Chapter 17

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=== 017 Blood Energy Enhancement Wave ===

A month later, Su Hao had grown taller and his body had become more solid. He no longer looked like a three-and-a-half-year-old child, but more like… a four-year-old? Actually, it was pretty close. In terms of vitality, Su Hao felt that he was no longer like a soft child.

Su Hao woke up from his visualization, feeling the vigorous blood energy within his body, and a smile appeared in his eyes.

“The speed of blood energy conversion has indeed increased. My train of thought was correct.”

In the past month, after each visualization, Su Hao would use the small light to compare the differences before and after, in order to find out why visualizing the “Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual” could transform blood energy.

Finally, half a month ago, he discovered a clue. During the process of visualizing in the brain, a special signal would be transmitted, which would have subtle effects on the body’s functions. It was like deceiving the body, making it believe that the substance it urgently needed was blood energy, thus prioritizing the conversion of nutrients into blood energy and storing it throughout the body.

This made Su Hao couldn’t help but be amazed. The people of this world had such innovative ideas, actually creating a path for unlimited improvement in personal strength. Indeed, the power of thought has no limits, and everything is possible.It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s just that the knowledge you have is not enough!

Su Hao suddenly became curious about this world, and the desire for learning deep within his soul was about to burst out.

In the next half month, Su Hao started to focus on that special signal, conducting in-depth research on it. Up until now, he has made great progress and named this special signal “Blood Qi Strengthening Wave”.

He began to attempt to control the generation and disappearance of the “Blood Qi Strengthening Wave” through consciousness, thus controlling the efficiency of blood energy conversion. With the help of Pinball Space, after continuous comparisons, he found a method two days ago. When he gave it a try, it was indeed successful. In these two days, the speed of blood energy conversion significantly increased, far surpassing the speed of conversion in the “Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual”.

Indeed, technology is productivity. Although the people in this world have created an extraordinary path for ordinary people through ingenious ideas, they lack a large amount of reference data, whether it is in terms of lifestyle or production methods. They are still in an era of primitive exploration based on feelings.

The reason why he can achieve what people in this world can’t and make such rapid progress is thanks to the advanced knowledge he learned in his previous life, as well as Pinball Space’s powerful data processing ability. Su Hao knows that he is not a true genius; he is just an ordinary person who has mastered a large amount of advanced knowledge.

Su Hao put away his arrogance and secretly decided: “If I can survive smoothly, I will bring change to this world. Let the people in this world grasp more knowledge and truly stand at the pinnacle of the world, becoming the eternal rulers of the Yonghe (Eternal Harmony) continent.”

At this moment, Su Hao felt full of strength throughout his body. Within his small body, there was a vigorous blood energy, as if he had inexhaustible power. Now, he at least had some power to resist, no longer as weak as when he was newly reincarnated.

Su Hao flipped over and jumped, his toes leaving the ground to a height of one meter, and then lightly landed on the ground, stable.


With his height of less than one meter, he was able to jump one meter. This was unimaginable in the past.

Wu Yuntian beside him suddenly frowned and asked, “Xiangwu, why has the speed of your blood energy growth increased in the past two days?”

Su Hao smiled proudly and said, “Father, when I was contemplating the ‘Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual’, I discovered that my brain would emit a special fluctuation, which I call the ‘Blood Qi Strengthening Wave’. As long as I control this blood energy strengthening wave, I can freely control the speed of blood energy conversion, as fast as I want. The speed of blood energy growth today is not the fastest yet; it can still be faster.”

Wu Yuntian was at a loss for a long time before shaking his head and saying, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about. But Xiangwu, let me remind you that blood energy conversion should not exceed the limits of your own body.”

“Understood.” Su Hao nodded and curiously asked, “Father, has your blood energy reached the limit your physical body can bear?”

Wu Yuntian shook his head and said, “No, reaching the limit is very difficult. After a certain amount of blood energy, there will be a bottleneck, and it becomes very difficult to surpass it.”

“Is it very difficult?” Su Hao blinked his eyes. When he was converting his blood energy today, he clearly felt a momentary stagnation in the concentration of blood energy, and it no longer increased. He simply adjusted the intensity of the “Blood Qi Strengthening Wave” a little, and easily surpassed it. Could this bottleneck that his father mentioned be what he experienced?

Su Hao cautiously said to Wu Yuntian, “Father, why don’t you try my method? Maybe it can help you break through your current bottleneck.”

After thinking for a moment, Wu Yuntian thought that giving it a try wouldn’t hurt. He wasn’t the kind of narrow-minded and conceited person who would hesitate to learn just because Su Hao was his son.

Seeing Wu Yuntian nod, Su Hao thought for a moment and said, “Father, let me teach you how to use the ‘Blood Qi Strengthening Wave’!”

Then Su Hao began his instruction, and Wu Yuntian listened carefully. Afterward, he sat cross-legged on the ground and began to convert his blood energy. However, after trying for a while, he couldn’t find the “Blood Qi Strengthening Wave” that Su Hao mentioned.

After two hours of trying, seeing Wu Yuntian’s worried expression, Su Hao comforted him, “Father, don’t worry. It’s similar to when you were searching for blood energy back then. It may take some time.”

Wu Yuntian nodded silently, quickly forgiving himself. Indeed, the world of geniuses is hard to understand.

With nothing else to do, Su Hao went to the valley to exercise. He had gotten used to exhausting himself every day.

After arriving at the valley, he saw three little brats, He Qingqing, Lu Hongtao, and Fatty.

These three little brats were fooled by Su Hao and followed him in running for a whole month. Fatty visibly became thinner. Now, each of them thought they were exceptionally smart individuals at Chashan Village, competing to ask Su Hao questions to prove their talent.

These little brats’ enthusiasm made Su Hao speechless. He didn’t have the time to entertain them, let alone think about questions like “5+6 equals what” or “7-1 equals what”.

In the past, he would give in when he couldn’t beat them. But today, Su Hao didn’t plan to give in. Feeling the surging power throughout his body, he was full of confidence.

Each of these little brats can be considered one, and he would knock them all down. Afterward, no one would bother him anymore. Hahaha!

When He Qingqing, who was playing with dirt, saw Su Hao, her eyes lit up immediately. Excitedly, she said, “Xiangwu! Over here, come quickly. We are making mud people.”

Su Hao immediately refused, saying, “No!”


“I never play with fools.”

“But we have become smart!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, you said it yourself.”

Su Hao scratched his head and said, “Alright, you have indeed become smarter, but I haven’t finished saying something.”


“I never play with weak people!”

He Qingqing angrily pouted, pointing at Su Hao and shouted, “Lu Hongtao, Fatty, beat him up!”

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