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Chapter 189

Chapter 189: The Trail of ‘Evil Child’

Su Hao transformed into a ‘Child of Fate,’ with numerous runes inscribed on his crystalline golden armor. His wings spread out behind him, and with a burst of force beneath his feet, he soared into the sky, flying in the direction of Anliang City.

Regardless of whether ‘Evil Child’ was still in Anliang City, flying in the direction of Anliang would provide him with the information he sought.

Su Hao had two main reasons for being in such a hurry to take down ‘Evil Child.’

The first reason was that the target of ‘Evil Child’ was the massacre of Mutants, and Su Hao was currently an Mutant. As time passed, their paths were destined to cross. Su Hao was the type who preferred to resolve issues directly and didn’t like to keep things hidden in his heart. If there was a problem, he liked to address it head-on. He felt uneasy until he resolved it. If they were destined to meet in the future, why not eliminate the troublesome potential risk in advance? By doing so, Su Hao could focus on his own affairs without constantly worrying about when the encounter would happen.

If everything was put off until later, always waiting for the right moment and a foolproof plan, when an unknown risk emerged, he would be unable to accomplish anything.

The second reason was that ‘Evil Child’ seemed to possess a silent and deadly ability to kill Mutants. After almost falling victim to the ‘Decay’ of a ‘Child of Fate’ in Huixiang City, Su Hao wasn’t sure if ‘Evil Child’ had a similar lethality. Therefore, ‘Evil Child’ posed a significant threat to Su Hao.

This threat wasn’t about whether Su Hao could defeat ‘Evil Child’ in combat; both had the ability to put the other in a dire situation. It was all about who could gain the upper hand. If ‘Evil Child’ clandestinely infiltrated Temple Forest City and gained the upper hand, using his ability, Su Hao wasn’t sure he could withstand it. From the current perspective, he couldn’t, and there was a high probability that he would die directly.

On the other hand, if Su Hao discovered ‘Evil Child’ in advance and took the initiative, his chances of winning would be virtually unlimited. He had many ways to eliminate ‘Evil Child.’

In summary, Su Hao preferred to take the initiative, maintain control, and reduce known risks as much as possible. He knew that certain things couldn’t be avoided, so it was better to confront them directly when the risks were manageable.

On a winding forest path, a bearded man was hurriedly leading a delicate-faced woman.

“Big Brother Wu, slow down. I’m tired. Can we take a break?” The woman seemed to be out of breath, gasping and acting spoiled.

Big Brother Wu held the woman’s hand and continued walking without stopping. He said, “No.”

The woman grew frustrated, shook off Big Brother Wu’s hand, and said, “Big Brother Wu, I want to rest for a while. If you want to go ahead, go by yourself!”

Big Brother Wu ran a few steps and then stopped, gradually regulating his breath. He softened his expression and said, “Xiao Dan, hold on a little longer. We’re almost there. This time, we will definitely escape from that terrifying ‘Evil Child.’”

At the mention of ‘Evil Child,’ Xiao Dan’s face immediately paled, but she still hesitated. “But we’ve run so far. We must have already escaped ‘Evil Child,’ right? I just want to rest for a while.”

Big Brother Wu turned around and held Xiao Dan’s hand, saying, “Xiao Dan, let’s be cautious. The first time we heard about ‘Evil Child’ was in Anliang City. When we arrived there, all the Mutants in Anliang City had been killed. So, we ran away in a hurry and arrived in Ruishi City. There, we discovered that all the Mutants in Ruishi City were dead too, even though they were fine just two days earlier.

Therefore, ‘Evil Child’ must be close to us. I carefully inquired about the news from surrounding cities, and after confirming that Luoyucheng is safe, we headed in that direction. However, we didn’t expect that all the Mutants in Luoyucheng were dead as well. We’ve run to several cities, and without exception, all the Mutants have been killed. If we weren’t clear in our hearts, I’d even suspect that we’re the rumored ‘Evil Child’ ourselves.”

Big Brother Wu’s eyes sparkled with wisdom. “So, Xiao Dan, I suspect that this ‘Evil Child’ is close to us! We need to escape quickly and get away from him. Otherwise, the next ones to die may very well be us! I don’t want both of us to die at such a young age. There’s a bright future waiting for us to enjoy. So, Xiao Dan, please listen to me.”

Xiao Dan’s face was filled with admiration, and she said, “Big Brother Wu, you’re really amazing!”

Big Brother Wu chuckled and replied, “Just so-so.”

Xiao Dan speculated, “Big Brother Wu, do you think ‘Evil Child’ might be following us to scare us?”

Big Brother Wu gave her a reassuring look and said, “Don’t worry. We’re just two low-level Tier-3 Mutants. Someone of ‘Evil Child’s’ caliber wouldn’t even spare us a second glance.”

Xiao Dan nodded and asked, “Big Brother Wu, where are we going next?”

With confidence, Big Brother Wu said, “Next, I’m taking you to Linyuan City. I’ve already inquired, and Linyuan City recently went through a major battle, with more than half of it destroyed. ‘Evil Child’ is unlikely to consider going to Linyuan City. Once we reach Linyuan City, we’ll be safe!”

He then spoke gently, “Xiao Dan, trust your Big Brother Wu! When we get there, we’ll build a house, start a family, and have a baby!”

Blushing, Xiao Dan said, “Okay!”

Big Brother Wu held Xiao Dan’s hand and started running. “Let’s go!”

Xiao Dan no longer resisted, and they disappeared into the depths of the path.

Meanwhile, just as Su Hao left the laboratory, an unexpected guest entered Linyuan City.

This uninvited guest was clad in a thick black leather coat and wore a mask and hood, concealing their face. Only a pair of sharp, cold, emotionless eyes were visible. They exuded an aura that made people instinctively avoid them as the residents of Linyuan City were busy constructing their new city.

This person was none other than ‘Evil Child.’

It had been a while since the incursion by the ‘Earth Lord’ Dong Lan and the ‘Mist Lord’ Beibei had led to the destruction of the city, and Linyuan City had begun to show signs of revival. However, it couldn’t hide the fact that it had been a wasteland not too long ago.

‘Evil Child’ stepped on the debris from the buildings that had not been cleared away, wandering aimlessly through the city, one step at a time, as if he had no specific destination.

He didn’t know why he had come to this city, as if he didn’t know where he would go tomorrow. But for him, it didn’t matter; even if he didn’t come now, there would come a day when he would arrive.

He had already set his mind on leaving his mark in every city in the world, and then cleaning each city, ridding them of the vermin that brought only destruction and disaster.

Despite being an Mutant himself, he despised Mutant beings, those who only brought calamity and destruction.

A long time ago, all his loved ones had died, one by one, in just five years, due to Mutant beings. He had even witnessed his closest kin fall in battle and be devoured, leaving nothing but a pile of bones.

When he was the last person left in this world, he was profoundly lost, not knowing where to go or what his purpose was.

For a long time, he believed that he was the superfluous one.

Later, he gradually changed his perspective.

He came to believe that it was the Mutant beings who were the superfluous ones in this world.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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