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Chapter 186

Chapter 186: God

This is a super-large gun barrel that Su Hao created casually.

The caliber reaches 50mm, and the bullets it fires can engrave at least three runes, producing various effects.

Su Hao specially designed it for long-range attacks on special targets, which he calls the Rune Cannon.

For example, this newborn “Child of Fate” can’t be easily approached. His shell is extremely tough, and he possesses great vitality, much like an indestructible pest. Using the Rune Cannon is the perfect way to deal with him.

Su Hao gradually generates a projectile similar to a mortar shell and then engraves three runes on the projectile: ‘Level 2 – Oscillation,’ ‘Level 2 – Rotation,’ ‘Level 2 – Collapse.’

These three runes are the most effective against the super-strong regenerative power of the “Shell People” sequence, as Su Hao discovered through testing.

As long as the projectile can penetrate the opponent’s body and sequentially trigger these three runes, it can instantly destroy a large amount of flesh and blood inside the shell, rendering it unrecoverable and depleting the opponent’s life force.

Even with the strongest regenerative power, it is difficult to repair the damage caused by these three runes.

Su Hao estimates that at most three projectiles can bring a powerful “Child of Fate” to the brink of death.

Su Hao inserts the projectile into the breech and locks it.

He inputs blood essence, activates ‘Level 2 – Penetration’ and ‘Level 2 – Hardening’ attached to the projectile, and simultaneously activates the three delayed runes on the projectile.

“Distat View” opens, and he raises the cannon barrel, locking onto the struggling “Child of Fate” target’s chest in mid-air.

He fine-tunes the time using the data provided by Little Light.

Three, two, one!

‘Level 2 – Fivefold Eruption’ activated!


A loud explosion resonates.

Su Hao is struck by the powerful recoil, and the ground beneath his feet cracks into a large circle.

At the same time, the diamond-like shell on the chest of “Child of Fate” Ji shatters, creating a huge cavity.

The projectile successfully shatters the diamond-like shell on “Child of Fate” Ji’s chest and penetrates his body.

In the next moment, the three runes engraved on the projectile explode suddenly with minimal timing error.

And the flesh and blood wrapped in the thick diamond shell of “Child of Fate” Ji, at the moment of the rune’s explosion, is helplessly churned into useless pulp and then collapses into a tiny mass.

And “Child of Fate” Ji instantly loses all signs of life.

This result differs slightly from what Su Hao had imagined, where three projectiles would be required to kill him.

In Su Hao’s imagination, once the projectile entered the opponent’s body, the runes would definitely split the opponent in two from the chest, and the head and legs would remain intact at least, at which point a substantial amount of vital energy would be consumed, leaving a chance for regeneration and repair.

Unexpectedly, the result is somewhat different from what Su Hao had anticipated. “Child of Fate” Ji, in panic, generated a large amount of diamond armor to protect himself, with a defense too powerful. The projectile did not tear his body apart as expected but rather wreaked havoc in an almost sealed internal space, instantly churning all the flesh and blood enveloped within the diamond shell into useless juice.

Including the brain and limbs.

Death couldn’t be more final.

Su Hao only realized this after taking the opponent’s body apart.

He suddenly felt that advanced mutants were not as difficult to kill as he had imagined. As long as he aimed accurately, he could deliver a fatal blow.

Su Hao put away the gun barrel, collected the bodies of “Child of Fate” Xiu, “Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi, and “Child of Tranquility” Yueyi, looked at the surrounding battlefield scene, and nodded approvingly, “Not much damage! Within the controlled range!”

As for the final development of the situation, it was something Su Hao hadn’t expected.

When he controlled everyone with the Thunder Field, he had never thought of killing them all because his goal was to obtain the flesh and blood he wanted, not to kill people.

The remaining grudges and disputes belonged to them, and he had nothing to do with them, as long as they didn’t cause widespread destruction. It was evident that the battles between “Child of Fate” Xiu, “Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi, and “Child of Tranquility” Yueyi were all controlled within a very small range, and they have a tacit understanding not to cause a lot of damage.

What he didn’t expect was that the other side would mutually annihilate themselves, and then there was this seemingly pent-up idiot who wanted to vent?

Su Hao didn’t hesitate and swiftly went forward to finish him off.

As for the bodies, they naturally became his materials.

Eight sequences of seventh-level mutants [Child of Fate], [Child of Constant Wisdom], [Child of Tranquility] and [Child of Clarity] hiding outside the city have allowed him to harvest half of the sequences of extraordinary genes. This trip is very worthwhile.

However, having all the seven-level mutants, the strongest in the supercity, disappear inexplicably like this was something Su Hao didn’t expect and didn’t desire!

Yet, in this unpredictable world, one must maintain a sense of awe.

After retrieving “Child of Clarity” Mingzi’s body from outside the city, Su Hao leaped into the clouds and disappeared into the distance.

After Su Hao left, the previously quiet Huixiang City’s central square attracted a large number of level-six mutants who came to investigate the situation.

They all knew that the opportunity to advance to level seven might be right in front of them. With enough luck, they might seize a piece of flesh and blood and achieve evolution.

But when they arrived at the city square, they found nothing except rubble, craters, and the remains of five “Earth Lords”. They dug three feet deep but found nothing. Where could they find the flesh and blood of level-seven mutants?

Indeed, level-seven mutants wouldn’t die so easily, and these level-six mutants needed to patiently wait.

However, unexpectedly, harvesting the five “Earth Lords” wasn’t bad at all; they could consume them to enhance their energy.

What no one knew was that the level-seven flesh and blood they eagerly hoped for had all been taken away by Su Hao in one go. Even if they waited until the end of time, they would never find it unless a level-seven mutant from another city brought them the flesh and blood.

The Temple Forest City remained the same, with no significant changes. No one knew that in just a few days, Su Hao had brought back the flesh and blood of all the level-seven mutants in the entire supercity.

After returning to his laboratory, Su Hao didn’t go out; he immediately started researching the bodies of these level-seven mutants, wanting to understand the mystery of the world’s evolutionary endpoint.

Soon, Su Hao discovered the difference in the extraordinary genes of level-seven mutants.

“Have all the extraordinary genes of the same sequence been integrated together?”

This different discovery left Su Hao extremely surprised.

Originally evolved “Earth Lords” genes hadn’t undergone any changes. What had changed was that a new gene segment had appeared on the gene fragments.

What was special was that this new gene segment was the integration of all the extraordinary gene fragments obtained from the first six levels.

In the virtual space, Su Hao compared and observed while muttering to himself, “Level-seven genes essentially haven’t added new segments; instead, they have reorganized the existing gene fragments. What do you call this, unique fusion?”

Then Su Hao thought of another possibility.

Among the Zhu Hua mutants, there was a legend that beyond the highest level seven, there was another mutant realm known as “神”, which means “God.”

“Could it be that if all the level-seven gene fragments from different sequences are integrated, there’s a chance to evolve into a ‘God’?” Su Hao became interested; this was a direction worth exploring.

In reality, he was very interested in what Zhu Hua People had described as “God” they described might be different from the one Su Hao imagined.

So, if possible, Su Hao wanted to give it a try; who knows, he might succeed?

Su Hao revealed an expectant smile.

“First, evolve into ‘Lifebearer’, Child of Fate!”

“Then…eliminate any troublemakers like ‘Evil Children’!”

“Next, collect the genes of other level-seven mutants!”

“Finally, try to become what they call ‘God’!”


(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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