Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: The Hero List is Out, and the Martial World has Gone Crazy!

This matter involves the martial world, so it naturally falls under the responsibility of the Six Doors.

Therefore, the bounty list was posted.

To solve the problem of bandits in the northern region of Hebei, the imperial court offered a generous reward of ten taels of silver for each bandit’s head.

At the same time, a Hero List was released, and the top ten individuals who kill bandits can be on the list, known as heroes, spreading their fame far and wide for everyone to know.

The person who ranks first will be hailed as the Great Hero who exterminates bandits.

They can propose a reasonable condition to the imperial court, and the court will consider and grant it as appropriate.
When this imperial list was released, it shocked the martial world and sparked heated discussions.

“The bounty list, with ten taels of silver for each bandit’s head? If you kill dozens of them, wouldn’t it be hundreds of taels?”

“Are bandits really that easy to kill? If it’s so easy, the imperial court would have taken action themselves. Why would they leave it to others? If one doesn’t have a certain level of martial arts cultivation, going after the bounty list is seeking death!”

“And then there’s the Hero List. Being on the top ten for killing enemies, you can become a hero and be famous throughout the land! If you do well, wouldn’t you become renowned?”

“Lastly, the person who kills the most bandits can propose a condition to the imperial court! This condition is so tempting. If I want to become an official, would the court agree? Maybe not as a high-ranking official, but as a low-ranking one?”

“This condition really makes me tempted!”

Countless martial artists were tempted.

They came out to roam the martial world, didn’t they want to uphold justice and make a name for themselves?

Now there was a perfect opportunity!

Going to kill bandits, isn’t that upholding justice?

Climbing up the Hero List, becoming a bandit exterminating hero, wouldn’t that make their name known?

Moreover, killing bandits can also earn money. Becoming a great hero who exterminates bandits, the imperial court would even grant them a reasonable condition!

They could uphold justice, earn money, gain fame, and even make wishes…

This imperial list satisfied all their needs!
“Aren’t they just small bandits? Even if they’re strong, can they overpower my blade?”

“I happen to need money. I’ll go kill a few bandits for fun!”

“Today, I will go kill bandits and become a bandit-slaying hero!”

Countless martial artists, sharpening their blades, rushed towards the northern region of Jibei.

Among this group of martial artists, there was a burly man with his face covered, only revealing a pair of eyes. He looked at this imperial list with eager eyes and muttered excitedly to himself, “If I can become a bandit-exterminating hero, perhaps I can…”

He touched the blade in his hand and clenched his teeth,

“Those who dare, win. Let’s do it!”

Then, without hesitation, he turned and left, heading towards Northern Hebei.

Northern Hebei and the surrounding areas became bustling.

A middle-aged man in his thirties, with a thick waist and broad shoulders, suddenly stopped a group of bandits.

Arrogantly laughing, he said, “You must be the bandits, right? I happen to need money, so I’ll use your heads to earn some and become a bandit-slaying hero, haha!”

The leader of the bandits was furious, saying, “Let’s see if you have the ability! Brothers, kill him!”

In the time it took to burn half an incense stick, the middle-aged man withdrew his sword and looked at the bodies on the ground, sneering, “You think you can be bandits with this level of skill? You overestimate yourselves!”
In another place, two young heroes tracked down a group of bandits.

“Are you the bandits wanted by the court? You’re carrying so many things, looks like you haven’t stopped robbing! Today, I will uphold justice and kill you!”

Without hesitation, they drew their swords and attacked.

In the time it took to burn half an incense stick, they left behind the bodies on the ground and left.

“Senior brother, I’ll go kill the next batch!”

“You’re right, junior brother!”

In other places, scenes of martial artists hunting down bandits were playing out everywhere.

These martial artists faced the bandits fearlessly and directly drew their weapons, excitedly shouting and killing.
It must be said that using martial artists to deal with bandits was the perfect match.

Because if you didn’t have any skills, you wouldn’t dare to venture into the martial world and would have died long ago.
As a result, in less than a day, many people came to report to the government.

“Haha, today I killed thirteen bandits and came to report!”
A burly man with a face full of beard entered the government office, carrying a sack.

He opened the sack and poured out a pile of bloody right palms.

The person in charge of receiving the report was an expert from the Six Sects. He carefully verified the authenticity of each right palm.

To prevent others from killing innocents for personal gain, they came up with this method of verification.

First, they could tell if the hand belonged to someone who often held a sword or other weapon. With their rich experience, they could tell at a glance.

Second, those who became bandits must have stronger abilities than ordinary people, usually possessing some internal martial arts skills. A hand that had been nurtured by internal martial arts and that of an ordinary person were different, and they could discern it.

With this method, they could basically determine the authenticity of the hand.

Of course, one could also kill other martial artists and claim their hands for credit.

However, martial artists were more difficult to kill, and their numbers were limited.

With this time and energy, it was better to kill more bandits.

“A total of thirteen bandits, so the bounty is 130 taels. Please take it!” The expert from the Six Sects accepted the sack of right palms and handed over the bounty.

The other person accepted the money and curiously asked, “By the way, Your Honor, I killed thirteen bandits. What rank am I now?”

The official from the Six Doors smiled and said, “It seems like you want to make it onto the Hero List?”

The other person arrogantly replied, “Of course! Is it just for a few measly silver coins?”

“Alright, I’ll give you a waist plaque that represents your identity. With this, your military achievements can be accumulated! What’s your name?” The official from the Six Doors took out a specially made waist plaque and asked.

“My name is Zhao Hu!”

The expert engraved the words “Zhao Hu” on the waist plaque and also recorded Zhao Hu’s name in another booklet before handing over the waist plaque to him.

“In the future, when you come to turn in the bandit heads, use this waist plaque for registration. Your military achievements will be accumulated! Our Hero List will be updated every day at noon and posted, so keep an eye out!”

“Thank you, Your Honor. I, Zhao Hu, will take my leave!”

Afterwards, many martial arts experts came to claim their rewards with bloody palms.

In just one day, over 300 bandits had been killed, and the results were remarkable.

As a result, the rankings for the first edition of the Hero List were released, causing a heated discussion.

“The rankings for the first edition of the Hero List are out! Zhang Long is in first place, having killed 32 bandits, impressive!”

“The second place is also remarkable, a person named Zhao Hu, who killed 17!”

“The following rankings have many people as well, all true heroes!”

“Ah! I was just a step away from making it onto the Hero List. If I had known, I would have made an extra effort and killed more bandits!”

“That’s right, let’s go, tonight we’ll kill bandits all night long and make sure we’re on the Hero List tomorrow!”

Countless martial artists were stimulated.

Those who made it onto the Hero List felt inspired and proud, while those who didn’t felt like they had been injected with chicken blood, and they vigorously pursued.

A scene of competing and chasing unfolded.

Among these people, there was a tall and sturdy individual.

He had a sack draped over his shoulder, emitting a faint smell of blood.

At this moment, he was solemnly looking at the list, saying to himself, “I came late by one day, looks like I must catch up!”
Without hesitation, he turned and left, heading towards the government office.

Upon seeing the official from the Six Doors who was responsible for the reception, he placed the sack from his shoulder on the ground, revealing several bloody palms.
“I’ve come to claim my reward!”

The official looked at the other party’s appearance, and although he was curious, he didn’t ask further questions.

In the martial arts world, there are all kinds of people, and no matter how unique their appearance may be, he had seen it all before. It’s best not to inquire too much in the martial arts world, so as not to annoy anyone and cause unnecessary trouble.

“A total of seven bandits, here’s 70 taels of silver, take it!”
The person accepted the money and said, “Give me a waist plaque!”

“What’s your name?”

“I am called… Niu Mowang (Great Bull Demon King)!”

The name was also peculiar, more like a title, but the Six Sects’ member didn’t ask further and handed over the waist plaque with the engraved characters.
… … …
After leaving the government office, the person looked back and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Gazing forward with determination, he said to himself, “Continue to kill bandits, strive to become a great hero in suppressing bandits!”

Subsequently, more and more martial artists came to fulfill their tasks and claim their rewards.

The Hero List was released every day, with new heroes appearing every day!

Everyone competed and pursued, striving to become heroes on the list, the competition was intense!

And gradually, this list spread from the Northern Hebei region to the entire country, attracting nationwide attention.

“The competition is too intense, the top spot changes every day!”

“Yes, yesterday was in first place, today dropped to fifth, overtaken by four people!”

“We won’t know who the hero is until the last moment!”

“Now, it’s about who can stay longer, the one who stays the longest can be considered a hero!”

“That’s right! However, I think that person, the one called Niu Mowang, is quite impressive. Since making it onto the list, he hasn’t fallen off and has been steadily ranked! Although his name isn’t at the top, he’s exceptionally consistent!”

“I’ve been paying attention to this Niu Mowang, let’s see if he can make it to the top!”

The heroes on the list also became famous across the country, more famous than many long-established heroes and chivalrous figures!

As a result, even more envious martial artists were mobilized to go to Northern Hebei region to kill bandits.

The head of the Six Doors specially came to find Lin Beifan and had a cup of tea with him. He raised his thumb and said, “Principal Lin, your method is truly amazing! With a negligible cost, you’ve managed to mobilize so many martial artists to go to Jibeiland to suppress the bandits! Ever since I joined the Six Doors, I’ve never seen this group of martial artists so active! Haha!”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “As the saying goes, where there’s no profit, there’s no motivation! I give them money, give them fame, and there’s a huge promise from the court waiting for them. I don’t believe they won’t be motivated!”

“You’re right! In this official’s opinion, it may take less than half a month to solve the bandit problem! Principal Lin, you have once again achieved a great accomplishment, congratulations!” Guo, the head of the Six Doors, smiled and bent his hand.

“Thank you, thank you! Master Guo, you have also achieved something, haven’t you?” Lin Beifan also bent his hand.

“Everything is thanks to Principal Lin’s blessings! If such good things happen in the future, don’t forget about this official, haha!”

“Of course, of course!”

The two laughed heartily and were very happy.

At this moment, Lin Beifan thought of the prince of Northern Hebei and wondered if he had gone mad with anger?

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