Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: No Mercy in Drug Dealing

The computer’s glow illuminated Zhou Quan’s contorted and frenzied face.

Zhou Quan’s thoughts were simple.

Since this newcomer dared to snatch his business, he had to make this guy pay the price!

He needed to let him know that some things couldn’t be touched casually.

Moreover, this newcomer’s reputation was growing rapidly within the circle.

If he didn’t eliminate him, sooner or later, he would threaten Zhou Quan’s position.

Zhou Quan had finally managed to establish himself in this vast online trading network.

How could he allow someone else to threaten his position?

The other drug dealers hadn’t reacted yet.

Zhou Quan started sending messages in the group again.

“This guy is too arrogant, I’ve decided to end his life!”

Because Zhou Quan was considered the leader in the group, his words carried weight.

So, after he finished speaking, someone cautiously inquired.

“Boss, how should we kill him?”

Zhou Quan pondered for a moment before sending a message in the group.

“Directly send a larger amount of ice drugs from that guy’s shipping address!”

“Send a quantity that would warrant a death penalty all at once, then tip off the authorities about the package.”

“Get rid of him!”

Zhou Quan’s plan could be described as extremely malicious.

They all knew that Ji Yan, at most, sold ten grams of ice drugs at once.

They had also analyzed Ji Yan’s purpose for doing so.

It was simply to avoid arousing suspicion from the police.

In case he got caught, having a smaller amount could lead to a lighter sentence.

But Zhou Quan was determined not to make things easy for Ji Yan!

After Zhou Quan laid out his plan, the group fell silent.

No one responded to Zhou Quan’s words.

Their silence wasn’t due to a change of heart.

In the drug dealing business, who had a soft heart?

Which drug dealer didn’t carry a few lives on their back, ruthless and cold-blooded?

The silence was merely because of Zhou Quan’s proposition to send a quantity of drugs that could warrant a death penalty using Ji Yan’s address.

According to the law, they needed to send at least two hundred grams of ice drugs.

This wasn’t a small amount.

Even if they considered the price they got the ice drugs for, it would still cost them fifty to sixty thousand.

This was not a small sum.

And after this series of actions, those two hundred grams of ice drugs would be confiscated directly.

Money, once gone, would never return.

Additionally, obtaining ice drugs was quite challenging now.

None of these drug dealers were willing to put their own merchandise on the line.

If they were asked to pay, they thought that teaching Ji Yan a lesson would be sufficient.

There was no need to incur such massive losses just to take his life.

The drug dealers fell into silence.

They were hesitating whether to advise Zhou Quan to give up this idea.

Seeing everyone staying quiet, Zhou Quan could already guess what was on their minds.

“Huh, we’re always hanging out together, but when I need your help, you play dead!”

A trace of ruthlessness appeared on Zhou Quan’s face.

He continued speaking directly in the group.

“I’ll cover the ice drugs required for this plan myself!”

“However… I need help from our brothers in the Sichuan province.”

Seeing Zhou Quan saying he would cover all the ice drugs, the others felt relieved.

To alleviate the awkwardness caused by their previous silence, the drug dealers began to echo Zhou Quan’s plan.

“Boss is amazing! This plan is seamless!”

“Boss is awesome. I’ve been annoyed by that newcomer for a while!”

“Doesn’t this mean we need at least two hundred grams of merchandise? Boss is really investing big this time!”

“Don’t worry, boss. As long as you give the word, I’ll definitely help!”

“Getting rid of that guy wouldn’t make much of a difference to us anyway.”

“I’m in the Sichuan province, boss. I’ll help you with the shipping.”


Everyone was echoing Zhou Quan’s proposition, declaring their intention to eliminate Ji Yan.

They were willing to provide effort, but not money.

A drug dealer from Sichuan province stepped forward and said he could help Zhou Quan with the delivery.

Zhou Quan ignored the other drug dealers who were just talking.

Instead, he opened a private chat window with the drug dealer from Sichuan province.

“Ma Lian, are you willing to help me ship it?”

Zhou Quan and this person were acquainted from before.

However, they had always used nicknames when communicating, without revealing each other’s real names.

“Yeah, Brother Zhou, I’m in Sichuan now. Of course, I’m going to help you out!”

The drug dealer referred to as Ma Lian replied swiftly.

Seeing this response, Zhou Quan finally felt relieved.

He still trusted Ma Lian more.

Before Zhou Quan even conceived the idea of killing Ji Yan, he had already obtained Ji Yan’s shipping address in advance.

He had been in this circle for so long.

Not being able to get such information would be embarrassing.

He sent Ji Yan’s shipping address and his recent orders to Ma Lian all at once.

After some thought, Zhou Quan also transferred 160,000 yuan to Ma Lian’s account.

“Ma Lian, just send five hundred grams of ice drugs directly!”

“I want to make sure this guy is as good as dead!”

Zhou Quan based the amount he transferred on the market price of ice drugs.

He even included some extra money for Ma Lian’s trouble.

Seeing that Zhou Quan wanted to send five hundred grams of ice drugs directly, Ma Lian was extremely shocked.

However, Ma Lian didn’t say anything.

He agreed on the spot.

The two of them then covertly discussed the specific details of the operation online.

When the other drug dealers in the group learned that Zhou Quan had sent five hundred grams of ice drugs, they were also incredibly shocked.

Sichuan Province, that afternoon.

As before, Ji Yan sent out three packages according to orders for which he had already received payment.

He chose packages that were relatively distant from Sichuan Province, just like before.

This way, the rock candy incident wouldn’t be exposed so soon!

After sending those three packages, Ji Yan returned to the candy store.

He didn’t plan to go out and send things again today.

“Alright, your packages have been sent. Just wait patiently.”

Ji Yan copied and pasted this message and sent it to the three buyers.

“Thanks, bro, this is really solid!”

Several buyers expressed their gratitude one after another.

Ji Yan didn’t engage in further conversation with them.

Instead, he turned around and continued adding other addicts who were interested in buying rock candy from him.

His small business was flourishing.

At this moment, Ji Yan, who was still active online, had no inkling that a massive conspiracy was closing in on him.

Two hours later.

A man wearing a black baseball cap appeared at the courier station where Ji Yan often sent packages.

The man had a mask on, and his eyes carried a sinister gaze.

He was none other than Ma Lian, who had taken on Zhou Quan’s task.

After discussing matters with Zhou Quan, Ma Lian wasted no time in driving from another city to this location.

His goal was to send a package from Ji Yan’s address.

Ma Lian wore his cap low, covering his head.

He headed straight to the elderly man who managed the shipping at the courier station.

“Sir, sending a package!”

The elderly man was busy sorting packages from the past couple of days and didn’t pay much attention to the suspicious-looking Ma Lian.

He simply handed the package slip over to him.

“Fill it out yourself!”

Ma Lian took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

On the paper was the receiving address of a package that Ji Yan had sent out yesterday.

Zhou Quan had gone to great lengths to obtain this information.

Ma Lian didn’t waste much time, quickly copying the address onto the package slip.

He handed the slip, along with the small box containing five hundred grams of ice drugs, to the elderly man.

“Okay, sir, could you please arrange for this package to be expedited?”

After settling the shipping fee, Ma Lian hurriedly left the courier station and disappeared into the city.

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