Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Guild of the Setting Sun 2

The nobles were reveling in their evening parties, while the adventurers were cheering for their successful named monster hunts. As the night turned into slumber, a refreshing morning arrived.

The morning after,

The adventurer guild was quiet and deserted.

An ominous wind began to blow.

Normally, even those suffering from the worst hangover would attend the joint meeting to receive their guild master’s guidance.

However, today no one showed up.

“It’s strangely quiet. Nobody seems to be coming out. Could it be that they’re still drinking, because yesterday’s named monster was a long-overdue challenge?” The guild master grumbled while lounging in his chair in the master room.

The members of this guild were used to working tirelessly without sleeping like zombies, so it was natural for them to be immobilized due to the buff magic worn off from Aix’s excessively prolonged buff magic.

A knock disturbed their thoughts in the master room.

“Guild master, the butler Yesman-sama is here. He’s very angry because we told him that we have suspended Aix-san’s nomination.”

“What? Without an appointment? Damn it! That defective mage is making us trouble again by making us put extra effort.”

The Lardrich viscount’s estate was a frequent client.

Mostly because his nominations for Aix were lining the guild master’s pockets.

Even though he was a butler, no one had ever turned up without prior notice, most especially because nobles were concerned with protocol.

Perhaps this would be a difficult matter that required some preparation.

“Well, well, Yesman-sama, may I ask what brings you here today?” The guild master calmly smiled at the very red-faced butler.

“Please bring Aix here urgently! Is it true that he’s resigned?”

“No, he’s just taking a break,” the guild master lied calmly. He kept the fact that Aix had resigned hidden, so the butler must have heard it from Aix himself

“If that’s the case, please resume it immediately. Or was there trouble within the guild? Perhaps… there was an issue with labor conditions?”


However, the guild master, who would lose major clients if this truth were exposed to the pressing Yesman, took a big gamble. Without much thought, he reflexively attacked back.

And shamelessly proclaimed in a loud voice, “That’s right! He already quit. It was because of the unreasonable demands of the viscount!”

The butler’s face twisted.

Amazingly, this excuse worked!

It was his exceptional skill in shifting blame that allowed him to rise to the position of guild master.

“Ugh… I understand. As a special compensation for this task, we will provide 10 gold coins. And please let him know that we are planning to offer him an exclusive treatment.”

This unexpected and favorable development made the guild master want to get in on the action.

“But… he may still be suspicious, so just giving him gold coins may not resolve the issue. May I intervene? My fee is only one gold coin.”

The butler’s gaze towards the ground became uneasy, but he had no choice but to agree.

“Understood. We will accept those conditions. But failure will not be tolerated. Act immediately.”

“Don’t worry, Yesman-sama.”

The guild master smiled as he saw the relieved butler off to the entrance.

Once the butler’s figure completely disappeared, the smile mask that covered the guild master’s face fell off, replaced by pleasure. “Kukuku! I can’t stop laughing. Who would have thought that defective mage would become an unexpected temporary bonus? Eleven gold coins… I wonder if I should add it to my savings and buy myself a house.”

The guild master didn’t hesitate to put the bag of coins he had received into his own pocket, taking everything for himself. This kind of ability to take without hesitation was necessary to become great.

“I was nervous when the butler Yesman arrived, but with my skills, I achieved the best possible outcome.”

If he had fled to another country, the guild master would have emerged as the victor, but he missed the opportunity because of his confidence in his strategy.

Perhaps the magical power in the glittering gold coins had dulled his judgment.

Back at the counter, the bored receptionist was given a small errand.

“Bring back the defective mage.”

“I don’t think Aix will come back, though?”

The receptionist’s expression turned sour.

“Well, just ask him. It seems the demotion to F-class was a big shock for that defective magician. I gave him a trial because he was getting too relaxed, but young people nowadays are weak. However, I may have gone a little too far.”


The guild master smiled confidently.

“Just tell him about the trial and the promise to bring him back to C-class. He won’t be demoted again. After a month, I’ll promote him to B-class. That defective mage will be crying with happiness.”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll go now.”

Saluting crisply, the receptionist ran out to meet Aix.

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