Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: What did Mencius teach you that made you value money over people?

In the past two months, Lin Beifan has subdued the rebellious Prince of Northern Hebei and Wuxi Duke, restoring stability to the situation in Great Wu.

At this moment, the gluttonous little princess has been persistently pestering Lin Beifan, and he finally agreed to make Buddha Jumps Over the Wall for her.

He selected the finest ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish lips, fish fins, and tendon from the Empress’s reward, and after special treatment, he put them together in a large pot.

Then, he used high broth and fine wine to slowly stew over a low flame, taking approximately twenty-four hours.

And today is the day when it will be cooked.

The rich aroma has already filled the kitchen.

The food-loving little princess has been waiting in the kitchen, smelling the scent and drooling: “Is it ready? It has been two days!”

“Don’t worry, as they say, good things come to those who wait! Slowly stewing over a low flame allows the flavors of the ingredients to fully blend together, creating a wonderful reaction that brings out a unique and fragrant taste!” Lin Beifan sniffed: “It will be ready in about half an hour!”

“Another half hour? I’m starving!” The little princess held her empty stomach and said in misery.

Seeing the pitiful appearance of the little princess, Lin Beifan couldn’t help but chuckle: “Since you’re hungry, you can eat something else first!”

The little princess looked even more aggrieved: “I’ve already eaten, I can’t eat anymore or I won’t be able to eat Buddha Jumps Over the Wall!”

At this moment, Lin Beifan turned his head and looked outside as he walked and said, “There are guests, I’m going to see! Little princess, don’t open the lid before the time is up, or the taste will be compromised!”

“Don’t worry, when it comes to food, I won’t disappoint!” The little princess waved her hand.

Lin Beifan said to Dali, “Keep an eye on the little princess, don’t let her move around!”

Dali responded, “Understood, young master!”

The little princess sighed.

As he walked out of the kitchen, Lin Beifan saw Li Yuxin approaching him with a graceful smile: “Mr. Principal, greetings!”

She was specially invited by Lin Beifan.

In these past few days, Li Yuxin had often come to the Lin residence, not only to help him with massages and relaxation, but also to teach him several medicinal recipes. Lin Beifan was filled with gratitude, so he invited her to taste the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall together.

Lin Beifan nodded and smiled, “Yuxin, you came at the perfect time! Buddha Jumps Over the Wall will be ready in half an hour, so make sure to have an extra bowl!”

“Thank you, it’s my honor!” Li Yuxin smiled.

Just as she arrived, she was immediately pulled into the inner chamber by Li Shi Shi. No one knew what they were discussing, but they seemed to be chatting and laughing.
Not long after, Princess Ziyue also arrived. She was also invited by Lin Beifan.

When she saw Lin Beifan, her gaze inexplicably dodged, and her usual bravery seemed to have disappeared.

Lin Beifan gritted his teeth and said angrily, “Miss Ziyue, you ran away so fast last time! You even dared to flirt with me when I wasn’t paying attention! After flirting, you just left without explaining anything! If it weren’t for my position as a military advisor threatening you, you would have avoided me, right? Tell me, what should be your punishment?”

“Sir, I know I was wrong!” Princess Ziyue said pitifully, “Whether it’s cuddling or hugging, kissing or sleeping, no matter what punishment you give me, I won’t even frown!”

“Holy cow!” Lin Beifan exclaimed.

This is indeed a fox spirit!

She not only wanted to eat my tofu but also tried to take advantage of the situation!

This is simply unreasonable!

Lin Beifan said righteously, “You’re thinking too highly of yourself! I’m not interested in your beauty, I just want money!”

“If there’s no money, then only my body can compensate!’ Princess Ziyue said even more pitifully.

“Holy cow!” Lin Beifan exclaimed.

Seeing Lin Beifan’s frustrated look, Princess Ziyue giggled. The shyness she had before disappeared.

Approaching Lin Beifan’s ear, she whispered, “Advisor, don’t worry, I have already prepared a great gift! It’s just that the journey is far, so I haven’t had a chance to deliver it yet!”

Lin Beifan’s eyes lit up, “How valuable is this gift?”

“Worth 5 million taels!” she replied.

Lin Beifan immediately smiled, “Princess, you are very thoughtful!”

But Princess Ziyue didn’t feel good about it.

Even as a beautiful woman, she couldn’t charm him, but 5 million taels made him surrender!

She realized that she lacked any materialistic attractions!

For the first time, she doubted her own charm.

She brought up this question.

If he can only choose one, would Lin Beifan choose money or her?

“Of course it’s money!” Lin Beifan answered without hesitation.

Princess Ziyue was heartbroken, “Advisor, how can you compare me to material possessions like money!”

Lin Beifan panicked slightly, “Princess, you misunderstand! I have studied the works of Confucius and Mencius, this is what Mencius taught!”

The princess looked confused, “What did Mencius teach you, that you prioritize money over people?”

“Mencius once said…” Lin Beifan said righteously, “I desire a woman, and I also desire money. Should the choice be between the two, sacrificing the woman and acquiring the money becomes necessary. Given the opportunity, I would indeed desire to possess both.”

“Damn! Did Mencius really say that?” Princess Ziyue asked.

“Of course! Princess, with your intelligence, do you think I can lie to you?” Lin Beifan said confidently.

Princess Ziyue glared at Lin Beifan, “Do you think you’ve lied to me any less?”

Lin Beifan: “…”

“But, if the advisor is willing to accompany me to Wuxi, and wholeheartedly supports my effort to restore Slanted Moon’s glory, we will have wealth and riches, and you will have the money you desire. Even I am willing to…”

Princess Ziyue blushed and lowered her head, shyly saying, “I am willing to devote myself to you, bear your children, and be a good wife and mother!”

“Damn!” Lin Beifan exclaimed.

This fox woman is tempting me again!

Doesn’t she know that I can’t resist temptation?

Especially the temptation from a rich woman!

Just then, the little princess walked out of the kitchen.

Seeing the two whispering to each other, she immediately felt jealous and walked up to Princess Ziyue, annoyed, “Why are you here?”

“Greetings to little princess! Mr. Principal invited me to come and taste Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. I heard that it’s the best delicacy in the world, so I naturally came!” Princess Ziyue smiled.

The little princess pointed at Lin Beifan’s chest with her finger, “You, this guy, are quite flirtatious. Even when eating a meal, you can’t help but call your confidante!”

“A man without a flirtatious nature is a wasted youth!” Lin Beifan laughed.

“You still have an excuse?” the little princess got angry.

“Reason can conquer the world, while unreasonableness can’t take a single step!” Lin Beifan retorted.

“Don’t give me excuses! A wasted youth? Looking at your lecherous appearance, I’m afraid you’ll be a flirt your whole life!” scolded the little princess.

“Of course, a man is forever young until his death!” Lin Beifan said.

“Damn!” the little princess exclaimed.

On the side, Princess Ziyue couldn’t stop laughing at their bickering.

Half an hour quickly passed.

Everyone knew it was time and gathered in the pavilion, ready to taste the legendary delicacy.

Looking around, Lin Beifan suddenly realized that there were various stunning women gathered here.

The elegant and noble Li Shi Shi, the ethereal and graceful Li Yuxin, the heroic and imposing Mo Rushuang, the enchanting and alluring Princess Ziyue, the adorable and greedy little princess…

Each one was so unique, so beautiful!

At this moment, Lin Beifan also remembered two other women, the mysterious and unfathomable Bai Guanyin, and the peerless beauty, the Empress.

Unknowingly, he had interacted with so many beautiful women.

And he had gained many interesting friends.

The honest and loyal Dali, the slightly delusional but always discouraged Guo Shaoshuai, the devoted Buddhist master Jing Tai, the foolish and silly little monk, as well as the sword immortal and blade saint whose whereabouts were unknown…

Of course, he also had enemies all over the world.

If everything he had done was exposed, he would definitely be hunted down by everyone in the world.

However, fortunately, he had obtained the skills of a grandmaster, sufficient to handle everything.

“Finally, it’s here! Buddha Jumps Over the Wall!”

Dali and Guo Shaoshuai came out carrying a steaming hot pot.

“Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is finally ready!”

“We can eat now!”

Everyone excitedly gathered around.

With a sense of ceremony, Lin Beifan, as the host, uncovered the lid of the pot.

Instantly, a fragrant aroma filled the courtyard.

“It smells so good! No wonder it’s called Buddha Jumps Over the Wall! Even the Buddha would jump over to eat it!”

“Just the smell is so amazing, I wonder how delicious it tastes!”

“It’s probably something that even the immortals in heaven would eat! I can’t resist anymore, haha!”

At this moment, the little princess couldn’t resist and reached out her hand.

“Wait!” Lin Beifan slapped away the little princess’s greedy hand and said to Dali, “Dali, bring a clean bowl!”

“Yes, young master!” Dali ran back to the kitchen and brought a bowl.

Lin Beifan scooped some Buddha Jumps Over the Wall into the bowl using a ladle and handed it to the little princess.

“Little princess, could you please take this bowl of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall and give it to the Empress to taste!”

The Empress had always taken care of Lin Beifan, and he had been living a fulfilling life. But he felt guilty for doing so many treacherous things behind her back and wanted to repay her.

However, all the good things he had were given by the Empress.

Now, he had finally made the first pot of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall from another world, so it was a perfect opportunity for the Empress to try it.

“Why me? I want to eat it too!” The little princess was somewhat dissatisfied.

“Because you know martial arts and can run fast! Plus, only you can freely enter and leave the palace. Who else could I choose if not you?” Lin Beifan waved his hand. “Go quickly, and come back soon!”

“Don’t eat it too fast, wait for me to come back and eat together!” The little princess disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Lin Beifan continued to distribute the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, one bowl per person. Everyone enjoyed the deliciousness, their faces filled with delight.

“So delicious! It’s really, really good!”

“So fragrant and tender, it melts in your mouth. The taste is truly extraordinary!”

“Give me another bowl, thank you!”

In less than a moment, the little princess came running back.

She took out a large basin-sized bowl and had Lin Beifan fill it up for her.

Then she hugged the bowl and started devouring it, with sauce all over her face.

“So delicious! So, so delicious! Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, I love you so much!”

In the blink of an eye, half of the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was gone.

Seeing the little princess eating voraciously, Lin Beifan said with a leisurely tone, “I suddenly realize that Confucius said something very true.”

“What did Confucius say?”

“Confucius said, ‘It is difficult to raise women and scoundrels.’ Little princess, you eat so much, you are really difficult to raise!”

The little princess: “…”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was also presented to the Empress for her review of the memorials.

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