Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Could the person before my eyes be the Medical God?

Could it be that I have come here for nothing again?

The old man extended his trembling hand and asked, “Mr. Principal, may I ask what the issue is?”

Lin Beifan opened the medical book and said, “For example, here, the silver needle poison test has a problem!”

“What’s the problem?” Mo Rushuang, who was sitting beside him, asked in confusion. “People like us, who are from the martial world, always carry a silver needle with us. When eating outside food, we use the silver needle to test for poison, and it’s always effective!”

“That’s right!” Li Yulang and the others nodded.

“This is a big problem!” Lin Beifan said seriously. “The principle behind the silver needle poison test is actually the chemical reaction between the sulfur element in the food and silver, which is why the silver needle turns black!”

“However, there are many non-toxic substances that can also turn the silver needle black! And many highly toxic substances, because they don’t contain sulfur, cannot be detected using a silver needle!”

“Therefore, the effectiveness of using a silver needle for poison testing is limited and insufficient as evidence!”

“If you don’t believe it, we can try it!” Lin Beifan said. “Who has a silver needle?”

“Young master, I have one!” Mo Rushuang casually took out a silver needle and handed it to Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan called out again, “Dali, bring me a fresh egg!”

“Alright, young master!”

Shortly after, Lin Beifan inserted the silver needle into the egg yolk.

No, the silver needle gradually turned black after a moment.

Everyone was extremely shocked.

“The silver needle actually turned black?”

“Is this egg poisonous?”

Lin Beifan shook his head and smiled, “This egg is the same kind we usually eat, it’s not poisonous at all, but it can still turn the silver needle black! Do you dare to say that the silver needle can test for poison?”

“I have learned my lesson!” The old man repeatedly bowed.

“And here, there’s also a problem!” Lin Beifan pointed out another part of the book. “Sucking snake venom with the mouth is actually very unsafe and not recommended!”

“Why is there a problem with sucking snake venom with the mouth? I have always done it this way when I was poisoned by snakes! After sucking out the snake venom, my body recovered significantly!” Guo Shaoshuai asked in confusion.

“That’s because you are a martial artist with strong vitality, ordinary snake venom cannot harm you! But if an ordinary person encounters it, they’re pretty much done for! The wounds caused by venomous snakes are usually very small, making it difficult for an average person to extract the venom! Even if they can extract a small amount of venom, the remaining venom left in the body can still cause the victim to be poisoned!”

“If the rescuer has oral ulcers, bleeding gums, or other issues, then during the process of treating others, they will also get poisoned!”

“So, the best method after being bitten by a venomous snake is to find a band and tie it tightly near the wound, to slow down the spread of toxins! Then, flush the surface of the wound with cold water repeatedly to remove snake venom, and use a small knife to cut the skin of the wound, squeezing the venom with both hands!”

“This is the safest self-help method!”

After hearing this, everyone started to think deeply again.

It was still the experienced old man who first understood everything and said, “Mr. Principal is absolutely right. Sucking snake venom with the mouth indeed has significant flaws. Your method is the safest! When I go back, I will make the necessary changes to this content!”

“And here, the blood test for kinship is fake!” Lin Beifan continued.

“Why is it fake?”

A graceful and elegant woman spoke up, “Sir, in our hometown, there was a woman who gave birth to a child after her husband had been away for several months! Some people suspected that she had cheated on her husband, so they used the blood test for kinship to clear themselves of suspicion!”

“Yes, this is something I have known since I was young. How can it be fake?”

“The blood of relatives can naturally blend together!”

“Is young master joking?”

Everyone expressed their doubts.

Lin Beifan shook his head. It seemed that the method of blood test for kinship, which had no scientific basis, had become a consensus here.

It was like the geocentric model, which had prevailed for thousands of years without proof, but everyone firmly believed in it.

“What is heard may not be true, but what is seen is real!” Lin Beifan led Dali into the kitchen.

In less than a moment, he brought out a bowl of water with blood droplets in it.

“This is Dali’s blood. Who wants to try and see if it can blend with it?”

“I’ll do it!” Guo Shaoshuai didn’t hesitate to take out a knife and cut his finger, dripping a drop of blood into the bowl.

Then, everyone saw that the two drops of blood quickly merged together.

Guo Shaoshuai was incredibly shocked and excited, “Dali, could you be my long-lost brother?”

Dali repeatedly waved his hands, saying, “I’m not!”

“How is that possible? Look, our blood has merged together!” Guo Shaoshuai said excitedly.

Dali shook his head again, “Don’t misunderstand, I really am not…”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Actually, I tricked you just now! I didn’t use Dali’s blood, I used pig’s blood! If we follow the principle of the blood test for kinship, Shaoshuai, then you would be related to the pig, right?”

Guo Shaoshuai: “What?!”

Related to a pig?

What’s the difference between that and using derogatory language?

Guo Shaoshuai felt like his heart had been stabbed, looking at Lin Beifan with a resentful gaze.

This bastard set me up, he’s really cruel!

Immediately denying, “How am I related to a pig? Don’t joke around!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Lin Beifan pointed to the bowl of water with blood and said, “If you don’t believe it, you can all try and see if your blood can blend.”

Two more people tried it and found that their blood integrated perfectly.

“So, this blood test for kinship method is fake and unreliable!” Lin Beifan concluded.

Then, Lin Beifan pointed out several other errors in the book, explaining them clearly and conducting some small experiments to prove their validity.

“I’ve learned a lot, thank you for your guidance, Mr. Principal! Without you, I would still be in the dark! This book will bring harm to many people, and I would be greatly guilty. I’m ashamed!” The old man bowed repeatedly, expressing his gratefulness.

“Thank you, Mr. Principal, for your guidance!” Li Yulang also bowed in gratitude.

Li Yuxin, who was standing at the back, looked at Lin Beifan with a hint of admiration in her eyes and couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Principal, are you also a skilled doctor?”

“Yuxin, don’t be rude to Mr. Principal, apologize!” her father admonished.

“Mr. Principal, I apologize for my rudeness earlier!” Li Yuxin gave a slight bow, full of apology.

“It’s nothing, I don’t mind! Regarding medical skills, I can only say that I have some understanding!” Lin Beifan modestly replied.

Everyone rolled their eyes upon hearing this.

Some understanding?

After just reading it once, he pointed out so many errors in a medical book that someone spent decades writing?

Does he really think we’re fools?

At this moment, Dali couldn’t help but speak, “Actually, Young Master’s medical skills are very impressive! I used to suffer from night blindness, and I couldn’t see clearly at night, often stumbling and falling. When Young Master found out, he told me to eat more animal liver and some vegetables! In just over two months, it got better!”

Everyone was extremely shocked, “Is there really such a thing?”

You know, in this era, night blindness is a very common condition!

The poorer and more impoverished a person is, the higher the probability of having night blindness!

And there is no way to cure it, it’s like an incurable disease!

“Mr. Principal, how did you treat night blindness? Can you tell me the method?” The old man and his family were all very excited…

For their medical family, obtaining a method of curing diseases was like a martial artist obtaining a secret technique.

“Of course, it can be done. Actually, the method is quite simple!” Lin Beifan smiled, “The reason why people suffer from night blindness and can’t see clearly in the dark is mainly due to a long-term deficiency of a certain substance in the body. So as long as this substance is supplemented, the disease will naturally be cured without the need for medicine!”

“This substance is found in animal liver, egg yolks, fish liver oil, and so on! If you can’t afford meat, you can eat carrots, pumpkins, and leafy greens, which can also supplement this substance!”

“By doing this consistently, the symptoms will naturally disappear!”

“Thank you, Mr. Principal, for your guidance!” The three people bowed.

“Mr. Principal, can you record this method in this book and spread it to the world?” the old man asked cautiously.

“Of course, there’s nothing difficult about that!” Lin Beifan replied nonchalantly.

The old man and his family looked at Lin Beifan with newfound respect!

Other doctors would normally keep such personal healing methods to themselves because it was their way of making money!

You see, there are countless people suffering from night blindness, and by relying solely on this method, one could become wealthy!

But here he was, offering it without reservation!

“Praised be the Buddha! Master is truly a living Buddha in this world!” the old monk bowed.

“Thank you, Mr. Principal, for your generosity!” the old man and his family bowed.

Afterwards, everyone continued to exchange medical knowledge.

In reality, it was mainly the old man and his family asking questions, while Lin Beifan did most of the talking, and before they knew it, an hour had passed.

Lin Beifan spoke until his mouth was dry, and everyone listened with great fascination.

They never expected that this complex and difficult-to-understand medical knowledge would become so interesting and easily understandable when spoken by Lin Beifan, and they learned a lot from it.

Especially the three doctors, they benefited greatly, as if they had lifted a veil and seen a whole new world.

Looking at the young face before them, they saw a medical deity!

“As a whole, this medical book is quite good, written in great detail and specificity. It can be considered a comprehensive encyclopedia of medicine. Old sir, you have indeed put in a lot of effort!” Lin Beifan smiled.

“Shameful, shameful…” The old man lowered his head, feeling truly ashamed.

It took them over 60 years and the collective efforts of three generations to finally write this monumental medical work, and they thought it was enough reason to feel self-satisfied and proud!

But they never expected to be outshined by this young man before them!

Not only did he point out all the errors in their book, but he also contributed several methods of healing, greatly benefiting them.

They felt like toddlers taking their first steps in front of him!
The other two couldn’t help but shake their heads, feeling ashamed!

“This is a great book for healing and saving lives. It should indeed be published and spread in the world! Once you’ve finished revising it, come find me, and I’ll write a foreword for you!” Lin Beifan said.

The old man and his family were overjoyed, “Thank you, Mr. Principal, for your generosity!”

At this moment, the old man gritted his teeth and bowed, “Mr. Principal, I have one more humble request!”

“Speak!” Lin Beifan smiled.

“I would like to ask Mr. Principal to be a co-author of this book!”

“What?” Lin Beifan was surprised.

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