Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Giving Grace to Huang Rong and Forcing Her to Give Her Body!


The little beggar fell down on her butt.

Not only her butt hurt, her head also ached.

She felt like she had hit a metal plate rather than a person.

“Are you blind? Can’t you walk with your eyes open?” the little beggar climbed up, pointing at Yang Huan angrily.

Yang Huan looked at the little beggar in front of her. She was dirty and black like a little coal ball, but her facial features were very beautiful and attractive, even if her face was covered in dirt.

Her bright big eyes were particularly attractive.

Because of this, Yang Huan did not directly attack her earlier.

Otherwise, she would have struck with a sword.

“Little beggar, let me catch you!” At this moment, the strong man holding a rolling pin grabbed the little beggar by the back of her collar.

The little beggar turned around suddenly and pushed the strong man away.

She then hid behind Yang Huan and made a silly face at the strong man.

This mischievous expression made her look cute.

“This woman obviously has martial arts skills, she is not an ordinary woman.” Yang Huan felt that the little beggar behind her had martial arts skills and her skills were not low.

After thinking for a while, he raised his hand to stop the strong man and asked, “Brother, why are you having a problem with this little sister?”

“What’s it to you?” The strong man replied rudely.

“Brother, I advise you to speak properly while I’m speaking to you.” Yang Huan’s eyes turned cold and sharp.

The strong man was just an ordinary person and was intimidated by Yang Huan’s eyes.

Seeing that the young man in front of him was extraordinary, the strong man knew that he probably had martial arts skills.

“This little beggar stole my buns, and I’m teaching her a lesson. Any questions?” The strong man’s tone softened a bit, and he tried to reason with Yang Huan.

“How much for the buns? I’ll pay for them.” Yang Huan said immediately.

“Twenty wens! Not a penny less!” The strong man extended his hand.

“Twenty wens? Are you crazy?” The little beggar, who was hiding behind Yang Huan, poked her head out and shouted.

If it were an ordinary person, they would have paid directly.

But Yang Huan was not an ordinary person. He smiled and said, “So, twenty wens for a bun. Are you trying to extort me?”

“This bun is worth twenty wens! If you want to help this little beggar, pay up. If you don’t have the money, get lost!” The strong man said arrogantly.

Although he knew that Yang Huan might have martial arts skills, he was not afraid.

This was Luocheng, and he had been selling buns on this street for more than ten years. He had some connections here.

If he really wanted to fight, he could call on more than a dozen of his brothers to help him. It would not be a problem.

Of course, in the eyes of real martial arts experts, a dozen ordinary people are really not worth it.

But once a fight breaks out, the government will definitely intervene.

Once the government intervenes, things will become much easier.

It was originally the little beggar who stole his steamed buns, he was in the right.

Even if Yang Huan beat him up, he could still extort more money from him.

With this kind of thinking, the steamed bun seller became fearless.

But who is Yang Huan?

He is a big villain with the evil system attached to him!

As a big villain, it’s already good enough for me to talk to you with reason. How dare you extort money from me?! Who gave you the courage!


Yang Huan hit the burly man with one palm, directly sending him flying more than ten meters away!

The force of his palm was extremely terrifying!

The burly man weighed at least two hundred catties, but he was hit by Yang Huan’s palm and flew away.

He fell heavily on the ground, and spurted out a mouthful of blood. He struggled for a while before becoming still.

The onlookers took a look at him, checked his breathing, and found that the burly man had already died…

“He killed someone! He killed someone!”

“He killed someone! He killed someone!”

“He killed someone! He killed someone!”

The onlookers saw that Yang Huan killed someone without hesitation, and were scared away.

However, the little beggar who was hiding behind Yang Huan was also stunned.

She walked up to the burly man and confirmed that he was really dead.

For a while, a sense of guilt rushed over her.

“Let’s go, girl.”

At the moment when the little beggar was overcome with guilt, Yang Huan appeared behind her.

The little beggar looked up at Yang Huan, and immediately asked, “Why are you so cruel? He just wanted to extort twenty wen from you, and you killed him directly?”

“Otherwise? Should I just let him extort from me? Besides, I did this to help you, didn’t I? He died, it’s also because of you.”

Yang Huan said lightly, as if killing someone was not a big deal in his eyes.

[Ding! Excessive killing has triggered the evil system.]

[Reward: Two years of pure internal energy.]

The system’s rewards are not too good, but also not too bad, it’s acceptable.

Although two years may seem short, small amounts add up and it’s quite a lot.

“You are causing harm to others. Aren’t you afraid of karma?” the beggar angrily questioned Yang Huan.

In her heart, she still felt some guilt.

But when she looked at the real killer, he showed no remorse.

This made her understand that he was not a good person.

At first, the beggar just wanted to play around with the burly man, but she ended up causing his death and felt guilty.

“If there really is karma, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Yang Huan replied with a smile. “The officials will be here soon, and I don’t want to deal with them. It’s too much trouble, so let’s go quickly.” Yang Huan said with a smile to the beggar.

“Who wants to go with you?” The beggar replied aggressively, warning Yang Huan not to get her attention.

Then she bent down, trying to carry the burly man.

Although she didn’t kill him, she felt responsible for his death and wanted to help him.

But Yang Huan grabbed her shoulder and said with a smile, “I helped you, and you owe me. You look pretty good, so be with me.”

“Dream on! Let go of me!” The beggar said coldly, feeling her inner energy stirring.

“It’s not up to you.” Yang Huan sneered.

“You little villain! I didn’t want to bother with you, but you are asking for it. I’ll give you what you want!” As she spoke, the beggar attacked Yang Huan with a powerful palm strike.

Her martial arts were not to be underestimated!

1. Huang Rong is a fictional female protagonist in the wuxia novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong.

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