Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Doll Master Luca 2

As I was looking at the teddy bear plushie, I suddenly thought of the automatons that were working in Luca’s sewing workshop.

“Come to think of it, how is the factory doing?”

Luca’s automatons were much more efficient with my buff magic compared to when I didn’t use it. Will they be able to meet this month’s delivery deadline like this?

While I was thinking that, my expression began to die.

Oh no?

Even though I was thinking about Luca, she had a sad expression and opened her arms while looking at me as if saying “oh dear”.

Her trembling lips spoke, “You’re bringing that up now. After hearing your story, I feel like a devil for making you work again.”

Uh, I see her point.

That’s true, but…

Damn, now I feel guilty.

I won’t lose.

But I no longer had the receptionist missile with me. Giving in to temptation, I picked up the illegal weapon.

“But what about the bear?”


Words flew like bullets.

“Crazy Bear is different.”

“Y-Yeah, partner. Don’t abandon me.”

While Luca didn’t joke around and remained sullen, the bear seemed to take the hit seriously and hugged my leg while trembling.

I’m sorry about that.

“Sorry, it was just a joke. Ah, Luca was a little devil, wasn’t she?”

As I forced a smile and tried to cover it up, Luca pointed her finger at me and scolded, “Just remember. You’are certainly helpful. My workshop can’t get by if we cut back on production. But Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t your responsibility. The world will continue to go around without you. So don’t get hurt on anyone behalf. Do you understand?”

She was very angry.

For my sake, she was angry with me.

Although I didn’t understand the meaning, I felt relieved when I was scolded. Could it be that I’m a masochist? No, I don’t want that.


“Please don’t make that face again. Take a break for now,” Luca said, grabbing onto my clothes with a teary face.

“Thank you, Luca.”

“You idiot,” she replied, now crying for my sake.

Luca seemed so busy, going from being angry to crying.

Feeling awkward, I looked away and met the eyes of a bear.

“Was I making such a terrible face?”

I asked the bear with my head down.

I didn’t expect much of an answer, but the bear imitated his master and put his hand out. Which finger was the index finger again?

“Listen, partner, remember this. A man isn’t judged by his appearance, but by what’s inside!”

As expected of the Crazy Bear-sensei who’s acting big, he proudly pounded his chest.

…What’s inside.

“But you are really just stuffed with cotton, though.”

Unable to think of a comeback, the bear started to flail its arms and jump towards Luca.

See, that’s what happens when you’re acting like a bigshot.

I chuckled.

“Master~,” the bear said, jumping into Luca’s arms.

“Yes, yes. Crazy Bear, you are wonderful with your fluffiness,” Luca replied, embracing the bear tightly. “From now on, Aix, don’t hesitate to decline unpleasant requests. There are jobs out there that are already doomed to fail. You may be capable of anything, but don’t take on too much like you did just now and collapse.”

“Got it, I’ll remember,” I replied.

As expected, Luca was the source of Crazy Bear’s lecture.

When I sincerely listened to her teachings, she chuckled and seemed satisfied. In gratitude, I made a proposal.

“I’ll escort you all the way home, Luca.”

“Oh? Thank you.”

And so, as we walked for a while after leaving the inn, Luca became like a doll, not saying a word. It’s really like her to cling to my clothes and hide behind me. Where did that energy from earlier go? Luca, the loudmouthed boss.

This time, I’ll protect her. I changed classes to become a knight.

Luca’s workshop came into view. Oh my, it seems like I’m going back to being unemployed again.

“Thanks, partner. Come play again.”

“Got it.”

I answered with a grin.

“Listen, come back soon, within ten days!”

“Yeah yeah, see you later.”

Luca waved goodbye. She turned around and said one final thing.

“Luca! You showed a lot of courage today to come here. I’m glad we were able to meet again after so long.”

Luca’s face turned bright red and she hid it in a bear. Alright! I won.

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