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Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Gene Toxin 1

Su Hao has already noticed that all the mutants in the entire city of Linyuan have perished.

Including the [Origin King] who had been active until recently, the eerie aura that was once pervasive throughout the city has completely disappeared.

“To easily kill [Origin King], this [Slaughterer] Lu indeed has some skills.”

Su Hao couldn’t help but be amazed. He had already figured out [Origin King]’s ability, which allowed him to completely separate his own cells, scatter them among various life forms, nourish himself with other life forms, and gradually grow stronger.

At the same time, he could also remotely control the people he parasitized or directly devour them, turning them into his puppets.

Of course, most of the parasitized people had no idea that they were under the control of [Origin King] until he unleashed his devouring.

But by then, it was usually too late.

It could be said that every parasitized person was a part of [Origin King]. As long as all the bodies parasitized by [Origin King] weren’t destroyed, [Origin King] would remain immortal.

Even Su Hao would find it difficult to eliminate all of [Origin King]’s parasitic avatars without being noticed.

After some thought, Su Hao decided not to enter this dead city, which was a deathtrap for mutants. This city was unknown to him, and the unknown was the most frightening.

Before he could figure out how the [Slaughterer] killed all the mutants, Su Hao had no intention of entering the city or confronting the [Slaughterer] directly.

“First, use the Transforming Diamond Armor to move the dead bodies out of the city and study them carefully. We need to determine how these mutants died.”

With that in mind, Su Hao immediately controlled his blood and cells to go underground, activating the Transforming Diamond Armor, which quickly extended into the city to search for the mutants’ corpses.

Su Hao’s radar couldn’t detect objects without life signs, so he couldn’t locate the mutants’ bodies.

But that didn’t pose a problem for him. He used the principle of light reflection to create small mirrors along the way. The light reflected by these mirrors allowed him to easily see what was happening in specific locations in the city.

These mirrors had limited use, but they were more than enough to find one or two bodies.

Soon, Su Hao found his targets. There was a person lying in bed, still in a deep sleep. If it weren’t for the lack of breathing and the unusual purplish-black color of the face, one might think this person was simply asleep.

Suddenly, the Transforming Diamond Armor spread over and wrapped the body before sinking into the ground and disappearing, leaving the surface unchanged.

Su Hao successively pulled out five bodies and placed them in front of him, then curiously observed these five deceased individuals.

There were no obvious signs of injury, no traces of struggle. It looked as if they had died in their sleep.

Su Hao didn’t act immediately but observed for a while. He noticed a rocky slope nearby, so he carried the five bodies and walked there slowly.

Arriving in front of a stone wall, he placed his hand on it, activated the ‘One Room, One Hall Technique,’ and slowly entered, leaving only a small air vent to cover the entrance.

Su Hao enjoyed doing research, and a laboratory was a must. It was a peaceful place where he didn’t have to worry about being disturbed.

As for the [Slaughterer] Lu, Su Hao estimated that, based on his travel speed, it would take him at least half a day to exit Su Hao’s radar detection range. There was no need to worry about losing him.

Su Hao extended his hand, and two sharp crystal scalpels appeared in his hand. “Let me see how you died!”


An hour later, Su Hao exited the pinball space and suddenly burst into laughter. He had figured out how the [Slaughterer] Lu killed the mutants, and it was truly terrifying. If Su Hao had inadvertently fallen victim to it, he would have been a goner.

Su Hao found that the five bodies he had dissected had perfectly intact organs and tissues. However, when he observed at the cellular level, he discovered that the DNA in their bodies had completely disintegrated into chaos, and all cells had lost their activity, without exception.

In other words, even if someone consumed the flesh and blood of these mutants, they would not gain any evolutionary benefits. This was the destruction of mutant genes at the root!

“Amazing! This is a microscopic attack; who can withstand it?” Su Hao marveled.

According to his speculation, the [Slaughterer] Lu likely used a colorless and odorless special substance to shroud the entire city at night, silently killing all mutants. Su Hao temporarily referred to this substance as ‘Gene Toxin 1,’ and the invasion process of ‘Gene Toxin’ was silent.

Even if some sensitive mutants detected it, by that time, it would already be too late.

This ‘Gene Toxin 1’ was not simple. It could differentiate between regular people and mutants, bypassing regular individuals and specifically targeting mutants. That’s why ‘Gene Toxin 1’ enveloped the entire city but spared regular people.

It was as if Su Hao could precisely control Cas9 to cut specific genes, and this [Slaughterer] Lu had a special method to pinpoint mutant genes and then selectively attack them. Perhaps [Slaughterer] Lu himself didn’t understand the principle, but he could use it effectively.

However, Su Hao did not underestimate his opponent because of this; he heightened his vigilance. Because he had other considerations.

In Su Hao’s view, this [Slaughterer] Lu was far from simple. His ability to accurately identify all mutants was undoubtedly related to his experiences. He likely had contact with mutants from every sequence, at every level, recorded their information, and developed ‘Gene Toxin 1’ to target all mutants.

As Su Hao continued his analysis, he also thought about Gaili.

To be precise, he thought about Gaili’s identity as a [Prophet]. Gaili had mentioned having two abilities: ‘Acquisition’ and ‘Analysis.’ However, through their later collaborative research, they discovered it wasn’t limited to just those two. It seemed to include ‘Acquisition,’ ‘Analysis,’ ‘Recording,’ and ‘Simulation.’ It was incredibly powerful.

Most importantly, [Prophet] and mutants from other sequences were not in conflict, which meant that this [Slaughterer] Lu might not only be a part of the [Poison People] sequence but could also be a [Prophet]. Only fellow [Prophet] individuals would have the capability to develop a toxin that could precisely poison its targets.

In the face of his opponent, Su Hao was not reluctant to imagine the enemy as incredibly formidable to avoid any underestimation that could lead to disaster. Su Hao was confident that no matter how strong his opponent might be, he could emerge victorious.

Especially now that Su Hao had discovered the methods that the [Slaughterer] Lu used to kill mutants and the [Slaughterer] Lu remained unaware of Su Hao, Su Hao had the upper hand in this game.

Su Hao walked out of the cave, waved his hand, burying the cave and the five bodies. Then he slowly made his way towards the [Slaughterer] Lu.

Now, the question was, given his knowledge of the [Slaughterer] Lu’s abilities, how could he eliminate his opponent? It had to be a one-shot kill. If Su Hao failed, he would inevitably be in danger, especially without knowing if the opponent had other tricks up their sleeve, and that danger could cost him his life.

On the other side, the [Slaughterer] Lu moved forward unhurriedly, his cold eyes occasionally showing a rare hint of anticipation. Each time he recalled the ‘weaving machine’ he had seen in Anliang City, he couldn’t help but feel excited.

He let out a sigh and muttered, “Temple Forest City? Who could have created such a sophisticated device? I’m really looking forward to meeting the creator!”

As for the possibility that the creator of this ‘weaving machine’ was a mutant, the [Slaughterer] Lu had never considered it. When he thought of mutants, all he could think about was them being a source of food. That’s right, he had a strong bias against mutants! And, for the most part, any mutants who had a problem with him were already dead!

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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