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Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Opportunity Arrives

Su Hao’s perception had always been focused on the movements of the “Child of Fate.”

With his eyes closed and his mind on tomorrow’s operation, Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes.

“Someone is evolving?”

He sensed that one of the sixth-level blood energy mutant next to the “Child of Fate” was undergoing an evolution. This surprised him greatly, especially because there was no reaction from the “Child of Fate.”

He had observed the evolution of mutants many times and knew the changes in blood energy during their evolution. There was no doubt.

“Could it be that the ‘Child of Fate’ has been captured and controlled?”

He thought about it and didn’t rule out the possibility, although it seemed unlikely. The “Child of Fate” had survived for this long, indicating his unique abilities. Tomorrow was the “Autumn Harvest Grand Festival,” and as the local power, the “Child of Fate” must have sensed the gathering of many “Earth Lords” and taken precautions.

Not to mention that Su Hao had kidnapped “Child of Clarity,” who had yet to return. In this situation, not taking any precautions and being easily controlled would be improbable, as it would have jeopardized his survival.

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao quickly came up with a new speculation: “The disappearance of the ‘Child of Clarity’ must have heightened the alertness of the ‘Child of Fate’ and other seventh-level mutant. Perhaps the ‘Child of Fate’ is worried about unexpected events and has chosen an heir voluntarily.”

Having figured this out, Su Hao paid no further attention to it. He set up protective alerts and went to sleep slowly, even as a powerful mutant, staying up late was not advisable.

For him, what the people in the city wanted to do was inconsequential. He wanted one simple thing: a piece of the “Child of Fate,” and preferably without intense combat that would harm the city and its civilians.

When the time came, he would find a way to get close to the “Child of Fate,” control him, and then make his escape. With his speed, the opponent would give up once they realized they couldn’t catch him, and there would be no opportunity for battle.

On the other side, two people sat facing each other from a distance, appearing friendly but also wary of each other.

These were the other two seventh-level mutants in Huixiang City: the ever-changing “Child of Constant Wisdom,” Chang Xi from the “Silk People” Sequence, and the incredibly fast “Child of Tranquility,” Yueyi from the “Speed People” Sequence.

When “Child of Tranquility,” was still at the fifth level in the “Speed People” Sequence, he was completely suppressed by the “Mind Control King” in the “Silk People” Sequence. However, once he reached the sixth or seventh level, they were evenly matched.

Sixth-level mutant already had a concept of their “territory.” For example, “Child of Tranquility,” at the seventh level, could bounce off anything approaching his body, creating an absolute territory. Even if “Child of Constant Wisdom” deployed razor-sharp threads throughout the space, they couldn’t cut through “Child of Tranquility” directly. They would be repelled before reaching his body.

In addition to the ability of “Blood Resistance,” it was difficult for both sides to easily kill each other, barring a surprise attack.

“Child of Tranquility” Yueyi was a tall, slender middle-aged man with prominent cheekbones and sunken eyes, as if he had been sleep-deprived for years, toying with a teacup in his hand.

“Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi was completely shrouded in a high collar, with only meticulously combed hair and a pair of sharp eyes visible.

After a moment of silence, “Child of Tranquility” Yueyi stamped his foot and said slowly, “Constant Wisdom, now that ‘Child of Clarity’ has been captured by the armored man, the situation doesn’t look good. We lack the means to break through the ‘Child of Fate’s’ Diamond Armor Defense. Should we proceed with tomorrow’s plan as usual?”

“Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi responded calmly, “If you don’t mind having another ‘Child of Fate’ on top of us in the future, then do as you wish.”

“Child of Tranquility” Yueyi sneered, “Why do you talk as if I’m the only one who has to kill that old man? Constant Wisdom, let me tell you, if you want a pleasant cooperation, adjust your attitude. Otherwise, none of us will be happy.”

“Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi ignored him and said, “Tomorrow is the last chance. After the Grand Festival, the ‘Child of Fate’ will undoubtedly choose a new heir. At that point, it will be too late for us. We must kill him before he passes on his blood and inheritance.”

“Child of Tranquility” Yueyi’s muscles all over his body moved irregularly, and he tilted his head, saying, “Of course, but the problem now is that we’re missing ‘Child of Clarity’ as a helper, and we have a mysterious armored man to deal with. Constant Wisdom, are you confident?”

“Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi replied calmly, “I have no confidence, but I have at least an eighty percent chance of success. Besides, I suspect the armored man is the ‘Child of Fate’ in disguise.”

“Child of Tranquility” Yueyi coldly laughed, “Eighty percent? Don’t overestimate yourself!”

“Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi said, “I’ve already taken control of five ‘Earth Lords’ who came from elsewhere. They can serve as a distraction.”

“Child of Tranquility” Yueyi immediately made a decision, “Then let’s do it your way!”

After saying that, he kicked over a crate, and a long, transparent crystal chain slid out of it. “Child of Tranquility” Yueyi laughed and said, “Here’s the Diamond Chain you wanted.”

“Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi didn’t show any movement either. The crystal chain, as if grabbed by an invisible hand, slowly flew toward him and eventually disappeared under his sleeve. He calmly said, “Then I shall go ahead.”

Having said that, “Child of Constant Wisdom” Chang Xi turned into a pile of fine threads, gradually dissipating. It was clear that his true body had not come here; instead, he had created a surrogate with threads.

“Child of Tranquility” Yueyi stamped his foot, and his shoulders began to shake uncontrollably. He couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

Early the next morning, almost every household began their sacrificial activities.

The “Autumn Harvest Grand Festival” organized jointly by various major factions in the city was held in front of the grand hall in the city square. It attracted not only members of the factions but also many commoners who gathered to watch the ceremony. The square was packed with people.

Su Hao had managed to blend in with the crowd and was continually pushing forward to secure a relatively front-row position.

In reality, once you got close to the front, faction members in charge of order would prevent ordinary civilians from coming any closer.

But based on Su Hao’s glamorous appearance and heroic demeanor, everyone assumed he was some young master of a major faction, and no one tried to drive him away.

In these two days, Su Hao had learned in Huixiang City how important a beautiful appearance could be. He thought that perhaps the first step in reincarnation should involve some gene tweaking for a better-looking face. Being handsome might even increase your chances of survival by ten percent.

All three of the city’s seventh-level mutant were present, and the vacant position of “Child of Clarity” had been filled by a sixth-level mutant.

No, it should be said that there were four seventh-level mutant, as another seventh-level mutant, “Child of Fate” Ji, had suddenly appeared last night. However, besides the two “Child of Fates” themselves, only Su Hao knew about it. Everyone else was kept in the dark.

(TN: Ji is the son of the [Lifebearer] Xiu from the previous chapter. He has evolved into a seven-level mutant, as mentioned in the first paragraph.)

The ceremony began soon, and its complexity left Su Hao feeling dizzy and overwhelmed.

However, he understood that only an exceptionally complex sacrificial procedure could truly reflect the sincerity of the heart. This way, the divine beings could sense people’s earnestness and fulfill the humble desires of mortals.

Su Hao continued to look around, pretending to be interested, but he was actually searching for the right moment to strike.

His super multi-layered “Second-Level Lightning” had been prepared for a long time, ensuring that the advanced mutant around him had no chance to resist.

But Su Hao had to wait for the right moment because, for the people of the Zhuo clan, this “Autumn Harvest Grand Festival” was of great importance. Su Hao assumed they would at least finish the ceremony before taking any action. He didn’t mind the slight delay; interrupting someone’s sacred ritual would be very impolite.

However, Su Hao intended to be polite, but someone else did not!

The earth slowly undulated and turned into bundles of fine threads, which, at the moment when “Child of Fate” Ji was kneeling down to worship, wound around him, lifting him high into the air.

Meanwhile, “Child of Fate” Xiu had transformed into a dazzling suit of diamond armor, completely enveloping his body. The threads that bound him allowed no progress, no matter how tightly they were pulled.

Although this had been expected, the sudden turn of events still enraged “Child of Fate.” He roared, “Constant Wisdom, how dare you?”

The unexpected turn of events caused ordinary people to panic, and they began to flee. Based on their experience, if they didn’t run fast, they might not run at all.

Low-level mutant also scattered in all directions. When big shots fought, no one dared to intervene. It was like a standoff between two descendants; anyone who tried to mediate would die, leaving the two of them without any trouble.

Su Hao’s eyes lit up. The opportunity he was waiting for had arrived!


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My Divine Diary

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