Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Stepping into the Extraordinary Realm

Continuing, Lai Xiaoqing recounted the story of how she met Lin Bei, omitting the ambiguous parts.

Lai Xiaoqiang, after listening, suddenly realized, “So, Lin Bei owes you a life debt. No wonder you protect him so devotedly! Sister, why didn’t you say this earlier?”

Blushing, Lai Xiaoqing blinked, “What’s there to say about this kind of thing?”

Lai Xiaoqiang became dissatisfied, “Sister, that’s not right. This is a life debt – the greatest of all debts! Not only should it be mentioned, but it should be remembered forever! When someone does you a favor, it should be repaid in abundance. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, yes… everything you said is correct!” Lai Xiaoqing drank her tea, trying to conceal her inner uneasiness.

“I didn’t expect that Lin Bei, who seems so cunning, would take the initiative to stand up when facing a powerful enemy, showing courage and strategy! Moreover, when taking care of you, he’s considerate and attentive… Mm…” (Lai Xiaoqiang)

Slapping his thigh, Lai Xiaoqiang exclaimed, “I recognize this brother-in-law!” (Lai Xiaoqiang)

Lai Xiaoqing, furious, threw a brain-buster at him and scolded, “What nonsense are you talking? Are you trying to sell your sister?”

Covering his head, Lai Xiaoqiang complained, “How can you call this selling? This is a sincere affection between a man and a woman!”

“In dramas, this is often portrayed – when someone saves a life, they repay it with their own. The two of you perfectly fit this condition. It’s like a heaven-sent marriage; you should just marry him directly!”

“Even though Lin Bei’s talent is a bit lacking, and he acts a bit lowly, his character is reliable. He’s worth entrusting your entire life to! You marrying him would put my mind at ease too!”

“Sister, when are you going to reveal your identity to him, confess, and plan the wedding ceremony?”

Lai Xiaoqing, exasperated, exclaimed, “You keep talking! Are you infuriated because I’ve seen through your secret, turning anger into shame?”

“You naughty boy, if I don’t teach you a lesson today, it won’t be easy!”

“Sister, I was wrong, spare me!”

“Too late!”

One dashed around the room, and the other chased, both engaged in a playful scuffle.

In the end, Lai Xiaoqiang was once again beaten to a bruised and swollen face but maintained a stubborn attitude, “Sister, stop deluding yourself. It’s clear that you have feelings for him; don’t think I can’t see through it!”

Lai Xiaoqing, tired from the fight, sat down to rest and, after a while, bitterly said, “Xiaoqiang, I know you mean well, but this matter is not as simple as you think. Don’t forget our identities and the blood feud we have! Until we’ve avenged our family, we don’t have the qualification to talk about love and relationships! Being close to anyone will only bring them trouble! Do you want Lin Bei to die alongside us?”

“Sister, I understand!” Lai Xiaoqiang lowered his head, looking disheartened.

However, those eyes kept rolling around, pondering who knows what.

At this moment, Lin Beifan had returned to the mansion and once again entered the state of cultivation. Having completed the body forging, with a little more effort, he could take a crucial step forward into the Extraordinary Realm.

Additionally, through the cultivation method of the national technique he had created, he discovered various profound uses for the “Great Dream Heart Sutra.” It was imperative to thoroughly explore these potentials.

Therefore, he multitasked, controlling his body for cultivation while entering a state of “creation” within his dreams.

What he aimed to create was a world with extraordinary powers.

Given the high level of difficulty, he planned to use the Blue Star as a template, incorporating some extraordinary elements into the creation.

At this point, two familiar words surged in his mind.

Martial Arts!

That was a legend among the people of Huaxia, known to every Huaxia person.

Lin Beifan was no exception. Influenced since childhood, he read martial arts novels, watched martial arts TV dramas, and even listened to martial arts-themed songs. He was very familiar with the world of martial arts.

If he wanted to create an extraordinary world, starting from this aspect would be the most suitable.

“So, I should use the Blue Star as a template, set it in ancient times, and then infuse elements of martial arts, inner power, and more. This way, I might have a chance to create a martial arts world with extraordinary powers!”

Thinking about it, Lin Beifan started immediately and entered the dream, constructing the world.

A month passed quickly.

During this month, Lin Beifan did not succeed in creating the world.

However, he made tremendous progress in his personal cultivation.

He sat cross-legged on the bed, steady as a rock. If not examined closely, he would appear as a statue.

At this moment, Lin Beifan opened his eyes, giving a low shout, “Break!”

A cracking sound came from within his body, as if breaking through a certain barrier. The long-accumulated power suddenly erupted, and his whole body’s aura surged outward, sweeping across the surroundings.

Compared to before, this momentum had increased more than tenfold.

“This is the Extraordinary Realm! After three years of effort, I have finally stepped into the Extraordinary Realm!” Lin Beifan joyfully spoke to himself.

Entering the Extraordinary Realm brought several benefits.

Firstly, the strength increased several times, and he could basically defeat anyone below the Extraordinary level in seconds.

Secondly, lifespan extended, adding half a century (50 years) to life expectancy.

Moreover, in the Extraordinary Realm, each breakthrough into a small realm would further extend life by half a century.

Thirdly, his body possessed divine power, transcending the ordinary.

This divine power was like an extension of the body, capable of changing in myriad ways according to his will for combating enemies.

It also possessed unique attributes with incredible uses.

For example, Bai Yiyi’s divine power attribute was water, exhibiting the greatest power in moist areas with rivers. It allowed manipulation of rainwater, rivers, and even the sea, resembling a divine palace on Earth.

Lin Beifan excitedly rubbed his hands together, unable to wait, “Let me see what my divine power looks like!”

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