Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: The True Face

A drop of clear water slowly fell down from the top of the cave.

“Drip, drip.”

The water dropped into the pool, creating ripples that spread across the surface, its sound echoing in the silence.

Not knowing how long he had been unconscious in the darkness, his consciousness gradually returned to his body, like water flowing into a canal.

Xu Yuan’s eyes twitched slightly, and after a moment, he slowly opened his eyes.

Perhaps due to a long period of unconsciousness, he couldn’t quite make out the dim environment before him.

In the silence, a soft female voice came from beside him:

“You’re awake.”


Xu Yuan instinctively replied in a low voice, and his vision gradually focused, allowing him to see the person speaking.

Ran Qingmo sat quietly beside him, her body slightly turned.

The two were very close, and through their clothes, he could faintly feel the warmth of her jade-like legs.

It was strange, he didn’t understand why Ran Qingmo was sitting so close.

His stiff thoughts gradually began to turn, and Xu Yuan slowly sat up from the ground.

Then, he suddenly realized that the reason why she was sitting so close was because he was still holding her delicate wrist.

He held it tightly, leaving faint red marks on her fair and slender wrist.

As memories from before flooded back, Xu Yuan remembered that this was his obsession before he lost consciousness.

Given that his original body had a fortune attribute of 3 points, even if he was unconscious, he didn’t dare to let go of Ran Qingmo.

But now that he was already precisely entered the cave, Xu Yuan released her, rubbed his forehead, and explained in a soft voice:

“Sorry, I had no choice.”

Ran Qingmo shook her head, her beautiful eyes gazing into Xu Yuan’s eyes:

“Thank you.”

Her gratitude was sincere and earnest.

But Xu Yuan was taken aback by her unexpected gratitude.

He didn’t quite understand why.

But after a moment of thought, he became relieved.

The big block of ice in front of him didn’t know that entering this cave required fortune, a intangible and elusive thing.

Perhaps in her eyes, it was because he insisted on holding her even while unconscious that allowed her to safely enter this cave.

Thinking up to this point, Xu Yuan didn’t feel the need to explain anything.

Let this beautiful misunderstanding continue, he chuckled to himself.

With a slight smile, Xu Yuan raised his gaze and looked at her:

“Miss Ran.”

But as his eyes landed on her, Xu Yuan suddenly froze.


She, wasn’t wearing a veil.

The black veil that she had been wearing all this time silently fell when they plummeted off the cliff.

This was the first time Xu Yuan saw her without the veil covering her face.

When the words shifted to the first-person perspective, describing her beauty with exhaustive vocabulary, at this moment, it all seemed so shallow compared to her true face.

Xu Yuan collected his thoughts, lightly laughed, and shook his head.

No wonder those novels always described how the heroines were heavenly beauties. Now, he truly understood.

His gaze returned to calmness as Xu Yuan looked into her beautiful eyes and softly said:

“Miss Ran, ‘thank you’ is the least valuable thing in this world.”

As he spoke, Xu Yuan pushed himself up from the ground with his knees and stared at her with a smile:

“We survived, so I win the bet. Now, you owe me a favor.”

Ran Qingmo tilted her head slightly, a slight pause before she softly asked:

“What…do you want me to do?”

Upon hearing her words, Xu Yuan smiled lightly:

“Let it be, for now there is nothing that I need you to do for me.”

After speaking, Xu Yuan shifted his gaze away and scanned the surroundings.

It seemed to be a cave, with some white beads embedded in the cave walls emitting a faint light, resembling the rumored night pearls. With this light, Xu Yuan was able to see the entire cave environment clearly.

The cave was not very big, measuring around twenty square meters in the units of his past life.

A pool of water and a circular jade bed with a diameter of one zhang were the entirety of the cave.

As Xu Yuan saw this scene, his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

The size of the cave and the appearance of the jade bed and pool didn’t surprise him.


Where was the large golden treasure chest next to the bed?

All the unexpected encounters in this cave were stored in that treasure chest!

“What’s wrong with you?”

Ran Qingmo seemed to notice his strange breathing, and her clear voice came softly.

Xu Yuan collected his thoughts and regulated his breathing, casually responding:

“Nothing? I just realized that my memory seems to have some issues.”

“Oh,” Ran Qingmo responded, no longer speaking and continued to meditate with her eyes closed.

Calm down, he deduced that the disappearance of the treasure chest was the result of the world automatically fixing itself.

In such a mysterious cave, a shiny golden treasure chest would obviously look out of place.

Since he had confirmed that this cave would attract people based on their fortune, the things from “Blue Spring” that were placed here would never vanish.

Approaching the jade bed, Xu Yuan lowered his gaze and examined the large circular bed.

The surface of the bed was pure white, resembling white jade, emitting a faint glow.

There were no sheets or covers on the bed, but there were two rectangular-shaped pillows. The only place on the bed where things could be hidden was under these pillows.

Slightly hesitating, Xu Yuan slowly reached out his hand and grabbed the pillow.

The pillow felt slightly cold, like black ice.

After moving the pillow aside, as expected, Xu Yuan saw an ancient black ring underneath.

Seeing this item, Xu Yuan immediately realized what it was.

A storage ring, or a treasure ring, or a storage space ring.

Xu Yuan never expected to see this item in this place. He suddenly felt that the world’s automatic completion was advantageous at certain times.

Unlike other cultivation worlds where everyone had a storage ring.

In this world, the storage space ring was a top-level treasure.

Even experts like Ran Qingmo could only rely on backpacks to carry their belongings.

The guide book gave a simple explanation for this.

The reason was simple— the storage space ring manipulated spatial cutting.

If storage space rings were commonplace, wouldn’t that mean that any blacksmith was a master of space manipulation?

Regardless, under the world’s completion, using the storage space ring to replace the “golden treasure chest” was truly an unexpected delight.

Xu Yuan reached out and held the ancient black storage space ring in his palm, grinning.

But this smile quickly faded.

Although the treasure was good, he couldn’t use it.

The storage space ring required a source of energy to activate, and he was still just an ordinary person.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Yuan casually threw the storage space ring to Ran Qingmo, who was sitting beside him.

Ran Qingmo caught it and lowered her gaze to look at it. Because she had seen a similar item from her master before, she immediately recognized the ring.

However, even with this top-level treasure in her hands, her gaze remained unchanged, only slightly confused as she looked at Xu Yuan.

She didn’t understand why Xu Yuan would throw the storage space ring to her.

Xu Yuan met her gaze and smiled faintly, whispering:

“There are some healing medicines inside and some of my belongings from my past life. I can’t take them out now, so I can only ask for your help.”

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