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Chapter 185

Chapter 185 – Tightening the Flower

After Su Hao casually stored the information about the adamantium armor into the pinball space, he continued to engage with “Child of Fate,” Xiu.

Following “Child of Fate,” Xiu’s usage of an unknown ability against Su Hao, he became quite weakened. After several attempts, Su Hao successfully cut off a significant chunk of his flesh.

Once Su Hao was confident about this, he was about to leave. However, he noticed “Child of Tranquility,” Yueyi, and “Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi, lying in the Thunder Domain, twitching from the electric shocks. He immediately stopped.

“For the sake of fairness, let’s all cut off a piece of flesh,” Su Hao thought. He directly sliced a piece of meat from the thickest part of their arms.

After wrapping them with the black crystal armor, Su Hao retreated slowly. “All right, everyone, I apologize for any inconvenience. I’m extremely grateful for your contributions, and perhaps we’ll meet again!”

Saying this, he didn’t care about how the people reacted and quickly left the area. He found a concealed spot in the distance before releasing his control over the Thunder Domain.

He didn’t leave at this point but stayed to observe any subsequent changes. If the ongoing battle posed a significant threat, he would return to eliminate everyone and put an end to the turmoil.

However, as soon as Su Hao released his control, the first person to regain mobility was “Child of Fate,” Xiu. He abruptly stood up, roaring, “Child of Constant Wisdom, Chang Xi, how dare you betray our agreement and launch an attack on me? Then you shall all die!”

As his words fell, everything within a five-hundred-meter radius turned into a world of adamantium, dazzling and breathtaking.

“Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi, and “Child of Tranquility,” Yueyi, who had just recovered from their paralysis, stared down in horror at the radiant adamantium armor beneath them. They scrambled to their feet, using all their abilities to escape.

They knew how terrifying “Child of Fate,” Xiu, could be when he went all out. Staying within his realm was equivalent to a death sentence.

In reality, “Child of Fate,” Xiu, was only seventy years old, which, among the Zhu Hua people, was considered middle-aged and certainly not elderly. However, his aged appearance was due to the frequent use of an ability that drained his life force called “Decay.”

It was an ability that “Child of Fate,” Xiu, enjoyed using in life-or-death battles, trading his lifespan for the life of his opponent. It was a deal he considered worthwhile no matter how you looked at it.

But this time, it was different. With “Child of Fate,” Xiu, suspended in mid-air, there was no chance for him to activate the adamantium realm.

In a normal situation, [Child of Fate] Xiu would never have such a chance because, as soon as [Child of Fate] activates the diamond armor field, they would immediately escape the range. There is no way they would be ‘decayed’ by [Child of Fate]’s attack.

However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when a “Mysterious Earth Lord” used a mysterious method to immobilize everyone.

Their hard-earned victory had slipped through their fingers, stolen from them at the last moment.

At this moment, “Child of Fate,” Xiu was in a state of complete eruption. He had used up almost all of his lifespan to activate “Decay” with full force.

The bodies of “Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi, and “Child of Tranquility,” Yueyi, gradually lost their vitality, rapidly withering and decaying, and their massive blood energy couldn’t put up any resistance.

As they just managed to run out of the adamantium realm, they lost all their strength and fell to the ground. Surprisingly, they were still alive.

Their muscles had shrunk, their skin had lost its vitality, and they looked like elderly people on the brink of death, with wrinkled skin enveloping their bones, making it difficult for them to stand up.

“Child of Tranquility,” Yueyi, looked at “Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi, with despair in his eyes. He weakly pointed at “Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi, and struggled to open his mouth, saying, “You, Chang Xi! You said we had an eighty percent chance of success, but you lied to me! Why aren’t you dead yet? Hurry up and die!”

Even as he was on the verge of death, “Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi, remained calm. In a hoarse voice, he said, “It’s coming.”

“Child of Tranquility” Yueyi looked at Chang Xi with resentment. He said: “You should die first! Only when I see you die first can I rest in peace!”

“Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi said: “My judgment is right, I am indeed 80% sure, but we encountered that 20% accident , If you die, you will die, there is nothing to say.”

“Child of Tranquility,” Yueyi, didn’t speak anymore, trying to struggle to get up but having no strength.

Meanwhile, “Child of Fate,” Xiu, who had used the “Decay” ability with all his might, had his adamantium armor losing its luster and gradually transforming into exceptionally aged skin, turning him from a tall, formidable figure into a frail old man in the blink of an eye.

He had used up his entire life force, sending off the two old friends he had struggled against his whole life. Satisfied with his efforts, he mustered the last of his strength, looked at Chang Xi, who had fallen some distance away, and let out a hoarse voice, “Ji, go…” (He calls his son)

At this point, he no longer had the strength to continue speaking.

That’s when the new “Child of Fate” Ji, his son, stepped forward. He wore a wicked smile, his bloodshot eyes fixed on the dying three individuals. His smile gradually twisted into madness.

He had never dreamed that today would turn into this kind of scenario. Not only had he successfully evolved into a “Child of Fate,” but he had also wiped out the several Level 7 mutants who had been thorns in the side of Huixiang City.

He burst into maniacal laughter, saying, “You high and mighty fools also have your day! Haha! All of you die! From today on, I am the sole god of Huixiang City! Haha! Open your eyes and take a good look. Who is the ultimate victor now? Who? Tell me! Did you see it? I am the god favored by Heaven!!”

He then approached his father, “Child of Fate,” Ji. With a satisfied look on his face, he said, “Xiu, I’m fed up with taking orders from you. I hate you, my hypocritical father. Did you think that I’d be grateful for the flesh and blood you bestowed on me to evolve? You don’t understand! I wanted it because I wanted it, not because you gave it to me. Do you understand? Why didn’t you give it to me when I wanted it? Instead, you made me wait for over twenty years! Do you know how I spent those twenty-plus years?”

A spear-like adamantium spike emerged in the hand of “Child of Fate,” Ji. He roared loudly, “Xiu, I wish I could kill you with my own hands!”

However, “Child of Fate,” Xiu, wore a smile and silently listened to Ji’s complaints. The light of life in his eyes gradually dimmed until it was extinguished.

With his body full of resentment and grievances, Ji fell into a rage.

Under his feet, the ground turned into adamantium and rapidly spread outward, with countless spikes emerging from underground. They pierced “Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi, and “Child of Tranquility,” Yueyi, who were on the verge of death, killing them outright.

Even after killing Chang Xi and Yueyi, “Child of Fate,” Ji, was not satisfied. He wanted to vent further, announcing the birth of this new “Child of Fate.”

The adamantium realm continued to expand outward, destroying everything in its path.

“Hey, that’s enough!”

Suddenly, a faint voice sounded.

“Child of Fate,” Ji, became alert. Why did this voice sound familiar?

Su Hao, wearing black crystal armor, descended from the sky. He kicked “Child of Fate,” Ji, into the air. As Ji was still flying, Su Hao caught up with him and raised his foot, sending Ji soaring high into the air. The black sand dispersing in the air continuously gathered and entangled Ji’s body, carrying him higher.

However, Su Hao was aware that “Child of Fate” had an ability that could drain the life force of others. He was reluctant to get too close to this newly born “Child of Fate.”

In case this “Child of Fate” had also mastered the life-and-death ability, taking him away could be disastrous.

So, attacking from a distance seemed like a safer option.

With these thoughts in mind, Su Hao extended his hand, and black crystal armor grew to form a long and thick black crystal tube, pointing into the sky.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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