Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Brother, You’re a God Now!

Lin Beifan swung the thunderball in his palm forcefully.

The thunderball transformed into a thunder whip, winding and surging like a snake. In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Bai Yiyi.

Bai Yiyi remained unfazed. Her hands quickly formed a seal, creating a thin blue water curtain.

The thunder whip collided with the blue water curtain, producing a cracking sound. The water curtain burst into ripples but surprisingly remained unharmed.

Thunder countered water, and theoretically, the thunder attribute divine power should overcome water attribute divine power. However, the vast difference in their strengths led to Lin Beifan’s unsuccessful attempt.

Undeterred, Lin Beifan withdrew his divine power, condensed it once again in his hand, and then propelled himself forward with a powerful leap, covering a distance of five meters in the blink of an eye. It seemed as if he traversed through space, arriving in front of Bai Yiyi.

His fist, charged with thunder, struck forward!


Lin Beifan had undergone tremendous changes, and this punch, consolidating all his strength, possessed at least tens of thousands of pounds of force! Coupled with thunder, it could easily blast through a wall over a meter thick.

Bai Yiyi, not taking any chances, reinforced the water curtain.

In an instant, Lin Beifan’s thunderous fist hit the water curtain.


Thunder exploded!

Countless purple snakes scattered in all directions!

The water curtain also burst, transforming into rainwater that sprinkled in every direction.

“Good!” Bai Yiyi shouted, taking the initiative to attack. She manipulated her divine power, transforming it into water snakes that coiled towards Lin Beifan.

Her every move was elegant and leisurely, resembling a fairy plucking flowers.

In contrast, Lin Beifan was more rough, his body immersed in thunder, using his fists to control the lightning.

“Boom, boom!”

Each punch carried the force of a myriad of thunders.

Those watching were filled with awe and trepidation.

Unfortunately, Lin Beifan’s opponent was Bai Yiyi, who had reached the pinnacle of the Divine Sea realm, showcasing her formidable strength.

The water snakes were repeatedly shattered, yet they reformed each time, entangling Lin Beifan relentlessly.

In the blink of an eye, there were already hundreds of rounds.

Bai Yiyi maintained a calm expression, but Lin Beifan was already exhausted, panting heavily with beads of sweat covering his forehead.

It seemed that Bai Yiyi held a slight advantage, but in her heart, she was extremely shocked.

Keep in mind that she was a peak Divine Sea realm powerhouse.

Even if she used only thirty or forty percent of her strength, an ordinary Divine Sea realm wouldn’t be her match.

Yet Lin Beifan, a person who had just stepped into the Extraordinary realm, could endure hundreds of rounds against her. His strength was already threatening to the Divine Sea realm.

Seeing Lin Beifan’s divine power depleting, Bai Yiyi stopped.

“It’s enough, Brother!”

Lin Beifan nodded, and his whole body felt relieved of tension.

Then he began absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth frantically, replenishing the divine power within his body.

During Lin Beifan’s recovery, Bai Yiyi gave her evaluation.

“Brother’s current strength, in the realm of divine power, should be unmatched!”

“Even against a Divine Sea realm powerhouse, there’s a chance for victory!”

“If Brother stabilizes in the divine power realm, facing a Divine Sea realm expert might not be impossible to win!”

“Brother, you’re a god now!”

Bai Yiyi was genuinely joyful, walking towards Lin Beifan, hugging his arm.

“Everything is thanks to my little sister!” Lin Beifan affectionately patted Bai Yiyi’s head.

Bai Yiyi was very attached, leaning towards Lin Beifan’s shoulder.

“Brother, you’re now a Extraordinary. When will you participate in the assessment and become an official disciple of the sect?”

“Rest for a day, and we’ll go tomorrow!”

The next day, fully recovered Lin Beifan, went energetically to participate in the entrance assessment.

Bai Yiyi didn’t accompany him because she believed Lin Beifan would easily pass the assessment without any need for nervousness.

On the way, they encountered many people who pointed and whispered.

“Look, isn’t that Lin Beifan?”

“It’s him! Look at his aura; he’s already in the Extraordinary realm. So envious!”

“What’s there to envy? If it weren’t for Sister Bai, would he be where he is today?”

“True, without Sister Bai, he would have been kicked out long ago!”

“He’s just a pretty boy; I’m embarrassed to associate with him!”

Lin Beifan paid no attention to the comments of the crowd.

It was pure jealousy and hatred, hating others for their success and laughing at their failures!

If he were to give up his opportunities for them, he was sure they’d all fight tooth and nail, disregarding dignity and morality.

Unconsciously, Lin Beifan arrived at the outer gate hall.

The outer gate hall was specifically responsible for managing outer disciples. To apply for entry and become an official outer disciple, one needed approval from the outer gate hall.

As soon as he stepped into the outer gate hall, he was recognized.

“You are… Lin Beifan? What brings you here?”

Lin Beifan looked at the person in front of him. It was a middle-aged man in his thirties, dressed in a plain black robe, with an ordinary appearance.

There was a sign hanging on his chest, indicating “Outer Hall Attendant: Li Guo.”

Without saying much, the person in front of him was one of the administrators of the outer gate hall.

Anyone in a leadership position at the Tai Xuan Sword Sect either had connections or capabilities. Regardless of who it was, they weren’t someone Lin Beifan could afford to offend at his current level.

So, Lin Beifan respectfully said, “Attendant Li, hello. I am Lin Beifan! My strength has already reached the Extraordinary realm, so I’ve come here to participate in the entrance assessment. Please approve!”

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