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Chapter 168

Chapter 168: One-Stop Service

Surely, in every corner of the world, there are unimaginable riches hidden, but it lacks the eyes to discover them.

Who could have imagined that Su Hao would find a crucial clue to decode the “Runic Array Gene” from the ubiquitous ‘Ringstar Beetles’ in this world?

If Su Hao hadn’t accidentally come to this world, even if a million years or ten million years passed, no one would notice the role of the ‘Ringstar Beetles.’

So, in reality, wealth is everywhere! What are you waiting for? Take action and make some money!

Of course, making money is impossible; few people can earn money beyond their understanding.

In just three days, Su Hao’s new experimental base was taken over by the ‘Ringstar Beetles. This left Su Hao somewhat speechless. He did want ‘Ringstar Beetles,’ but filling the entire experimental base like this was a bit exaggerated.

For Su Hao, it was a bit annoying, and for the male ‘Ringstar Beetles,’ it was also a bit ‘annoying.’

The male ‘Ringstar Beetles’ had never seen so many female ‘Ringstar Beetles in their lives. It was the mating season, and every male ‘Ringstar Beetle’ seemed restless, but there were too many females, each with various seductive traits, and they didn’t know which one to choose…

Thanks to the ‘Ringstar Beetle’ deity, they came together, got to know each other, fell in love, and then gave birth!

Su Hao took a deep breath, cast a wide net, and immediately deprived more than twenty ‘Ringstar Beetles’ of their chance to choose a mate forever. He brought them into the laboratory and started experiments exclusively for the ‘Ringstar Beetles.’

What Su Hao needed to include in the pinball space were two aspects of information: one was the genes of the ‘Ringstar Beetles,’ and the other was the pattern of the ‘Ringstar Beetles.’

Then, by extensive comparisons, he found that the genes of the ‘Ringstar Beetles’ were surprisingly 60% similar to those of Zhu Hua’s genes, serving the same function. This was truly amazing.

Who would have thought that two life forms with such enormous differences would have such a high degree of similarity in core genetic information?

Five days later, Su Hao successfully identified the gene fragment that controlled the pattern using the ‘positive and negative comparison method.’

This greatly narrowed down the scope of Su Hao’s research.

Even so, the gene fragment that controlled the pattern still had hundreds of thousands of base pairs. Understanding all of them was a considerable challenge, and Su Hao’s work had only just begun.

It sounded very complicated, but in practice, it was straightforward, just a matter of repeating three programs continuously.

The first step was to simultaneously compare the pattern genes of a hundred ‘Ringstar Beetles, cut out all identical gene fragments, observe the results, and record them.

The second step was to simultaneously compare the pattern genes of a hundred ‘Ringstar Beetles, cut out all different gene fragments…

The third step was to simultaneously… retain the same genes and randomly cut out half of the different genes…

And then repeat the experiments continuously, accumulate a large amount of experimental data, and thereby select which genes were non-expressive and which genes directly contributed to expression.

Then, based on the structure of the ‘Ringstar Beetles’ body, establish a coordinate system at the pattern location and correspond the genes’ expression points to a point on the coordinate system.

In this way, as long as there were enough ‘Ringstar Beetles to provide a substantial amount of data, a complete gene coordinate for expressing the pattern could be established.

By then, he would be able to get any runic pattern he wanted.

Soon, six months had quietly passed, and the ‘Ringstar Beetles’ still alive had been gradually released into nature three months earlier.

Su Hao’s pattern gene decryption experiment was also coming to an end.

He had obtained the results he wanted.

First, the pattern coordinate system was successfully established.

Second, the issue of selective expression was dealt with very simply by replacing the two ends of non-expressive genes with ‘termination sequences’ and the two ends of expressive genes with ‘activation sequences.’

To achieve the second point, many ‘Ringstar Beetles sacrificed themselves for science. This group made a significant sacrifice to make Su Hao’s small breakthrough possible.

Su Hao was deeply grateful for this and expressed that he would come to them next time if there was a need.

Now that the expression of the pattern genes has been decrypted, it’s time for the little round rats to take the stage.

Their role is also simple: to use their lives to verify the reliability of this ‘pattern coordinate system’ and how to achieve precise expression in different organisms.

Su Hao had no intention of resting and immediately accelerated his exploration.

The next day, a large number of little round rats moved into their new home – Su Hao’s experimental base.

They seemed very satisfied with the new environment.

Su Hao extended his hands, stained with the blood of the little round rats, and grabbed the first bewildered one to begin his cruel experiment in the eyes of the little round rats.

The weak little round rats, with their short limbs, weakly resisted Su Hao’s cruelty, but what could they do? They, as the weak, had long been destined to become toys manipulated by the strong.

After collecting the genetic information of the little round rats, Su Hao entered the pinball space, designed the genes of the little round rats, and inserted a ‘strong light’ runic pattern into the gene fragment that controlled the little round rats’ patterns, according to the gene coordinate system.

With the design complete, he began cultivating the gene modification solution.

Su Hao became more and more proficient in these tasks, and the time required became shorter and shorter.

Soon, the gene modification solution was ready, and he injected it directly into all the little round rats.

Su Hao didn’t think it would be so easy to achieve his goal. This injection was just to collect data. He needed to establish a precise coordinate system based on the little round rats’ body structure, corresponding to the ‘pattern coordinate system.’

When that little round rat woke up again, its body was covered in random, unsystematic patterns.

After recording this, Su Hao proceeded to the second little round rat.

‘Record,’ ‘Design,’ ‘Cultivate,’ ‘Inject,’ ‘Record.’

A one-stop service.

A month later, Su Hao successfully established the coordinate system for the little round rats.

The following time would require continuous experimentation.

Insects’ patterns were, after all, different from those of mammals, and this adjustment process would consume a significant amount of Su Hao’s time and energy.

But Su Hao had no worries about food and clothing, no external enemies, and as long as he lived long enough, time was in abundance.

Moreover, his interest and energy in this research were high, and with a powerful physique, he didn’t have to worry about sudden exhaustion leading to death.

He was truly a rare research talent!

During Su Hao’s dedicated research, various hormones and hormones within his body, which had been restless, were forcibly suppressed, achieving a temporary victory on a mental level.

It was only several months later that Su Hao finally succeeded in inscribing the ‘strong light’ runic pattern on the little round rats.

This also meant that Su Hao could arbitrarily inscribe various runes using genes on the little round rats’ bodies and pass them on to future generations.

Furthermore, it meant that Su Hao’s research had made a new breakthrough.

But it wasn’t over yet; just an external pattern wouldn’t be effective. It was necessary to imprint this pattern into the flesh and blood within the body, forming a blood and qi adaptability gap!

Once this final step was completed, Su Hao would immediately become a machine for producing ‘Innate Sacred’ beings.

This step was not far away!

However, on this day, the powerful blood and qi reactions of more than ten mutants entered Su Hao’s radar range, most of them being Level 5 mutants, with one Level 6 mutant.

Su Hao stopped his work and looked up in confusion, asking, “People from the Four Kings Gang? What are they doing in the Temple Forest City?”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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