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Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Quite a Coincidence, I Can Do It Too

Su Hao looked at Earth Lord Dong Lan, whose head had been cut off, but was still lively, and couldn’t help but be amazed. “I didn’t even have the confidence to grow back my head after it’s been cut off. Is it a transformation of vitality or some other reason?”

Meanwhile, Earth Lord Dong Lan had undergone an earth-shattering transformation. The black crystal assimilated from the ground rapidly climbed up his body, continuously accumulating. He became taller and larger with every moment, turning into a giant nearly a hundred meters high within the blink of an eye.

Su Hao couldn’t help but curse, “Impressive! How didn’t I think of this?”

At this moment, Earth Lord Dong Lan seemed still unsure. A buzzing sound came from him as he said, “Bebe, I might not be able to defeat this Steel Armor King. Let’s eliminate him together. You block his vision and restrict his movements.”

In fact, Earth Lord Dong Lan was also getting scared. He couldn’t find a way to deal with his opponent, even “Tsunami” had been futile. So, he had transformed into a giant to not only enhance his attack power but also for self-defense. Once he turned into a hundred-meter giant with thick black crystal defenses, no one could easily break through. Moreover, nobody could guess his hiding place, a double benefit.

Just as Earth Lord Dong Lan finished speaking, Mist Lord Bebe began to act. Within a radius of a kilometer, a dark mist began to pervade and gradually darken. Su Hao’s vision became increasingly blurry, to the point where he could barely see objects within two meters.

The mist that enveloped Su Hao began to condense into serpentine shapes, which entwined around him. Su Hao had no way to evade, and in a moment, he was tightly bound.

Following that, the black serpentine shape slowly tightened, restricting all the joints in Su Hao’s body. Su Hao tried to move, but he found that these misty serpents, incredibly tenacious, were entangling his joints, making it challenging to exert force. The serpents also extended agile and spiky appendages into the gaps in his armor, even reaching his eyes, mouth, and nose.

Furthermore, the mist serpents had a faint corrosive effect, gradually eroding his armor.

Su Hao sealed his entire face with steel armor.

“Little Light, provide real-time simulation of the scene.”

Su Hao immediately gave the command to Little Light. In a matter of moments, his perception changed. The radar marked Earth Lord Dong Lan’s position and provided a basic description of the surroundings. For Su Hao, this was already sufficient. Whether he could see didn’t matter much anymore.

Just as the mist serpents tightly bound Su Hao, the giant form Earth Lord transformed into a huge foot and stomped down viciously.

Earth Lord Dong Lan clenched his teeth, continually strengthening the sole of his foot and the strength of the black crystal beneath Su Hao, trying to squash Steel Armor King completely and grind him into a pulp.

Then, Earth Lord Dong Lan experienced the sensation of stepping on a nail.


Earth Lord Dong Lan lifted his foot and found that Steel Armor King was unharmed, while there was an additional hole in the sole of his enormous foot.

Earth Lord Dong Lan was a little flustered. Was this not working? Was this Steel Armor King too impenetrable? He put his full power into the attack, yet he couldn’t even dislodge a few metal scraps from his opponent. Could it be that his previous Steel Armor King was fake?

“Maybe it’s better to run!” Suddenly, a thought popped into Earth Lord Dong Lan’s mind. Under normal circumstances, he would never give up so easily; he could wear down a mere Steel Armor King eventually. However, after the intense explosion earlier, he had depleted a significant amount of energy and had lost confidence in continuing the battle. There was a chance that a few more level-six mutants would come to the enemy’s aid during the battle. At that point, he wouldn’t be able to escape. Additionally, there was still a Origin Lord hiding somewhere in the city.

When mutants reached level six, they gained a new ability called “Damage Resistance.” This allowed them to control their internal energy to mitigate a significant amount of damage. The intense explosion just now had been sustained using “Damage Resistance,” but the energy consumption had been enormous.

Earth Lord Dong Lan suppressed his fleeting thought of running. In a battle, considering fleeing was a very dangerous notion. Fleeing required strategy, and it was entirely different from showing weakness. Showing weakness indicated that one’s will had been shattered, making it easy for enemies to seize the opportunity to strike.

Su Hao felt the mist serpents entangling him and was suddenly quite interested.

Level 2: Erosion!

Su Hao activated the first rune, using Erosion to combat Erosion. He wanted to see whose Erosion ability was more potent.


A vague and pitiful scream came from the void as the mist serpents entwining Su Hao suddenly loosened and disintegrated. Su Hao had regained his freedom.

Su Hao chuckled, realizing that his Level 2 Erosion was even more potent.

Then Su Hao discovered Mist Lord Bebe’s weakness.

It seemed that all attacks were ineffective against her, even explosions couldn’t harm her. However, her resistance to energy-type spells was quite low.

Su Hao had a basic understanding of Mist Lord’s characteristics, so it was time for him to go on the offensive.

“High temperature!”

Su Hao first activated the “High Temperature” rune on his own armor to prevent the mist serpents from binding him again and interfering with his movements.

“First, clear the mist and restore my vision!”

Su Hao exposed his nose and eyes, taking a deep breath.

“Steel Transformation!”

A large amount of cells and vital energy began to corrode the ground. However, he encountered an obstacle right from the start.

It was Earth Lord Dong Lan’s Black Crystal Transformation, and Earth Lord’s cells had a higher priority than Steel Armor King’s!

Su Hao smiled slightly, “No problem. If the quality isn’t enough, make up for it with quantity!”

Suddenly, a surge of vital energy erupted, carrying his cells. It shattered Earth Lord Dong Lan’s black crystal and began to spread outward. The black crystal-covered earth gradually turned into Su Hao’s steel armor.

“What’s going on?!” Earth Lord Dong Lan stared wide-eyed. His “Black Stone Earth” had gradually lost control, and all he could do was watch as the earth transformed from black crystal into steel armor.

Soon, the range of the steel armor exceeded five hundred meters, surpassing Earth Lord’s black stone earth. It converted all of his black crystal into steel armor and continued to spread outward, quickly exceeding a kilometer and extending beyond his field of vision.

“!!!” Earth Lord was left in shock and speechless, his mind in a daze.

The tiny Steel Armor King shouted, “Level 2 – Fire Dragon Domain!”

A pattern filled with beauty gradually formed and covered the entire area converted into steel.

The next moment:


A massive burst of flames erupted from underground, soaring into the sky, transforming the sky into a sea of raging flames wherever it went.

This was Su Hao’s Fire Dragon Domain, a continuous area damage skill.

“Ah!” A heart-wrenching scream came from mid-air.

“Bebe!” Earth Lord Dong Lan realized something and, with red eyes, shouted toward the sky.

Mist Lord Bebe’s mist had almost been burned away by Su Hao’s Fire Dragon as it erupted. Only a portion of the black mist high in the sky had escaped the destruction, allowing Bebe to survive.

As the Fire Dragon gradually subsided, the field turned into scorched earth, and the troublesome black mist had dissipated.

“Now, let’s deal with this giant!”

Without any visible action from Su Hao, a large amount of steel transformation surged beneath Earth Lord’s feet, suddenly erupting and entwining the hundred-meter-tall Earth Lord.

Then, Su Hao’s vital energy began to infiltrate the giant’s body, causing the black crystal on the giant’s body to be transformed into steel armor.

Realizing that things were not going well, Earth Lord Dong Lan immediately jumped off the giant’s body. As he fell freely towards the ground, two mist serpents coiled around him, carrying him into the sky.

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, watching Earth Lord and Mist Lord Bebe flying higher and higher into the sky. He said with astonishment, “Hmm? They’re flying high into the sky? What a coincidence, I can do that too!”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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