Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: Slaughter

The moment Su Hao swung his sword, the [Earth Lord] immediately launched a counterattack.

But since he was pretending to be dead, Su Hao didn’t want him to wake up again; he wanted him to disappear completely!

As the [Earth Lord] rose, Su Hao chopped him into two pieces at the chest.

From the severed parts, a large amount of black crystal immediately extended, connecting the two halves. Just as it was about to regenerate, Su Hao’s long sword continued to swing, its blade flashing.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

For a moment, black crystal fragments flew in all directions as the [Earth Lord] shattered and reformed, repeatedly trying to escape while Su Hao relentlessly hacked at him.

At this point, the [Earth Lord] had lost the courage to fight; he only wanted to live.

However, as his life force rapidly depleted, the time it took for him to regenerate grew longer. When he finally returned to his original form, he had lost the strength to escape and lay on the ground, looking at Su Hao with pleading eyes, hoping that Su Hao would spare his life.

Su Hao, clad in his impressive steel armor, still looked immaculate. He walked slowly to the side of the [Earth Lord] and asked, “Both of you, why did you come to Lingyuan City?”

The [Earth Lord]’s eyes lit up with hope and he hurriedly said, “As long as you promise to spare my life, I’ll tell you everything.”

Su Hao remained silent, raising his sword as if to behead him.

Panicked, the [Earth Lord] immediately exclaimed, “Stop, stop, I’ll talk, I’ll talk! Please, don’t kill me!”

Regardless, every second of life was a gain, and who knew, maybe a miracle would happen and he would survive?

Su Hao stopped, not retracting his sword, and asked, “So, why did you come to Lingyuan City?”

The [Earth Lord] pondered and said, “We were originally settled in the subsidiary Shuishi City under Anliang City. But some time ago, a powerful level seven mutant, who everyone calls ‘Slaughter,’ suddenly appeared in Anliang City. He seems to be a level seven mutant of the ‘Poison People’ sequence, known as ‘Fiend.’ He first killed all three level seven mutants in Anliang City, then went on a killing spree, wiping out all the mutants in the city in just a few days. Later, it only took him a day to kill all the mutants in a city…”

At this point, the [Earth Lord] had a look of disbelief on his face. “This is unbelievable. Level seven mutants are nearly invincible in direct combat. They usually die in situations where their weaknesses are discovered by someone they trust or when they’re near the end of their lifespans, passing on their abilities through flesh and blood.”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up, and he asked curiously, “So, the level seven in the ‘Poison People’ sequence is called ‘Fiend’? Why is it named ‘Fiend’?”

The [Earth Lord] shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but the saying that has been passed down is ‘opposing life makes one a fiend.’ The ‘Poison People’ sequence reaches its peak as ‘Fiend.'”

Su Hao then asked, “What is the level seven of the ‘Shell People’ sequence called?”

The [Earth Lord] found it strange that Su Hao didn’t even know this, but he didn’t dare show any unusual reactions and replied, “The ‘Shell People’ sequence controls the power of life and is known as ‘Life.’ The level seven mutant is called ‘Lifebearer.’ I also know the names of the level seven mutants in three other sequences: ‘Speed’ sequence’s level seven is ‘Still,’ ‘Silk’ sequence’s level seven is ‘Constant,’ and ‘Nightwalker’ sequence’s level seven is ‘All-Seeing.’ As for the rest, I have no idea because Anliang City doesn’t have level seven mutants from other sequences.”

Su Hao nodded in understanding and then asked, “So, have you seen this ‘Slaughter’?”

The [Earth Lord] was embarrassed and said, “I haven’t seen him. I guess anyone who has seen him couldn’t escape. He not only killed all the mutants in Anliang City but also went on a killing spree in other cities, killing mutants of all levels. He’s incredibly powerful, almost unimaginable. The mutants in cities around Anliang City were terrified, and they all fled. I heard rumors and didn’t think much of it, so I followed the crowd and ended up here in Lingyuan City by accident.”

Su Hao said, “Do you know where the level seven ‘Lifebearer’ is?”

The [Earth Lord] immediately nodded and said, “Yes, I know…”

Then he spoke cautiously, “Big brother, you see, I don’t have any ill intentions. I just ended up here accidentally while fleeing. I haven’t done anything wrong. If you spare my life, I can offer you my flesh! As long as you spare me, I’ll tell you immediately where ‘Lifebearer’ is.”

Su Hao remained silent and lifted his sword to strike.

The [Earth Lord] immediately shouted, “Stop, stop! I’ll talk, I’ll talk right away…”

Su Hao stopped, watching him in silence.

The [Earth Lord] was still trembling, looking at Su Hao’s long steel armor blade. His brain was racing, searching for a way out. But it seemed like his brain wasn’t working properly; no matter how he thought, the signals it sent were all saying, “You can die now.” It was a dead end.

He was unwilling to accept it!

After seeing Su Hao’s impatience, he had no choice but to say, “The [Lifebearer] is in the large city to the east, Huiyang City! It’s said that this generation of [Lifebearer] is nearing the end of its lifespan, and many [Earth Lord] are converging there, hoping to seize a share of its flesh. My original goal was Huiyang City, and I’ll be leaving soon. Oh, by the way, I can lead you there personally, how about it?”

Su Hao said, “No need, I can go there on my own.”

Su Hao asked a few more questions, but after not finding any useful information, he said, “Five seconds to leave your last words.”

[Earth Lord] Dong Lan widened his eyes in despair, “Big brother, I’ll be your slave, spare my life!”

Su Hao nodded and said, “I’ve received your last words.”

He swung his sword.

[Earth Lord] Dong Lan had regained some strength at this point and desperately tried to escape.

But in just a moment, Su Hao knocked him to the ground, and he had no strength left to regenerate. The black crystal on his body also slowly receded.

Su Hao raised his sword again and beheaded [Earth Lord] Dong Lan.


This time, the beheading felt real.

[Earth Lord] Dong Lan’s life force gradually dissipated, and after a moment, there were no signs of life.

With this, the mission was completed. Furthermore, he obtained the flesh of a [Mist Lord] as an extra reward. Not only that, he probably figured out what had happened in Anliang City and got information about the [Lifebearer], the future evolution target for the [Earth Lord]. He wasn’t sure if it was true, but he would find out when he got there.

The only thing that concerned him was the appearance of the [Slaughter]. This mutant could kill even supposedly immortal level seven mutants. Just how powerful was he?

The key was that the appearance of the [Slaughter] made Su Hao sense that trouble was coming, most likely directed at him. Every so often, unexpected things happened to him, as if bad luck clung to him. Su Hao had gotten used to it.

“I don’t know how powerful this [Slaughter] is. I need to evolve into a level six [Earth Lord] as soon as possible and then go to Huiyang City to see if there really is a [Lifebearer]. If there is, I’ll borrow a piece of flesh from him, and in return, I’ll provide him with some supplements to balance it out.”

With this in mind, Su Hao stopped overthinking and decided that what had to come would come. In this world of genetic research, he had already gained a lot. If something truly targeted him, he could simply wait for tens of millions of years and undergo a proper reincarnation.

Looking back at the mostly destroyed Lingyuan City, he couldn’t help but sigh and muttered, “There’s no such thing as a peaceful time, it’s just a matter of being strong. Once you’re weak, the worst things can happen.”

It was unclear how long it would take for this city to recover its former prosperity. Or maybe it had already reached the pinnacle of its glory and would decline from now on.

Su Hao picked up two bodies, transformed his steel armor into two baskets, and flew into the sky, slowly moving away.

“Evolving into a [Earth Lord] as soon as possible!”

By now, the sun had already risen, shining down on the shattered Lingyuan City.

(End of this chapter)

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