Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: Mr. Principal, you are truly my lucky star!

In the imperial palace of the capital city, in the Golden Imperial Hall, during the morning court.

“Your Majesty, I have been assigned the task of resolving the issue with the bandits! It has been over half a month now, and a total of 4282 bandits have been eliminated. The Northern Hebei region and its neighboring areas can no longer find a single bandit, and the threat of bandits has been completely eradicated. Please take notice, Your Majesty!” The chief of the Six Doors reported on the progress of eliminating the bandits.

The empress listened and was extremely delighted.

Imperial Uncle, can you still eat when you have lost so many soldiers and warriors? I really want to see your expression now! It must be quite a sight! Haha!

“Sir Guo, you have done a splendid job with this matter! I reward you with ten thousand taels of silver, one night pearl, and ten dragon eye pearls! In addition, everyone who participated in this matter will be rewarded with one thousand taels each!”

“Thank you for Your Majesty’s reward!” The chief of the Six Doors was very pleased.

This accomplishment and reward were almost like picking up for free. Because they didn’t have to sacrifice anything, not risking their lives or shedding blood and sweat. They were mainly responsible for acceptance and distribution of funds, and yet they managed to obtain this credit.

They were truly grateful for Mr. Principal!

The chief of the Six Doors suddenly realized that following Mr. Principal was a promising path! Previously, when they encountered two grandmasters, he and his brothers were prepared to sacrifice themselves for their country. However, the opponents easily moved the battlefield outside the capital city, resulting in no sacrifices and even gaining a substantial profit.

After that, the incident of seizing the military exercise ship was also informed by him, which allowed him to claim this credit.

On top of that, there was now this achievement…

Mr. Principal was truly his lucky star!

It seems that he should move around more in the future!

“Additionally, there is one person who deserves even greater rewards!” The empress smiled as she looked at Lin Beifan, “If it weren’t for Sir Lin’s brilliant plan, our court wouldn’t have been able to resolve the bandit issue so smoothly! Sir Lin, you deserve credit for your contribution!”

“Serving Your Majesty and alleviating Your Majesty’s worries is my duty!” Lin Beifan spoke loudly.

“I know that you lack nothing now, so I won’t reward you with anything! This accomplishment will be remembered for now, and when you have accumulated enough, I will reward you with a promotion!” The empress said loudly.

Lin Beifan knew that the empress was saving up credit for him again, and once it was enough, she would promote him a level!

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan responded.

“Your Majesty, during this process of eliminating the bandits, ten heroes emerged who each killed at least two hundred bandits! It was because of them that our operation against the bandits went so smoothly! As per Your Majesty’s request, I have already put up their names and spread their fame throughout the empire!” Chief Guo continued his report.

“Sir Guo, you have done a good job with this matter!” The empress nodded.

“There is one person among them who has exterminated 514 bandits and has become a great hero in the fight against the bandits! However, this person’s identity is extremely special, and the conditions he has proposed are also very unique. I couldn’t make a decision, so I have come to report to Your Majesty!”

The empress’s mood was good, “Who is this great hero, what are the conditions, and why couldn’t you make a decision?”

“Your Majesty, this person claims to be the Niu Mowang, but his original identity is Big Bull. He was the ringleader who led 30,000 soldiers in desertion and is currently a wanted fugitive by the court!”

There was an uproar in the court!

They never expected that the great hero in the fight against the bandits was actually a wanted fugitive!

And not just an ordinary wanted fugitive, but someone who previously killed an official of the court and led a desertion of 30,000 soldiers!

“And the condition this person has proposed is to have the warrant on his head canceled and to be pardoned for all his crimes! Due to the significance of this matter, I couldn’t make a decision, so I have come to report it to Your Majesty!”

The empress’s gaze became serious, “What are your thoughts, esteemed ministers? Speak your minds!”

“Your Majesty, absolutely not!” The Minister of War, Li Kaiguang, stood up, “This person killed a court official and committed treason, nearly causing irreparable damage to the court. His crimes are grave and he is unforgivable! If we agree to his request and pardon him for his crimes, where will the court’s laws and authority be? Please, Your Majesty, think carefully!”

“Please, Your Majesty, think carefully!” Other officials also stood up in agreement.

“Minister Li, how do you think we should proceed?” The empress asked.

“Your Majesty, I believe we should seize this opportunity to capture him and bring him to trial!” Li Kaiguang said loudly.

He lowered his head, his eyes flashed a hint of cunning.

It was this person who caused him to inexplicably bear the blame. It was this person who caused Lin Beifan to take advantage of the situation and raid his house, leading to him losing his wealth overnight.

The grudge was too deep. He must kill that person to relieve his heart’s hatred!

At this moment, Lin Beifan also stood up, “Your Majesty, I believe Minister Li’s approach is not appropriate!”

“What is inappropriate about it?” The empress asked.

“Our court has promised that those who become heroes in the fight against bandits can make a reasonable request to the court! If we disregard this promise and throw him into prison, wouldn’t we become a laughingstock in the eyes of the world? At that point, the court’s authority and reputation would suffer as well! Please, Your Majesty, think carefully!” Lin Beifan spoke loudly.

“Sir Lin, he is a wanted criminal of the court, and a traitor to the country! If we easily let him go, what if others follow suit? Can you bear the consequences of that?” Li Kaiguang exclaimed angrily.

Lin Beifan smiled, “Minister Li, that’s an exaggeration! What if others follow suit? They would first need the ability to do so. Can ordinary soldiers kill high-ranking officers? If they can, it means the officer is worthless, so we wouldn’t want them anyway!”

“But, as for others, would they follow suit and commit treason?”

Lin Beifan chuckled softly, “If they have good food, good shelter, and receive monthly military pay, and if their officers treat them well, who would be willing to commit treason? After all, treason is a matter of life and death, and who would be willing to take such a risk?”

“So, Minister Li’s words don’t have much reasoning behind them!”

The Minister of War, Li Kaiguang, was speechless after being refuted and had to change his approach.

“But what about the laws of the court? After all, he committed treason, he is a wanted criminal of the court, how can we easily pardon him? Yes, he has indeed accomplished something, but his accomplishments do not outweigh his crimes!”

“Indeed, his accomplishments do not outweigh his crimes, but we can make an exception!”

Lin Beifan bowed, “Your Majesty, whether to capture or release him, or to take other action, we must consider everything comprehensively, analyze the pros and cons, and make a decision that is most beneficial to the court!”

“First, capturing him! This way, the court indeed resolves a potential threat, but our reputation will be compromised! From this perspective, the cons outweigh the pros!”

“Next, releasing him! Although it preserves our reputation, it does indeed undermine our laws! And also, with him being outside, not bound by any restrictions, people may still feel uneasy. Again, the cons outweigh the pros!”

“Therefore, I have a third option: amnesty!”

“Amnesty?” The empress pondered, “Continue.”

“Amnesty has multiple advantages!”

Lin Beifan smiled, “Firstly, it can preserve the court’s reputation and authority, and it can also showcase the emperor’s benevolence, encouraging more people to choose to serve the court and devote themselves to Your Majesty’s rule!”

“Secondly, after welcoming him with amnesty, he will be under our watchful eyes. We can closely monitor him to prevent any further harm to the court. This way, everyone will feel more at ease!”

“Thirdly, this person has extraordinary abilities to subdue and conquer numerous bandits. Such talent should not be wasted! We can allow him to continue serving the court, continue achieving merit despite his guilt! Once his merits are sufficient, we can completely pardon his crimes. This way, the court’s laws will not be harmed!”

“Your Majesty, do you agree with this?”

“Sir Lin, your approach has won my favor!” The empress was delighted, “Let it be so! However, who will be in charge of him?”

“Your Majesty, let me take charge!” Guo, the head of the Six Doors, stepped forward and smiled, “This person is not only skilled, but also adept at tracking in the wilderness. The Six Doors just happen to need such talent!”

“Very well, let it be Sir Guo!”

In this way, the matter was settled.

The heroic bandit exterminator, Big Bull, who was a wanted criminal of the court and had committed unforgivable crimes, was not completely pardoned but was granted amnesty outside the boundaries of the court’s jurisdiction. However, he had to enter the Six Doors and undergo court supervision while continuing to serve the court and achieve merit with guilt.

One could say that this approach was highly appropriate, satisfying both the court’s face and its core interests, leaving no room for criticism!

When Big Bull learned of this, he was very happy.

Although his crimes were not completely pardoned, he had regained his freedom. He no longer needed to hide his face or fear being captured. He could openly meet his brothers.

Although he had to enter the Six Doors and be under court supervision, serving the court.

But from another perspective, he was now eating the government’s food. Many people would love to have the opportunity to enter the Six Doors, but they didn’t have the connections.

As long as he didn’t make any mistakes, he could live a peaceful life.

So, he followed the skilled members of the Six Doors and went to the capital to meet Guo.

“I am a humble… subordinate, Big Bull. I pay my respects to Master Guo!”

Guo inspected Big Bull from head to toe and nodded in satisfaction, “Not bad, you are talented! I heard you are particularly skilled in tracking. You have found many bandits hiding in the wilderness. The Six Doors just happen to need someone like you!”

“Do your best! And as for the crimes on your record, don’t worry about it. When your merits are sufficient, I will request the empress to completely pardon your sins!”

“Yes, Master!” Big Bull rejoiced.

“But, you really have a boldness! The court was searching for you everywhere, yet you dared to come and kill bandits, and even dared to propose such conditions to the court. You are so impulsive! Do you know that your life was nearly forfeit?” Guo scolded.

Big Bull was shocked, “Then why…”

“Isn’t it because of Sir Lin?” Guo smiled, “If it weren’t for Sir Lin defending you in court, speaking on your behalf, you would have been finished! After all, you committed the crime of treason, nearly causing heavy losses to the court. It’s already fortunate that your head is still on your shoulders!”

“Siri Lin…” Big Bull’s gaze became complicated, and his emotions were also complex.

He remembered the young man he met two months ago!

It was him who took action, swiftly resolving the rebellion and giving him a way out, leaving a deep impression!

But he never expected that it was him again, saving his life in court!

The two had met by chance, with no grudges or favors. Why was he so kind to him?

Big Bull bowed respectfully, “Master Guo, I would like to ask for your permission to take a leave and express my gratitude to Sir Lin. May I have your permission?”

“This should be done. You may go! Please convey my regards to Sir Lin!”

And so, Big Bull bought some valuable gifts and went to the Lin family to express his gratitude to Lin Beifan.

He solemnly stated that if there was ever a need, he would spare no effort to repay the debt of saving his life.

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