Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Such a beautiful woman confesses her love and you refuse?

“Has Miss Li found her significant other?”

“Who is it? Who is so lucky?”

“Please tell us, Miss Li!”

Everyone was curious and eager to know.

Facing the questioning, Li Shi Shi smiled and pointed to Lin Bei Fan sitting on the second floor: “This person is the new top scholar Lin Beifan who is sitting on the high platform!”

Lin Bei Fan, who was drinking, choked and coughed.

Everyone turned their heads in shock.

“The new top scholar Lin Bei Fan?”

“Miss Li has her eyes on the top scholar?”

“Really him?”

Zhao Yuanwai laughed heartily, “Haha! Mister Scholar, you really made me guess right. Miss Li has her eyes on you! I knew it, intelligent women always love talented men! You both, a talented man and a beautiful woman, are a perfect match! Congratulations!”

Lin Bei Fan was dumbfounded, pointing to himself: “Me? Are you sure? Miss Li, we have never met before, this is our first time meeting. Why do you like me?”

Li Shi Shi blushed with a smile, her beauty indescribable: “Sir Lin, although we have never met before, I have admired you for a long time! Your talent, your demeanor, have always captivated me! So I take this opportunity to confess my feelings, hoping that you can accept them!”

For a moment, envy and jealousy filled the gaze of those around them.

“Damn! So Miss Li has already set her sights on the scholar!”

“And she even confessed her feelings publicly!”

“Is it just because he’s handsome? Is talent all that matters?”

As a beautiful woman confessed to him, Lin Bei Fan’s heart couldn’t help but flutter.

Looking at the envious eyes of the men around him, he felt even more flattered.

He couldn’t help but sigh, it was hard to not cause strong reactions wherever he went due to his looks. Even Miss Li couldn’t escape his charm. It’s a headache!

However, he was still very clear-headed.

He raised his cup and smiled, “Thank you for your kindness, Miss Li. However, I believe that love is about mutual attraction. It’s true that you like me, but I’ve only met you for the first time today, and to me, you’re just a familiar stranger. It’s not love or affection. Therefore, let’s not talk about these things again!”

Everyone was once again shocked.

“Lin Bei Fan, he actually rejected her?”

“He actually rejected Miss Li’s confession?”

“Is he blind? How can he reject such a good woman?”

Li Si Shi was a little confused that the other party had actually rejected her.

And it didn’t seem like there was any hesitation! Was she not attractive enough? For the first time, she began to doubt her looks.

However, she didn’t give up. If she didn’t follow Lin Beifan, she would only fall into the hands of Gao Yanei, and the situation would be extremely miserable!

“I’m sorry, Sir Lin, for being impolite!”

Li Si Shi immediately apologized, “But I hope Sir Lin can give me a chance to serve by your side, lighting candles, grinding ink, adding fragrance, and serving tea, that would be enough for me in this lifetime!”

The crowd was shocked for the third time. “F*ck! Miss Si Shi just confessed for the second time! And she loves so humbly!”

“What merit did Lin Beifan accumulate to receive Si Shi’s love?”

“What’s there to hesitate about? If it were me, I would immediately agree!”

“With such a beautiful woman, one lifetime is enough!”

…Lin Beifan was confused again. I rejected you, you’re still coming?

To be honest, looking at Li Si Shi’s charming and admiring appearance, he couldn’t help but be moved. However, as someone who could run away at any time, was it really a good idea to find a wife?

Lin Beifan quickly waved his hand, “No need, I can do things like lighting candles, grinding ink, adding fragrance, and serving tea by myself, so there’s no need to trouble Miss Si Shi. Moreover, I currently have no plans to get married and have children!”

The crowd was shocked for the fourth time.

“Lin Beifan rejected her again?”

“Is he impotent? How could he not be attracted to such a beautiful woman?”

“If it were me, I’d be willing to lose ten years of my life!”

“I suspect there’s something wrong with his brain!”…

At this moment, Li Si Shi was once again confused, did he reject her again?

“I am already so humble, yet you still reject me?”

With a look of grievance and a tone that was equally mournful, “Sir Lin, why do you repeatedly reject me? Did I do something wrong? Or is it that my delicate beauty is not to your liking?”

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were broken. When did Miss Si Shi become so sad and sorrowful?

Everyone turned their heads to glare at Lin Beifan angrily, wishing they could chop him up as a heartless scoundrel!

Lin Beifan: “…”

He felt very innocent!

I didn’t do anything, why are you all looking at me like that?

Lin Beifan smiled bitterly: “Miss Si Shi, you are incomparably beautiful, comparable to the Goddess of Luo. Among the women I have seen, you are at the top of the list! Your talents in music and other areas are also outstanding! Your comportment and demeanor must make you a virtuous and refined woman! Anyone who can marry you is blessed for three lifetimes. However …”

“However, what?” Li Si Shi asked.

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