Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Understanding the Ultimate Technique of ‘Grovel’

Shortly after becoming a ‘Earth Lord,’ Yashan swiftly evolved to the pinnacle of the ‘Shell People’ sequence. Except for Su Hao, it’s unknown if anyone in history has evolved as quickly as Yashan, becoming a ‘Child of Fate.’

At this moment, Yashan truly gained the qualification to change the world according to his own desires.

As Su Hao looked at the new Yashan, transformed in body and mind, he felt an indescribable sense of achievement. To personally transform someone and then use that person to change the world – it was an extraordinary feeling.

After completing the evolution, Yashan felt the power to control his body effortlessly. He was excited yet overwhelmed with many surreal feelings. He asked, “Boss Wei, am I a ‘Child of Fate’ now? Can I continue to evolve further?”

Su Hao earnestly nodded, saying, “In theory, you can continue to evolve further, but no one knows what further evolution entails. If you’re curious and want to try, I can help you explore it. I’m quite curious myself!”

Yashan immediately waved his hand and said, “Boss Wei, I’m not curious for now. I’ll stay as a ‘Child of Fate’ for a while and adapt. Hehe.”

Yashan slowly accepted the fact that he had successfully evolved into a ‘Child of Fate’ but began to question his life. This world was not quite what he had imagined.

How could becoming Boss Wei’s dedicated chef lead to such a smooth evolution to the pinnacle of the Mutants? What was the significance of other Mutants risking their lives for a piece of meat?

Cooking for Boss Wei seemed more practical. With these thoughts, Yashan suddenly gained insight into the rules governing this world.

It didn’t matter how talented you were; skill was just the foundation. Success came from using your skills in the right place to create value. Yashan realized this, looking at himself.

He wasn’t exceptionally talented, but he had good fortune in encountering Boss Wei and gaining his trust, a privilege few had.

Even his own daughter, Taini, didn’t have that privilege. Yashan understood that he was Boss Wei’s ‘experimental subject,’ always at Boss Wei’s beck and call. He was obedient and helpful, taking on tasks like a caretaker, ensuring Boss Wei’s daily life went smoothly and saving him time.

At that moment, Yashan understood.


If you couldn’t do it yourself, grovel. Grovel to the fullest extent.

Yashan then began to extrapolate this principle. How to raise a daughter? Keep her happy, and trivial matters become insignificant.

How to manage the ‘Temple Forest Association’? Strong power as the foundation, then subtly grovel to the organization’s members, making them comfortable. Open the way for them, and they would naturally strive to do their work.

How to make Mutants adhere to the ‘Mutant Code of Conduct’? Still, grovel! Make them realize that obeying it is comfortable, and not obeying it is terrifying. Then they will naturally know what to do.

Then the most important question arises: How to change the world?

A glimmer of wisdom flashed in Yashan’s eyes.

By pleasing everyone and no longer thinking about consuming people for evolution, the world would change imperceptibly. Yashan decided to promote the ultimate skill he had learned from Boss Wei, “Grovel to the End, Have It All,” to illuminate the entire world.

Yashan’s eyes shone with radiance as he solemnly said to Su Hao, “Boss Wei, my most respected person, I, Yashan, have decided to put our ‘Temple Forest Association’ philosophy into practice, spreading the light of compassion to every corner of the world…”

Su Hao, watching the odd behavior of Yashan, suddenly interrupted, saying, “Stop, stop, stop! Yashan, are you serious?”

The emotions that Yashan had been trying to muster were abruptly halted, and upon seeing Boss Wei’s impatient expression, he instantly returned to a normal state. He awkwardly smiled and said, “Boss Wei, I want to relocate ‘Temple Forest Association’ to Huixiang City, as you recommended, and gradually expand it from there.”

Su Hao casually responded, “If you have an idea, go for it. Move as soon as possible!”

Yashan nodded and said, “Boss Wei, after moving to Huixiang City, I’d like to build a statue in the city center for you, called ‘God of Boss Wei.’ What do you think?”

Su Hao kicked him and exclaimed, “Get lost! ‘God of Boss Wei’? That name sounds awful, not interested!”

Yashan’s eyes lit up; Boss Wei hadn’t explicitly rejected the idea! This was an opportunity! He continued, “Boss Wei, will you move with us to Huixiang City?”

Su Hao replied, “No, I’ll stay here for the time being.”

Yashan was surprised and asked, “Then how will I cook for you?”

Su Hao casually replied, “Arrange two chefs to cook for me, and have the food delivered on time.”

Yashan shook his head and said, “That won’t work. Can you even eat the food they make? Don’t worry, Boss Wei, in the future, I’ll fly back from Huixiang City at regular intervals to cook for you.”

Su Hao: “…”

Was there something wrong with Yashan’s mind? Could it be that evolving into a ‘Child of Fate’ too quickly had affected his temperament?

After thoroughly researching the gene sequences of the ‘Child of Fate’ and other level seven Mutants, Su Hao entered the pinball space to take stock of his current state and listed it on the log panel.

“Age: 17 years and 10 months;
Physical condition: Healthy, energy saturated;
Blood energy: 800,000+;
Race: Zhu Hua People, ‘Child of Fate’;
Combat Skills: Sliding Shadow Step (Master), Swordsmanship (Proficient);
Knowledge: Program Editing (Master), Blood Energy Control (Proficient), Life Runes (Skilled), Genetic Modification (Novice);
Mood: Content;
Achievements: Extraordinary, Flight;
Current Unfinished Goals: (1) Master Rune Genetics, (2) Collect Mutant Genetics, (3) Explore the world.

Su Hao placed obtaining knowledge of this world at the top of his priorities. After completing the corresponding learning, he still wanted to travel this world on his own, becoming an explorer who could go wherever his heart desired, experiencing exotic beauty in every corner of the world.

He had been to many worlds, but most of the time, he hadn’t had the chance to grow up before moving on, leaving him with a sense of regret.

He had been to these places but never had the opportunity to truly explore and appreciate them, which always felt incomplete.

However, everything was different in this world.

Until now, he wanted to ask, who could possibly challenge him?

The most powerful level seven Mutants in this world seemed to pose no threat to him in his current condition.

Even Su Hao couldn’t predict how he might meet his end.

For Su Hao, once he sorted out the genetic projects, things wouldn’t seem so urgent anymore. That would leave him with an abundance of time to pick up various subjects he had left unfinished and delve into them deeply.

He could also explore different parts of the world, searching for unknown creatures and beasts, recording information about various forms of life. To Su Hao’s knowledge, not only the Zhu Hua People possessed extraordinary genetics. In remote and harsh environments, there might be strange, unknown creatures waiting for Su Hao’s encounter. The thought filled him with anticipation.

Su Hao sighed, “Continuously learning and expanding knowledge is the life a normal human like me should lead. I’m not a fan of the dull fighting and killing among the Zhu Huo People.”

Su Hao walked out of the laboratory’s doors with a determined stride, saying, “I’ll start by taking down the ‘Evil Children’! Then I’ll return to study and lead a normal life!”

(End of this chapter)

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