Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Selling Rock Sugar as PmDrug and Expanding Nationwide Business!

On the other side, the Jin Yiwei, assembled by Ji Yan overnight, had also begun to take action. The members of this elite group were carefully selected from various fields.

The information about Ji Yan that had been previously investigated by the Shanghai Capital Bureau was already submitted to them.

However, the members of Jin Yiwei didn’t believe that the information was genuine.

“They say this information was discovered by the people in the Shanghai Capital? It looks too clean,” said Cheng Meng as she looked at the data in her hand, wrinkling her nose with disdain.

“Yeah, the people in the Shanghai Capital started investigating Ji Yan’s information as soon as they came across him online. This is what they found,” replied Zhao Long, the leader of Jin Yiwei , as he received Ji Yan’s file.

“Do you think this information is true?” Cheng Meng raised an eyebrow and looked at Zhao Long.

Shrugging his shoulders, Zhao Long wore an expression of neither confirming nor denying.

On the side, Sun Xiaoyan hugged Zhao Long’s neck and said, “Of course, the boss won’t believe it. Do we even need to ask? A drug dealer who can complete more than fifty deals in less than two days, and his information is so easy to find and so clean? Plus, his family runs a candy shop and even has a business permit. Seriously?”

Sun Xiaoyan’s words reflected the thoughts of all members of Jin Yiwei . They didn’t believe the information they had in their hands was reliable. Their first investigation was just too easy and straightforward, as if the information had been purposely placed there for them to find.

Therefore, they unanimously considered this information to be fake.

“However, Mengmeng, you should still use this information as a reference. Maybe you can find some clues in it,” Zhao Long turned to Cheng Meng.

She was the computer expert among the Jin Yiwei members, naturally responsible for investigating this drug dealer’s information. As for Zhao Long’s suggestion to find some clues in the information they had, it meant that they had very little intelligence at the moment.

These fake pieces of information can be considered as a lead, right?

“Yeah, got it,” Cheng Meng responded.

She turned her attention to the computer and began investigating Ji Yan’s situation.

Meanwhile, in Sichuan Province, Ji Yan had no idea that he was already being watched by the Jin Yiwei .

At this moment, all his attention was focused on selling brown sugar online.

Thanks to more and more people helping Ji Yan advertise, his order volume had skyrocketed. His business had expanded to all parts of the country.

Just from the orders that had been paid for, there were nearly a hundred of them.

“Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Urumqi…”

“Now I can say I’m doing a nationwide chain business, right?” Ji Yan counted the pieces of paper where he had recorded the delivery addresses, feeling a strong sense of accomplishment.

In the past few days, every time he received an order, he recorded the address, and after delivering the goods, he crossed out those addresses, just like marking off a contract worth millions.

When Ji Yan started this business, he never imagined he could come this far.

Now, he had become famous among drug users.

“Brother, are you there? When will you send my goods?” A user frantically messaged Ji Yan.

Ji Yan immediately replied, “Have you paid? Once you make the payment, I’ll send it this afternoon. Don’t worry.”

The drug user at the other end felt relieved upon seeing Ji Yan’s response.

“Okay, thanks, bro!”

Afterwards, the drug user turned to the group chat and started discussing Ji Yan with others.

“This new guy is impressive! He seems reliable!”

Ji Yan hadn’t told them his name, so the drug users just referred to him as “the newcomer.”

After that comment, many people in the group started discussing Ji Yan.

“He’s quite good, and the product is stable.”

“Of course, if it wasn’t good, would Wang Ge recommend him to us?”

“The only problem is that the delivery is a bit slow, and the available dosage is a bit too small. Ten grams are not enough!”

“Lately, many people have been buying from the new guy. How can he handle direct shipments? Is he tired of life?”

“I really like the way this guy does business, it’s safe!”

The drug users in the group were discussing Ji Yan, full of praise and admiration.

Of course, this praise wouldn’t have been possible without Wang Yi and others constantly promoting Ji Yan.

Seeing such positive feedback, other drug users who hadn’t bought brown sugar from Ji Yan were starting to feel tempted.

One after another, they asked for Ji Yan’s QQ number in the group chat and added him to buy drugs from him.

While these people were chatting and discussing, some of the real drug dealers in the group couldn’t sit still. Seeing everyone going to Ji Yan to buy rock sugar, they naturally felt unhappy. After all, Ji Yan had snatched their business! There was only a limited market share, and Ji Yan came in and took a piece of the pie. It was natural for them to be dissatisfied.

So, these drug dealers quietly created a separate group.

“This damn newcomer is too arrogant!”

After creating the group, Zhou Quan was the first to send a message.

His face was illuminated by the computer screen, and a scar extended from his eyebrow to his mouth, making him look frightening.

Before Ji Yan showed up, Zhou Quan was the top drug dealer in the group.

However, after Ji Yan appeared, his business plummeted.

It was normal for him to hate Ji Yan.

“The boss is right. This kid is too arrogant!”

“Who knows where he came from? He snatched so much of our business. He must be tired of living!”

“We should teach him a lesson!”

“I hope he never gets to do this business again!”

“But what should we do?”

After Zhou Quan spoke in the group, the other drug dealers responded one after another.

They all wanted to take back their business and, if possible, teach Ji Yan a lesson so he would know which deals were acceptable and which weren’t.

But what should they do?

The drug dealers in the group were struggling with this question.

They were discussing their options when someone suggested, “Why don’t we ruin his reputation?”

“How do we do that? Everyone is buying from him now.”

“I think we should get him sent to jail!”

“Jail? What should we do then?”

“This guy sends packages, right? Let’s expose his deliveries to the police and let them investigate him!”

“We have the addresses of all those people anyway, so we can just give them to the police!”

Someone in the group suggested getting Ji Yan sent to jail, and that immediately piqued everyone’s interest.

They asked how to proceed.

The person who made the suggestion explained that most of the people who bought brown sugar from Ji Yan had also traded with at least one of them in the group. So, they had the addresses of these people. If they reported these addresses to the police, they could trace the packages back to Ji Yan.

This method gained unanimous approval from the drug dealers in the group.

As they were finalizing their plan, Zhou Quan sent a message in the group with a fierce tone, “I want this kid dead!”

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