Chapter 174 – You dare to harass me? Feng Chaoge’s anger annihilated Mochen Kingdom!

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Only then did Su Shi realize it.

He himself was still holding that slender waist.

Alia’s feet did not touch the ground, Alia was hanging onto him as if he was a koala.

The other party was light and her slender waist was unbearable to hold, as if she was a weightless piece of paper.

Su Shi let go of her hand.

Alia landed lightly on the ground, her eyes drifting, not daring to look at him, “Hurry up and leave, it will be very bad if someone sees us later.”

The two of them sneaked out in a stealthy manner.

Back to the princess’s bedroom.

Alia closed her bedroom door and, with relief, said, “It’s too late now, let’s wait until tomorrow to look for it.”

“It must be done.”

Su Shi asked, “So where do I stay tonight?”

Alia hesitated for a moment, “At this hour, the palace gates are already closed for curfew, so you definitely can’t go out, either …… or you can stay here.”

Su Shi touched his nose, “This is inappropriate.”

Alia gave him a faint glance, “When Shengzi Su hugged me just now, you didn’t think it was inappropriate.”

Su Shi said, “In this huge palace, there isn’t even a spare room?”

Alia shook her head and said, “Shengzi Su is my trump card, so I don’t want others to know about it for now, so it’s just a temporary measure to stay in my bedroom.”

“Trump card?”

Su Shi frowned, “I guess we haven’t made any deals yet, right?”

Although the other party was Yu Ren’er’s good friend and a great help with his affairs, this matter was, after all, an internal affair of the Saxin Kingdom.

Anyone involved in an imperial power struggle, conspiracy, or the takeover of the throne, would generally be very troublesome.

What he hated most was trouble.

Alia’s brows furrowed, “I helped you so much, and you’re not touched at all?”

Su Shi shrugged, “Sorry, I have been on the demonic path for thirteen years, my heart has long been as cold as my sword.”

Alia gave him a blank look.

Although they had only spent a short time together, she could feel that although Su Shi could not be considered a good person, he had his own principles and ways of handling things.

“I don’t care.”

Alia crossed her arms, “If you don’t help me, I’ll tell Ren’er that you’ve been harassing me and peeping at mother changing her clothes!”

Su Shi frowned, “Are you threatening me?”

Alia raised her delicate chin, “You can think of it that wa-”

Before she finished her words, a red string flew up and tied her straight up with a strong knot.

Her hands were tied together and raised high above her head, her beautiful figure on display.

“Shengzi Su, what are you doing?”

Alia looked at her dumbfounded.

Su Shi laughed coldly, “Since you said that I was harassing you, isn’t it too much of a loss for me not to do something?”

“You, how dare you!”

Alia said nervously, “All those outside are Royal Guards, if you dare to do something, I will shout!”

“Please yell, no one will come to save you even if you yell.”

Su Shi carried her towards the bed.

Alia squirmed as if she was a caterpillar.

But the difference between their realms was so great that she had no ability to struggle at all. Su Shi threw her onto the bed.

Sinking into the soft mattress, Alia looked confused and stammered; “You, you, stop it, you are incapable of doing this to Ren’er!”

Before she could say more, she only saw Su Shi sitting on the floor while kneeling down.

“Rest early, you have business to do tomorrow.”

Alia froze.

“Did you just scare me?”

Su Shi said indifferently, “I told you, I have no interest in washboards.”

“…… Nonsense, I’m not a washboard!”

Alia’s pink face flushed slightly as she glared at him angrily.

Just now, she almost thought that Su Shi would actually harass her.

This time she understood why Yu Ren’er always said that he was a “bad” person ……

He was so bad!

She looked down and muttered, “Where is the one that looks like a washboard? What an asshole!”

In the inn room.

Shenxiu paced anxiously.

“Where did Shengzi go?”

When he first entered the Saxin Kingdom, Su Shi told him to find a place to stay, but he himself could not be found anywhere.

It was now dark, yet there was still no sign of him at all.

“It can’t be that something has happened, right?”

“Or should I report it to the sect ……”

Right at this moment, he seemed to feel something.

Picking up the sect spirit jade, he only saw the light shining on it, and the fluctuations unique to the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect were faintly emitted

“This is a message from Shengzi!”

[I’m in the palace, all is safe.]

Deciphering the message, Shenxiu was relieved.

It was good that it was alright.

But why did Shengzi suddenly go to the palace?

Shenxiu cupped his chin, remembering the blonde-haired and blue-eyed princess of the Saxin Kingdom, and a smile swept across his eyes.

“Going to the palace to pick up a girl? Not bad for a Shengzi!”

Weiyang Capital, Zhaotian Palace.

It was already dark, but Feng Chaoge was still reading her report documents.

It had been a long time since she had returned to her bedroom.

It was because as soon as she stepped into her room, that person’s figure would appear in her mind.

With only constant preoccupation, she could barely distract herself.

At that moment, an imperial female official walked into the main hall with quick steps and said frantically: ”Your Majesty, something has happened!”

Feng Chaoge did not even raise her head, flipping through her documents, “What made you panic to forget your manners? Is it because there is trouble on the northern border again?”

The female official shook her head, “No, it’s about Duke Su.”


Feng Chaoge accidentally tore the folder in her hand in half.

The air was silent for a moment.

“What happened to Duke Su?”

Feng Chaoge’s voice was low.

The female official bowed her head low and said, “Western Region sent back reports that Duke Su was taken away by people from the Mochen Kingdom, apparently due to the murder of the Second Prince.”

Since the arrival of the Ambassador from the desert.

Holy Empress had sent someone to the desert to keep an eye on the Mochen Kingdom’s movements.

She did not expect that the other party actually dared to attack Su Shi!


The atmosphere dropped to freezing, the void seemed to rumble, and the entire bedroom trembled under the power of the majestic sky!

The female officer trembled as she knelt on the ground, breathing with difficulty.

“It seems that they didn’t heed my warning.”

“Well, then I’ll do what they want!”

“Pass on my decision, Major General Wei Su, lead 30,000 Huben troops to the Oasis in the Western Region and surround the Mochen Kingdom.”

“If anything happens to Duke Su, directly destroy the city and kingdom, staining the royal palace with blood!”

Feng Chaoge’s voice echoed throughout the hall.

“Huben Army?”

The female official looked surprised.

It was the Royal Guard that guarded the Emperor, and every single one of them was the best in the army.

Thirty thousand Huben could be a million divisions!

“Your Majesty, with such a mobilization, I’m afraid it will attract the discontent of the oasis countries, shouldn’t we send an envoy first ……”

Feng Chaoge’s voice was icy cold, “I have already given them the opportunity.”

“Su Shi is a hero of mankind, and moreover he is Duke Linlang! If I can’t even protect him, what qualifications do I have to call myself Empress?”

“Whoever of those Oasis kingdoms are interfering, let Wei Su destroy them all together!”

She was the most powerful person in the world, and she had even worked hard in government affairs to make Linlang a major power.

None of this was done to negotiate with others!

Looking at Feng Chaoge’s murderous eyes, the female official couldn’t help but shiver.

Her Majesty is really angry this time!

Saxin Kingdom, bedroom.

Alia opened her eyes in a daze.

Upon seeing the scene in front of her, her eyes immediately glazed over.

“Shengzi, Shengzi Su?!”


1. Huben Army

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