Chapter 19

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===019 Attack===

At this moment, Su Hao was playing hide and seek with the trio of brats.

When he saw He Qingqing and the other two coming towards his house, he had already noticed in advance. They looked suspicious, and he knew they must be up to no good. So Su Hao hid in a tree in advance, thinking that He Qingqing wouldn’t be able to find him and would soon leave on her own.

He Qingqing and the others arrived at Su Hao’s house, but when they didn’t see him, they went in another direction.

Just then, three gongs rang.

Su Hao was startled, what was this? He had never experienced such a situation, so he naturally didn’t know what had happened. He saw that every household quickly closed their doors and windows, while the official soldiers of Chashan Outpost put on their armor and weapons and headed towards the village walls.

Immediately, Su Hao realized that something must have happened, possibly a beast attack. But as a child, he didn’t need to worry about such things. The soldiers stationed at Chashan Outpost were all elite-level warriors. If elite warriors couldn’t handle the situation, he would just be delivering a death wish if he went up there. The best thing to do at this time was to follow other people’s example, close the doors and windows, and stay quiet and safe.

However, what about He Qingqing and the other three kids who had come to find him? He couldn’t just leave them alone.

“What a hassle! I really hate dealing with kids.” Su Hao immediately jumped down from the tree, turned back to his house to grab a short knife for self-defense, and then hurriedly went in the direction He Qingqing and the others had left.

At this moment, He Qingqing also heard the sound of the gong. She knew that this meant the village was under attack by a large group of ferocious beasts.

One gong meant there was no danger, three gongs meant there was some danger, six gongs meant the village was in danger of being destroyed, and if it was nine gongs, it meant a wave of ferocious beasts was imminent and they needed to escape immediately.

“Qingqing, what do we do now? Should we still look for Wu?” Fatty asked worriedly. He just wanted to go back home and stay safe.

He Qingqing thought for a moment and said firmly, “With Dad and the others around, there shouldn’t be any problem. We’ve worked so hard to come up with a way to deal with Xiangwu, we can’t just give up like this.”

Seeing Fatty and Lu Hongtao hesitating, she immediately said, “Let’s keep searching for a while longer. If we can’t find him, then we’ll go back.”


Old Liu used his shield to block a jumping wild wolf from the left, quickly ducked to avoid another wild wolf biting at his throat, and seized the opportunity to raise his long knife.

“Tear~” The sound of the blade cutting through leather echoed. The wolf was still in mid-air, but its abdomen had already been slashed open, with its entrails scattered on the ground. Despite this, it struggled to climb up from the ground and let out a mournful cry towards Old Li.

Looking around Old Li, there were already seven or eight brutally killed wild wolves lying around him.

However, there were even more wild wolves standing surrounding him, more than a dozen of them, staring at Old Liu with bloodthirsty eyes.

“Come on, you beasts! Hahaha!” Old Liu used his long knife to hit his shield, issuing a provocative challenge.

Suddenly, the wolves moved. Five of them pounced forward, while the rest were ready to attack.

“Shield wall!””Old Li’s blood surged as he twirled his shield, sweeping around in a circle.

This was Old Li’s fighting technique, able to block all approaching steppe wolves and send the ones that were hit flying far away. But in his sweep, he only managed to hit one. The steppe wolf that was hit let out a whimper and flew out, lying motionless in the snow.

“Oh no!” Old Liu wasn’t happy, but instead shouted in dismay.

Four other steppe wolves that were pouncing towards him were already crouching down, opening their mouths wide and biting onto his ankle.

Old Liu knew that once the ankle was bitten by a steppe wolf, it was difficult to make them let go. Even if he smashed the wolf’s head, their teeth would still be tightly latched onto the flesh.

Old Liu cried out in pain, but didn’t have enough time to use his knife to kill the four steppe wolves biting his foot. The surrounding steppe wolves immediately opened their mouths wide and lunged towards him one after another.

Old Liu swatted one away with his shield, cleaved one with his knife, but the third one was unavoidable and about to bite his throat.

“Swish~” A cold gleam flashed by, the head of the third steppe wolf separated and flew backwards. At the same time, a tall figure appeared next to Old Liu, it was Captain He Jianyong from Chasan Outpost.

“Captain!” Old Liu’s eyes lit up, regained his strength, swatted away the fourth steppe wolf that pounced towards him, and without any worry, Old Liu raised his knife and killed the four steppe wolves biting his ankle one by one.

With the help of Captain He Jianyong, over a dozen steppe wolves were swiftly killed, and the remaining two fled with their tails between their legs.

Old Liu sat on the ground, cleaning the wounds on his foot, excitedly saying, “Captain, you arrived just in time. I am lucky not to have died.”

Captain He Jianyong didn’t want to talk to Old Liu, one person charging into a large group of steppe wolves was risking too many lives. Seeing that Old Liu was fine, he said, “There’s a large group of wolves attacking the outpost. I’ll go back first. Follow up carefully.”

Returning to the wall, a large group of sturdy steppe wolves were continuously attacking the wall. At a glance, there were over a hundred of them, while Chasan Outpost only had 30 soldiers, a huge numerical disadvantage. However, each soldier was an elite warrior, wielding sharp blades, and individually were much stronger than the steppe wolves.

One by one, the sturdy steppe wolves leaped lightly and jumped onto the eight-meter-high wall. In groups of three or four, they sought out the corresponding Chasan Outpost soldiers and fought with them, back and forth. Occasionally, a steppe wolf would be dismembered by a sword and fall off the wall, while a soldier would accidentally be bitten in the throat by a steppe wolf, dying in pain.

At this critical moment of the battle, Captain He Jianyong suddenly joined the fight. With swift flashes of his sword, several groups of steppe wolves howled and fell off the wall, boosting the morale of the soldiers who cheered.

Soon, the steppe wolves started to retreat, leaving behind a pile of corpses, and the remaining thirty-odd steppe wolves quickly left.

“Captain, a few steppe wolves managed to get in during the large assault just now,” a soldier suddenly remembered and immediately spoke up.

“What? Why didn’t you say earlier! Let’s go, go back immediately and find those damn beasts.” He Jianyong was full of killing intent, waved his hand, and led the way back with his men.

The one who arrived first was Wu Yuntian, covered in blood. When he heard that a few wolves had entered the village, he immediately ran towards the village.

“Xiangwu, please don’t have anything happen!” Wu Yuntian had already lost his wife, if he lost his son as well, he would have nothing left in this world. With that thought, his feet surged with blood, running even faster.

Su Hao, at this moment, was running extremely fast, striding quickly, not at all like a four-year-old child should.

Soon, Su Hao caught up to He Qingqing and the others.”He Qingqing and her two companions saw Su Hao and their eyes immediately lit up.

Su Hao did not give them a chance to speak and immediately asked sternly, “What are you doing here? Do you know it’s dangerous? Quickly go back.”

Although Su Hao was shorter than them, he used the tone of an elder to question them. Instead of listening, they became angry.

He Qingqing scoffed and said, “I won’t!.”

Su Hao suddenly got a headache. “Miss, do you not know what time it is? Are you joking with your life?”

“I don’t need you to care. Are you my follower? Why should I listen to you?” He Qingqing, seeing Su Hao anxious, became less concerned. Besides her intention to oppose Su Hao, she trusted her father more.

Su Hao was considering whether to knock this little girl unconscious and drag her away. However, he didn’t have the experience. If he used too much force and accidentally killed her, it would be disastrous.

He thought about the strategy and asked, “What do you want in order to obediently go back?”

He Qingqing immediately said, “That’s simple. As long as you’re willing to play with us, I’ll listen to you.”

Su Hao didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed, “Alright, alright! I’ll do as you say, play with you. Is that okay? Go back now!”

He Qingqing happily jumped up, “Is that settled? No backing out!”

“No backing out!”

He Qingqing immediately called out, “Snotty, Fatty, let’s go home quickly.”


Just as He Qingqing was walking back, she suddenly screamed loudly, pointing behind Su Hao, “Be careful! A wolf!”

Su Hao turned abruptly and saw a wolf pouncing toward him. The wolf was much bigger than him, with sharp teeth arranged neatly in its wide-open mouth.

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