Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: How can I, a poor man, dare to enter into prosperity and how can I, a man with nothing, dare to pursue a beauty?

“But, in order to win Miss Shi Shi’s heart, I would have to pay money to redeem her!” Lin Beifan said.

“What’s the problem with that?” Shi Shi was puzzled.

Although she was pure, she was essentially a courtesan at the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, and the only way to gain freedom was to be redeemed.

“It’s a big problem! Because I don’t have any money, I have no way to redeem Miss Shi Shi, so I can only express regret!” Lin Beifan shook his head and sighed.

Everyone was stunned.

“Holy crap!”

“Holy crap!”

“So that’s the reason!”

“The Scholar Lin, without money to redeem her? Are you kidding me?”

“How is that possible?”

Shi Shi was also stunned.

She thought of all kinds of rejection reasons, but not this one.

“Sir Lin, how could you not have any money? Weren’t you…” She almost said, where did all the money you embezzled go?

Do you not even have the money to redeem me?

Lin Beifan sighed, “Miss Shi Shi, you don’t know! I was born in an ordinary family, without parents, relatives, or friends. I’m a lonely person with no money to begin with! Although I am now an official, my salary is limited, and I really can’t afford to pay the huge sum to redeem you! So, I ask for your forgiveness!”

Shi Shi’s mouth twitched unnaturally.

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

You speak as if you’re a clean official!

If I hadn’t seen you bringing back large amounts of gold, silver, and jewelry earlier, I might have believed you!

Shi Shi forced a smile, biting her teeth, “It’s okay, as long as you are willing to take me it’s fine! Over the years, I have saved up some money to redeem myself!”

“Holy crap! She would rather spend money to redeem herself just to follow Scholar Lin, what kind of loyalty is this!”

“It seems that Miss Shi Shi really loves the Scholar Lin!”

“A woman who is talented, beautiful, and loyal like this is truly rare!”

“Why don’t I have such good luck!”

Everyone was envious to the point of hating Lin Beifan, wanting to replace him.

Now it was Lin Beifan’s turn to be confused.

I’ve said it like this, why are you still clinging to me?

Lin Beifan couldn’t help but touch his own face.

Sometimes being too good-looking isn’t a good thing, it makes it too easy to attract unwanted attention!

Lin Beifan sighed deeply and looked up to the sky. “Can’t I just be a low-key handsome man? Is that too much to ask?”

“But if you follow me, your quality of life will greatly decrease! I’m just a small sixth-ranked official with limited salary, I can’t provide the life you want! How can I, a poor man, dare to enter the prosperity and how can I, a man with nothing, dare to pursue a beauty?” Lin Beifan advised.

However, Li Shi Shi seemed to argue with Lin Beifan, grinding her teeth and saying, “It doesn’t matter! As long as I can follow the you, even if I have to eat poor quality food and drink bad water, I will enjoy it!”

Everyone’s eyes turned green with envy, murmuring and shaking their heads.

“What a great woman!”

“As long as you can follow your beloved, you are willing to eat poor quality food and drink bad water!”

“In today’s world, good women like Miss Shi Shi are rare!”

“Miss Shi Shi, he doesn’t want you, but I want you!”

Lin Beifan opened his mouth again, “Miss Shi Shi, I think…”

“That’s enough! I can’t watch anymore!” At this point, a rather fierce guest downstairs slammed on the table, pointing at Lin Beifan and cursing, “Scholar Lin, are you even a man? Look at Miss Shi Shi begging for your attention like that, even buying her own freedom, and still willing to eat poor quality food and drink bad water just to be with you! Why haven’t you agreed yet?”

“Yeah, I can’t take it anymore!” Another guest pounded the table and angrily pointed at Lin Beifan, “If Miss Shi Shi is willing to marry me, even if it means sacrificing 30 years of my life, I would be willing! But you still refuse? You’re just… you’re just an ungrateful person! You’re not worthy of being a man!”

The third person stood up and scolded angrily, “You are an unmarried man and an unmarried woman, why wouldn’t you want to be together? Good women like Miss Shi Shi do not know how to cherish themselves. I tell you, you will regret it in the future!”

The fourth person exclaimed, “Today, I’m telling you, if you don’t take Miss Shi Shi with you, then I will fight you to the death!”

Lin Beifan was shivering from being cursed at, “Everyone, please calm down. I didn’t say I don’t agree. Let’s talk it out!”

Looking at Zhao Yuanwei beside him, he shouted, “Brother Zhao, can you help me persuade everyone?”

Zhao Yuanwei silently drew out a knife and chopped it in front of Lin Beifan, angrily saying, “To be honest, I can’t take it anymore either! I’m telling you, if you don’t agree, there’s no way you’re leaving this place!”

Lin Beifan reluctantly nodded his head, tears in his eyes, “Okay, I agree!”

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