Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: All-Attribute Divine Power, Unprecedented Throughout Eternity!

Lin Beifan summoned the divine power within him.

But the next moment, he was stunned.

Because his divine power was unexpectedly transparent and colorless.

Divine power had different attributes, and based on these attributes, it would display different colors.

For instance, water attribute divine power was blue.

Gold attribute divine power was golden.

Earth attribute divine power was yellow.

Wood attribute divine power was green.

This had been the case since ancient times without exception.

“So, what kind of divine power is this, and what is its use?” Lin Beifan looked at the divine power rising in his hand, falling into confusion.

In the process of Lin Beifan’s contemplation, the divine power in his hand quietly changed, turning into deep blue.

“Hmm… Why did this divine power change and become blue?”

“The situation seems a bit unusual…”

Lin Beifan was shocked, squinting his eyes and pondering.

Just a moment ago, he inexplicably thought of Bai Yiyi’s divine power.

Then, the divine power in his hand changed to blue, possessing the attribute of water, just like Bai Yiyi’s divine power.

Thinking of this, Lin Beifan silently said in his heart.


The divine power underwent another transformation, turning red this time, having the attribute of fire.

Lin Beifan was astonished, saying silently again.


The divine power changed again, turning green this time, possessing the attribute of wood.



As Lin Beifan silently recited, the divine power changed into various colors, simultaneously possessing various attributes.

Even extremely rare attributes like lightning, light, and darkness were no problem.


Lin Beifan, with a trembling voice, said, “My divine power has all attributes, ever-changing according to my will! This kind of attribute divine power… it’s too overpowered!”

According to his understanding, ordinary individuals awakened divine power with a single attribute.

There were also double attributes, but they were quite rare.

Triple or multiple attributes were even rarer.

As for having all attributes, that had never occurred since the birth of this world!

Otherwise, it would have been recorded!

“So, why do I, with no remarkable qualities, unexpectedly possess divine power with all attributes?” Lin Beifan was amazed, feeling incredibly shocked.

At this moment, he considered many possibilities.

Perhaps because he wasn’t a native of this world, breaking some kind of restriction.

Perhaps due to the “Great Dream Heart Sutra” within his body.

This book had always been mysterious, capable of any extraordinary power.

Perhaps because of his extraordinary comprehension, he learned quickly, with no restrictions. Awakening divine power with all attributes would allow him to maximize his advantages.

Regardless of the reason, the fact remained that he possessed divine power with all attributes.

The next thought that crossed his mind was that this matter couldn’t be exposed.

Divine power with all attributes was too rare!

Unprecedented throughout eternity!

Once exposed, even the Holy Land wouldn’t be able to sit still; they would catch him and dissect him for research.

He was just a small fry at the moment, with no resistance.

At this moment, Lin Beifan’s ears twitched, and he retracted his divine power.

In the next second, the door opened, and Bai Yiyi walked in, excitedly saying, “I just sensed the aura of a breakthrough! Brother, did you break through? Have you entered the extraordinary realm?”

Lin Beifan smiled and nodded, “Yes, after three years of effort, I finally succeeded!”

“That’s great!” Bai Yiyi immediately sat beside Lin Beifan, joyfully asking, “Brother, what kind of divine power did you awaken?”

Lin Beifan raised his right hand, saying, “Take a look!”

A blue-purple divine power emerged, full of oppression and destructive force.

“It’s actually the rare lightning attribute divine power!” Bai Yiyi exclaimed.

Lin Beifan smiled and nodded, “Yes!”

Lightning attribute divine power was fierce, ranking among the top in terms of attack power. It was the divine power he chose to display publicly. As for the other attribute divine powers, he kept them hidden as a trump card.

Excitedly, Bai Yiyi said, “The lightning attribute divine power is excellent! Not only is it rare, but its attack power is unparalleled at the same level. It especially has a significant restraining effect on demons, spirits, and other evil entities!”

“Yes, that’s why I favor lightning divine power!”

“Brother, let’s have a sparring match to see how your current strength is!”

“I was just thinking the same!”

The two went to the courtyard.

After Bai Yiyi prepared herself, she said seriously, “Brother, go all out and don’t hold back!”

“Alright!” Lin Beifan nodded, extending his right hand. The lightning attribute divine power emerged, transforming into a ball of lightning. It crackled and sparkled with purple light, presenting him like a Thunder God.

Lin Beifan’s move wasn’t to show off, but because he had just broken through, and his divine power was limited, covering only one hand. When his divine power was sufficient to envelop his entire body, he would step into the Divine Sea realm.

“Sister, be careful!”

“Come on, brother!”

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