Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: What turning over a new leaf? I have always been a law-abiding citizen!

Next, Lin Beifan, along with Liu Rumei and the second protagonist, arrived at a newly opened bar.

The owner was a second generation rich kid and also one of Lin Beifan’s friends.

Since it had just opened, the bar hosted many events, attracting a lot of customers, so the atmosphere was very lively, with people dancing everywhere, it was crazy.

At this moment, someone casually leaned on Lin Beifan’s shoulder.

“Haha! Brother, you finally came! I’ve invited you so many times, but you always stood me up! Tell me, where have you been having fun all these days? You even ignored your good brother! If you don’t explain clearly, don’t expect to go back tonight. I’ll get someone to get you drunk and find a few women for you!”

This person was the bar’s owner, He Xiuwen.

His name sounded sophisticated, but he didn’t receive much education, so he spoke very crudely.

He was rich, liked to indulge in pleasure, which was why he specifically opened this bar for his own convenience.

However, despite his various shortcomings, he had one good point: he valued emotions and loyalty.

In the original work, Lin Beifan eventually went crazy. It was only this person who admitted him to a mental hospital, arranged the best medical facilities for him, and visited him every couple of days.

So, in the previous life, Lin Beifan helped him out.

In response, He Xiuwen immediately entered the entertainment industry and became one of Lin Beifan’s assistants.

Lin Beifan helplessly said, “I’ve been in a relationship during this time, so I haven’t had any free time!”

He Xiuwen was very surprised, “You’re actually in a relationship? Which woman needs you to make such a fuss? Isn’t it just a matter of holding hands for you, the wealthy young master?”

“The President of Song Hospital, Song Yuqing!”

He Xiuwen was even more surprised, “She’s one of the two golden flowers of the Mo Hai Entertainment? The dream lover of so many people! If everyone knew that you two were dating, they would definitely be heartbroken! So, how’s your relationship going? Have you slept together?”

“Vulgar!” Lin Beifan scorned, “I’m in a sweet and beautiful relationship. How can I use the word ‘slept together’?”

“What nonsense! Isn’t dating all about that?” He Xiuwen laughed and cursed.

Lin Beifan shook his head, “I can’t reason with someone as vulgar as you.”

The other person smoked and frowned, “So, are you planning to turn over a new leaf?”

Lin Beifan was not convinced, “What turning over a new leaf? I have always been a law-abiding citizen!”

He Xiuwen cursed, “You’re spewing bullshit! It was you who led me astray in the first place, and I got deeply involved while you just left! You actually have the nerve to call yourself a law-abiding citizen? But, if you really manage to pursue Song Yuqing, I’ll give you a huge red packet. It’s good for your reputation!”

At this point, he noticed the two people beside Lin Beifan.

“By the way, who are these two?”

Lin Beifan introduced, “The woman’s name is Liu Rumei, she is the secretary my dad arranged for me! The man is Ye Xingchen, my bodyguard, and he’s really skilled! They are both my good friends!”

“Your friends are my friends too! Come here often in the future!” He Xiuwen pulled the three of them to a prime location where they could directly see the stage performance.

At the same time, a few young models were also sitting in this area. When they saw Lin Beifan, they immediately rushed over, saying coquettishly, “Young Master Lin! Young Master He… you’re here!”

Lin Beifan shooed them away, “Go to his side, I don’t need women!”

He Xiuwen laughed heartily, “He already has a sweetheart. He doesn’t care for you ordinary girls. Come to my side!”

Then, He Xiuwen put his arm around one of the young models’ shoulder and sat on the spacious sofa, generously saying, “Everyone, take a seat. Eat and drink as you like. Tonight, all the drinks are on the house!”

Lin Beifan also said, “Everyone, please take a seat!”

Liu Rumei frowned and surveyed the surroundings.

She didn’t want to sit too close to He Xiuwen, as he reeked of smoke and alcohol, which was especially unpleasant. She also didn’t want to sit too close to those young models, as they were coy and shameless, which annoyed her.

Finally, she sat next to Lin Beifan, the two of them sitting close together, feeling each other’s warmth.

Liu Rumei blushed and explained, “Don’t overthink it, I just didn’t want to sit too close to them!”

Lin Beifan considerately said, “I understand. I ordered some drinks for you!”

Liu Rumei acted spoiled, “Hmph! Consider it having a bit of conscience!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

Meanwhile, our second protagonist, Ye Xingchen, didn’t sit down. He stood behind Lin Beifan, fulfilling his role as a guardian and bodyguard, being very diligent and responsible.

He Xiuwen gestured to him, “Brother, don’t just stand there, sit here. Are you still worried about safety when you’re with me?”

Lin Beifan also said, “Xingchen, sit down! This is Brother He’s territory, very safe! You’ve been following me all day, you must be tired, rest and have something to drink!”

“Yes, Boss Lin!” Ye Xingchen found a seat nearby and sat down.

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