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Chapter 167

Chapter 167: A Very Cruel Scene

After tidying up the laboratory, Su Hao took a quick flight outside to make sure nothing was left unattended. Satisfied with the situation, he swiftly returned to Temple Forest City.

After circling over Temple Forest City for a while, he noticed no significant changes and decided to land at the research base.

As soon as he landed, he saw Yashan, his face full of exhaustion.

Evidently, Yashan had also noticed Su Hao’s return and had hurried from the Ninth Floor to greet him.

The moment Yashan saw Su Hao, he immediately roared with joy, “Boss Wei! You’re finally back! We’ve been eagerly waiting for your return…”

Seeing Yashan almost about to jump on him, Su Hao quickly stepped back and said, “Yashan, calm down a bit. I’ve only been gone for a while. What happened to you? You’ve made yourself look like this?”

Yashan helplessly replied, “I didn’t want this either, Boss Wei. After you left, it seems like things escalated quickly, and I couldn’t keep up. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in this whole year.”

Su Hao immediately understood Yashan’s situation.

While Boss Wei had been in the city, serving as Yashan’s backup, Temple Forest City faced no real threats. Yashan could handle matters confidently, knowing that Boss Wei had his back. However, with Boss Wei’s absence, this support disappeared, making Yashan anxious and cautious in managing affairs, fearing potential issues that could lead to a downfall.

In a way, it was a shift from an employee mentality to that of a business owner.

Su Hao just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Yashan. You’ll get used to it.”

Yashan quickly asked, “Boss Wei, are you planning to leave Temple Forest City again?”

Su Hao replied, “I won’t be leaving for a while. I have some tasks that require assistance from the ‘Temple Forest Society.’”

Yashan breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s great! We feel much safer when you’re here, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao headed to his laboratory, saying, “Come with me, Yashan. Let’s discuss the events in Temple Forest City over the past year. Any concerns or questions you have, let’s address them. I’ll provide guidance.”

Yashan followed and said, “Sure, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao pushed open the laboratory door, revealing a clean and well-maintained space that seemed to have daily care.

Over the next three hours, Su Hao listened to Yashan’s questions and management challenges. He provided detailed answers and organized the information to create an action plan for the future.

Su Hao said, “Execute according to this plan, Yashan. Remember, the ‘Temple Forest Society’ has become a formal organization now. ‘Results’ always come before ‘relationships.’ Don’t let personal connections affect your decision-making. No matter how close you are to someone, if they don’t deliver results, handle it as necessary. Be tough and eliminate these detrimental practices.”

Yashan vigorously nodded and said, “You can trust me, Boss Wei. I understand. I’ll eliminate those parasites that have been festering.”

Su Hao added, “Yashan, I need your help in collecting a large number of animals with various patterns and colors, regardless of species. The more, the better; even insects will do. I need them for my upcoming experiments.”

Yashan looked around and suggested, “Boss Wei, this base might not be large enough. Should I find a new location for you? I can designate a large area in the north of the city, and it can be ready in just a month!”

Su Hao considered this and nodded, “Let’s change the location and expand the research base.”

Yashan asked, “Do you have any specific requirements for the new base?”

Su Hao replied, “I’ll provide you with a rough design later, indicating my requirements. You can follow that.”

Yashan agreed, “Understood, Boss Wei.”

Over the next two to three days, various peculiar creatures with colorful patterns were gradually delivered to Su Hao. Many of them were entirely unfamiliar to him.

And Su Hao, once again, immersed himself in his research.

One month later, Su Hao successfully moved into the new research base, a vast area resembling the luxurious estate of a super-rich individual.

But unlike other extravagant estates owned by wealthy individuals, Su Hao’s is a well-organized laboratory and breeding facility.

The research base was roughly designed according to Su Hao’s plans, and Yashan was very considerate in adding many small details.

Naturally, Yashan and his daughter, Taini, also moved in. According to Yashan’s perspective, regardless of how the “Temple Forest Society” is doing, the top priority is to ensure that Boss Wei has comfortable daily meals and someone to take care of his life.

Boss Wei comes first, followed by his daughter Taini, with the “Temple Forest Society” taking third place. This order must never be changed!

Taini has grown into a young lady and, in front of Boss Wei, has become more reserved, no longer as unrestrained as she was in her childhood.

After Su Hao moved to the research base, Taini naturally became his caregiver.

After years of learning, Taini had become a knowledgeable young lady. Her manners and temperament were significantly different from the vast majority of the Zhu Hua People.

This change in temperament was rooted in Taini’s way of thinking, which had fundamentally evolved from the previous “instinctual stage” to the “awareness of causes.”

From the perspective of her thinking level, she had surpassed most of the Zhu Hua People.

In other words, Taini had learned to think critically.

Zhu Hua People were not unintelligent, but their strong genetic makeup made their thinking highly susceptible to instinctual influences.

This brings up another dialectical principle – the difference between “IQ” and “wisdom.”

It can be said that the Zhu Hua People possessed “IQ” but lacked the cultural heritage of “wisdom” in Su Hao’s view.

Two months later, a type of beetle called the “Ringstar Beetle” that Yashan had sent caught Su Hao’s attention.

This beetle had a circular pattern on its forehead shell, and when Su Hao first saw it, he almost mistook it for a “super insect” with a built-in runic array.

Discovering this insect filled Su Hao with joy. He immediately collected the genetic information of this beetle and sorted it for classification.

After some research, he called for Yashan, saying, “Yashan, quickly send someone to help me find more of these ‘Ringstar’ beetles. The faster, the better, and the more, the better. Other creatures can wait for now.”

If all went as planned, Su Hao would find a breakthrough in the “Runic Array Gene” on these “Ringstar Beetles.”

Yashan hadn’t seen the desire in Boss Wei’s eyes for a long time, so he hurried to the “Ninth Floor” building of the “Temple Forest Society,” calling together the elite members.

Infected by Su Hao’s enthusiasm, Yashan stood on the stage, looking at the densely packed crowd below and delivered an impassioned speech, “Brothers, the great moment for our ‘Temple Forest Society’ has arrived… The activity will last for three days. Within these three days, for every hundred you catch, you can choose one ‘Level 1’ runic card. For every five hundred, you can choose one ‘Level 2’ runic card! Catch five thousand, and you’ll be directly rewarded with a one-level evolution.”

Yashan’s mobilization meeting was highly successful.

Soon, members of the “Temple Forest Society” collectively ventured outside the city to hunt down their targets.

In just three days, the “Ringstar Beetles” within a radius of a hundred miles outside Temple Forest City were ruthlessly captured without leaving a single one behind.

The scene was extremely brutal!

Su Hao was overjoyed!

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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