Hao continued, “Of course, this matter requires the collective power of the entire world. Relying solely on the ‘Temple Forest Society’ won’t achieve this. So, for these two years, focus on strengthening the ‘Temple Forest Society’s’ power, collect information from the remaining six major cities, and then propose an alliance with them.”

“Communicate well; send some articulate people to negotiate. If it’s feasible and beneficial for everyone, great. If not, eliminate those who disagree and then send others to negotiate again…”

“No rush with these tasks. Step by step, we expect to complete everything within five years.”

“Do you understand, Yashan?”

Yashan, spirited, said, “Though not entirely clear, I know the general idea! Strengthen ourselves first, negotiate, and if it fails, eliminate and find someone else to negotiate!”

Su Hao nodded, “Correct! As for the plan, I’ll sketch something out for you to refine with your people.”

Yashan nodded firmly, “Alright, Boss Wei!”

He regained his enthusiasm for action.

Regarding how Su Hao would control the mutants from leaving the mutant zone, he had no initial plan. But thinking of the ‘Slaughterer’ who died three years ago gave him a new inspiration.

The ‘Slaughterer’ developed a ‘Gene Toxin 1’ that could precisely attack mutant genes. Could a similar gene toxin be created?

Utilizing this gene toxin, and placing numerous barriers around the mutant zone, any mutant trying to leave would be attacked and killed. Eventually, this area would become a forbidden zone for mutants, and removing the gene toxin afterward wouldn’t matter.

With continuous contemplation, Su Hao’s plan became clearer.

“Moreover, this gene toxin isn’t difficult to manufacture; you just need to find suitable tall plants, design their gene sequence to allow them to synthesize and release a special gaseous ‘gene toxin’ whenever necessary. Then, surround the designated mutant zone with these plants to create a natural barrier.

Furthermore, this toxin must possess tremendous penetration capabilities that not even the ‘Armor’ of the ‘Shell People’ can block. To prevent mutants from leaving via the air, the gene toxin must be lighter than air and continuously rise. Also, below the ground, the roots should secrete the gene toxin, so during heavy rain, the toxin seeps underground…”

The mutants living in the mutant zone would experience being trapped with no way in or out.

The more Su Hao thought, the more feasible it seemed.

A year ago, he had already thoroughly understood the ‘Slaughterer’s’ attack method.

In essence, it involved gathering gene fragments from various sequences of mutants, then the body secreting nanobots specifically targeting those gene fragments. Once these nanobots were dispersed, covering an entire city, within a few hours, they could shred the gene fragments of mutants, self-transcribe, and ultimately destroy the cells, causing mutant death.

Su Hao could create these nanobots and even mass-produce them.

The production process was straightforward: select suitable organisms and modify their genes based on the ‘Slaughterer’s’ methods.

With a plan in mind, everything became more manageable.

Su Hao immediately took action, first instructing Yashan to gather tall trees emitting unique scents and bring them to Temple Forest City.

Next, he entered the virtual space to design the supporting ‘Gene Toxin 2’ to attack specific gene sequences.

Su Hao couldn’t directly utilize the ‘Slaughterer’s’ ‘Gene Toxin 1’ as it not only harmed mutants but also indiscriminately attacked any humans within its range, potentially becoming a weapon in the wrong hands.

Therefore, Su Hao’s ‘Gene Toxin 2’ wasn’t aimed at attacking mutant gene fragments.

His concept was straightforward: implant a special DNA segment into the bodies of all mutants released in the mutant zone, one that could be inherited across generations but wouldn’t transcribe. Then, design the corresponding ‘Gene Toxin 2’ specifically to attack this implanted gene fragment, resulting in lethal effects.

Su Hao praised himself, “Genius-level idea and execution!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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