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Chapter 155

Chapter 155: One Shot, One Kill

After calibrating the big gun, Su Hao and Yashan returned to the tower and found a concealed spot to set up the large gun.

This time, Su Hao would personally take the shot, and Yashan’s role was to act as a spotter, making sure anyone attempting to climb the tower was driven away.

Su Hao closed his eyes and slowly adjusted his breathing, keeping his body relatively still to ensure that fluctuations in his breath wouldn’t affect the accuracy of the shot. At a distance of over a thousand meters, even the slightest error would cause the bullet’s impact point to deviate significantly from the target.

As Su Hao collected information about the environment, such as wind speed and humidity, he patiently waited for an opportunity.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes. It was because his radar sensed the movement of the Heavenly Lord Stan, who was accompanied by a few people as he left the castle.

The opportunity that Su Hao had been waiting for had arrived.

He activated the “Distant View” rune on the top of the big gun. In his field of view appeared a middle-aged man dressed in an outrageously flashy manner. This middle-aged man’s hair was meticulously styled, adorned with numerous flashy decorations, and he wore a faint smile on his face, exuding an inexplicable dignity.

His gait swayed from side to side, as if he were a king inspecting his territory and reviewing his soldiers.

This had to be the leader of the Tiansha Gang, the Heavenly Lord Stan.

Su Hao had imagined various imposing images of Stan, but he hadn’t expected this comical appearance. If you knew he was the “Heavenly Lord,” you’d think he was some nouveau riche who’d been drained by women.

Several subordinates walked with grandeur, following behind Heavenly Lord Stan. There were also a few young and attractive girls carrying various fruit platters and snacks, feeding him from time to time. Then they would kiss him on the cheek, making Heavenly Lord Stan burst into laughter.

Su Hao slowly calmed his emotions, took out an iron core he had prepared, and created a bullet by enveloping the iron core with his Steel Armor, forming a bullet head shining with a metallic sheen. It was as thick as a finger and more than capable of blowing someone’s head apart in an instant.

Su Hao carefully pushed the bullet head into the magazine, locked it with the bolt marked “Level 2 – Fivefold Burst,” and activated the “Level 2 – Hardened” rune. The entire large gun dimmed.

The “Level 2 – Penetration” and “Level 2 – Sonic Break” runes were activated, with their effects attached to the bullet head. Su Hao then locked onto Heavenly Lord Stan using the scope and waited for the right moment.

The opportunity he waited for was when Heavenly Lord Stan stopped moving or turned his back, or was facing Su Hao directly. This would greatly increase the chances of a successful shot.

Although it was possible to hit a moving target, it was prone to prediction errors, especially at a distance of over a thousand meters. Even if the bullet traveled for only a second or two, unforeseen circumstances could occur.

Su Hao understood that for a formidable mutant like Heavenly Lord Stan, there was only one opportunity. If he missed it, he would have to engage in a personal battle.

A moment later, the opportunity Su Hao had been waiting for arrived. Two or three people suddenly walked out from the side and knelt in front of Heavenly Lord Stan, seemingly reporting something.

Su Hao immediately activated the “Level 2 – Barrier” rune to protect the big gun and input blood energy into the bolt.

“Level 2 – Fivefold Burst” was ready.

Su Hao held his breath, and his entire body entered an extremely calm state.



From a distance, Heavenly Lord Stan didn’t sense the shadow of death looming over him. The bullet had already enveloped him.

After listening to his subordinates’ report, he gave a cold smile, “So you’re saying that the people in Feishi City couldn’t come up with the money?”

One of his subordinates shivered, “That’s right, we turned the city upside down, killed quite a few people, and personally looted it, but in the end, we only found sixty thousand zhu…”


The subordinate seemed to hear a muffled sound and felt a little warmth splashing on his face. He subconsciously reached out and looked at it closely.



At this moment, a dull sound came from a distance, but no one paid attention to it.

Perplexed, the subordinate raised his head.

They saw that their leader, the Heavenly Lord Stan, had disappeared from where his head used to be. His tall body still stood there, completely intact except for blood gushing like a fountain from his neck, staining his magnificent clothes.

Shortly after, they watched as the body of the Heavenly Lord Stan slowly toppled over.

At this moment, their minds went blank, and they couldn’t recall anything. Subconsciously, someone uttered, “Huh?”

After a moment of silence, the people around them finally realized what had happened. Their leader, the sixth-level mutant Heavenly Lord Stan, seemed to be dead!

One graceful girl was holding a red fruit and was about to feed it to her beloved Stan when, in the next instant, his head disappeared. She stood in shock for a long time, but it was she who reacted first, letting out the highest decibel scream she had ever produced, “Ah!”

With the first hysterical scream, everyone in the vicinity panicked.

“Quick, save our boss Stan…”

“Where’s his head? Find it quickly and put it back for Boss Stan!”

“What do we do? Boss Stan seems to be dead…”

It was as if everyone had lost their backbone, spinning around Stan’s mutilated body.

At that moment, someone shouted, “Quick, go find Captain Tang Di, the Spring King!”

Everyone was suddenly alert and had a clear target for action.

On the other side, after confirming that the other side was dead, Su Hao put away the large gun and handed it to Yashan, saying, “Yashan, let’s go! Get a piece of Heavenly Lord’s flesh.”

Trembling, Yashan took the large gun, only now realizing the significance of this weapon.

In a hoarse voice, he said, “Okay, Boss Wei”

The members of the Four Kings Gang gathered at the southern border of the city, ready for action.

Gaili and the others stood on the rooftop of a tall building, looking towards the south, but they couldn’t see the situation in the distance clearly.

Kass suddenly squinted his eyes and pointed in a direction, saying, “There’s a commotion over there!”

The other three followed the direction he pointed but couldn’t see anything clearly.

Xiaotong furrowed her brows and asked, “Gaili, can he really kill Heavenly Lord Stan?”

Gaili laughed triumphantly, saying, “Don’t worry, Xiaotong. I don’t make mistakes when judging people. If that guy says he can kill him, then he can. The kind of confidence that comes from the depths of the soul, you can’t sense it, but I can. We just have to wait!”

Although he said that, in reality, Gaili still felt a bit unsure.

After some time, an excited member of the Four Kings Gang ran up to the rooftop and said to them, “Four Kings Leader, Heavenly Lord Stan is dead!”

“Dead?” Even though they had been prepared for this, they were still startled by the news.

Xiaotong urgently asked, “Is he really dead? Did you see it with your own eyes? How did he die?”

The member nodded, affirming, “Absolutely, no mistake! Heavenly Lord Stan was listening to his subordinates report when suddenly, there was a ‘bang,’ and his head vanished, blood sprayed everywhere. I saw it with my own eyes!”

The four of them exchanged glances, unable to believe the news they had heard.

Kass asked, “Did you see who killed Heavenly Lord Stan?”

The member hesitated for a moment, trying to recall, then shook his head, saying, “I didn’t see anyone attack Heavenly Lord Stan. In just an instant, Heavenly Lord Stan’s head disappeared without any apparent reason.”

The four of them had the same thought: “This person is not to be messed with.”

They looked at Gaili with an even greater sense of admiration. Gaili, that guy, truly lived up to…

Gaili laughed smugly and waved his hand, saying, “I told you, I wouldn’t make a mistake in judging people! Let’s go! It’s our time to shine! Let’s proceed with the plan! Ashi, Captain Tang Di, is in your hands. After hearing the news, he probably won’t go to where Heavenly Lord Stan died but will continue south to escape from Linyuan City. You go there and see if you can intercept him.”

“The Metamorphic King of the Tiansha Gang, Luo Wan, went out of town to collect protection fees a few days ago, so she’s not in the city. After we’ve cleaned up Lin Yuan City, we’ll go outside and finish her off.”

“Xiaotong, Kass, the two of you immediately take the brothers and take control of the entire south of the city. Use the list as a reference and push forward, not letting anyone escape!”

Ashi nodded lightly, leaped into the air, and landed smoothly, then swiftly moved towards the southern part of the city.

Xiaotong disappeared into the shadows, and Kass began to transform, growing two wings, soaring into the sky, and disappearing.

Gaili stood there, not moving at all, his mouth forming a perfect smile.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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