Chapter 16

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===Chapter 016 The Study of the Mind===

Looking at his son’s confused and innocent face, Wu Yuntian didn’t know how to respond. He thought of something and suddenly sighed, “Xiangwu, you are a genius, an unprecedented genius, but unfortunately, you were born in the wrong place…”

He shook his head and chuckled self-deprecatingly, “Why am I telling you all this?”

Unexpectedly, Su Hao said, “Father, being born here is my fortune. Just let things happen naturally.”

Wu Yuntian laughed, “You don’t understand. You will understand in the future.”

“What should I do next?”

“I originally thought it would take you about a year to find the essence, and by that time, your physical fitness would greatly improve, and you would be a bit older, which would be the right time to start refining and transforming the essence. I didn’t expect it to be so much faster than I thought. You are not even four years old yet…”

Wu Yuntian suddenly felt somewhat helpless. Indeed, there is no way to compare people to each other, and the ones who get hurt after comparison are always oneself.

“Xiangwu, don’t be in a hurry. Just exercise every day for now, and I will teach you how to refine the essence in a year.”

“Why? Can’t I do it now?”

Su Hao didn’t want to wait any longer because he didn’t know when an accident might happen during his childhood. Just a small accident would be enough to cause the death of a child. His father couldn’t be by his side all the time, which was very dangerous for Su Hao. He hardly had any sense of security until he had some self-defense ability.

If he were to encounter another accidental death, he would fall into a deep sleep again, waiting for millions of years, and there might not even be a chance to reincarnate. The only way was to master the power of self-defense as soon as possible, even if it meant sacrificing some of his potential.

Wu Yuntian said, “It’s not that I don’t want to teach you, but your body is currently too fragile to withstand too much force. For example, a large stone, although you can have the strength to lift it, your arm strength is not enough to bear the weight of the stone without breaking. Therefore, having a strong physique is a prerequisite for possessing a powerful essence. Do you understand?”

Su Hao nodded, “I understand, father.”

But he still couldn’t accept it and said, “Father, just teach me how to refine the essence for now. I just want to know how to do it and learn the thought process of transforming the essence.”

Wu Yuntian shook his head, “No! Xiangwu, I know you are very smart, but precisely because you are too smart, I don’t know if you will add your own thoughts. I don’t trust you to figure it out on your own. Refining the essence without proper guidance is very dangerous.”

“Then father, please teach me and guide me!”

“You’re still too young!”

“No, Father, I am no longer a three-year-old child!”

Wu Yuntian looked at his son speechlessly. Not a three-year-old child, isn’t he three and a half?

Su Hao immediately assured, “Father, you guide me, I promise not to harm myself. I promise that when I refine my Qi, Father will be by my side, otherwise, I won’t move recklessly.”

“Xiangwu, why do you have to learn now?” Wu Yuntian suddenly asked. He didn’t think his son was acting like a spoiled child, begging persistently to get a new toy. There must be a reason for his actions.

Wu Hao hesitated for a moment and truthfully said, “I’m afraid! Father, you patrol outside the outpost every day, and I’m the only one in the village. I can’t even beat Lu Hongtao and Fatty. If anything happens, I won’t even have the ability to protect myself.”

Wu Yuntian stayed silent for a long time, and in Su Hao’s expectant eyes, he slowly spoke, “Alright.”

Su Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

Then Wu Yuntian added, “Don’t mention today’s matter to anyone.”

Su Hao nodded heavily, “Yes! Father, will you teach me today?”

“Tomorrow!” Wu Yuntian exhaled heavily. “Xiangwu, in the future, if you want something, just tell me directly. I won’t stop you anymore.”

Watching Wu Yuntian leave, Su Hao clenched his fist heavily. Having a good father is so important.

The next day, Wu Yuntian and Su Hao had a discussion about the study of the mind.

A person’s consciousness can control the movement of the body. Whether it’s walking or running, it’s all determined by one’s consciousness. But the influence of consciousness on the body goes far beyond that. Through training, one can even control the speed of their heartbeat, the contraction of their organs, and the capacity of their digestive system. And this ability of consciousness is called “mind power.”

Yes, it’s the power of giving life or death with one’s mind. This is the power of the soul.

Wu Yuntian was afraid that Su Hao might misunderstand the concept of “mind power” and come up with something messily based on his own understanding. So he explained to Su Hao in detail what he needed to do.

Su Hao didn’t need to comprehend the philosophy of mind power like a master of the mind. He only needed to train in a specific way to successfully refine his Qi within his body.

Through reflection, Wu Yuntian deeply realized that if he didn’t make his specific requirements clear to Su Hao, Su Hao would definitely surprise or frighten him in various ways. It was indeed because he didn’t clearly explain the specific requirements to Su Hao that the later incidents occurred.

After everything was clarified, Su Hao embarked on his first attempt.

Sitting cross-legged on a cushion, Su Hao glanced at Wu Yuntian beside him, confirmed that there were no issues, and slowly closed his eyes.

Quickly entering a state of meditation, abandoning all distractions, and focusing on one thing.

Then, according to the scenarios created in the “Nine Palaces Blood Dividing Scripture,” he began to visualize.

After a moment, …”Did you succeed on your first try?”

Wu Yuntian had a expressionless face, but his heart was already filled with astonishment and shock. What kind of extraordinary talent does it take to achieve this? Even the most talented warriors in their group had to try multiple times before succeeding. As for himself, he won’t even mention it. Could it be that his son has awakened some kind of powerful bloodline?

The reason Su Hao succeeded smoothly on his first try was because, first of all, his consciousness was that of an adult, and he had strong self-control. Secondly, he had reviewed the scenarios in the “Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual” over and over again, so there would be no mistakes. Success was merely a natural occurrence.

An hour later, his body gave negative feedback and Su Hao woke up in astonishment.

At this moment, Wu Yuntian handed him a prepared bowl of egg drop soup.

After drinking it, Su Hao instantly felt much better. He raised his arm and waved it, but didn’t notice any sudden surge of strength. He looked at his father with confusion and asked, “Father, why do I feel that my blood energy has increased, but I don’t feel a significant improvement in strength?”

Wu Yuntian smiled faintly and said, “How can martial arts be so simple? It takes time! Persistently refine your blood energy bit by bit every day, allowing your body to gradually adapt to the presence of a large amount of blood energy. It is only after six months that there will be a noticeable improvement.”

“So long!” Su Hao widened his eyes. “Should I continue refining it now?”

Wu Yuntian shook his head and said, “Let’s stop here for today. Your body has reached its limit for refinement. Rest well and come again tomorrow.”

Su Hao nodded. After his father left, he immediately entered the pinball space and commanded the The Light of the Universe to retrieve his various body data from the past hour.

After the food was digested, it was broken down into various nutrients and absorbed by the body. However, after Su Hao visualized the “Nine Palace Blood Trimming Manual,” a small portion of the nutrients was retained and converted into blood energy. Although it was only a small amount, the increase in blood energy was real.

Su Hao stroked his chin and muttered, “How can I accelerate this process?”

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