Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: Sniper’s Target

Gaili immediately said, “There’s no need to come up with a plan. He’ll come out on his own. Every evening, he leads a group to patrol his territory. As long as you stay in the south of the city, you can almost see him every day.”

Su Hao nodded, “I see.”

Gaili added, “But Stan, the Heavenly Lord, can discern everyone’s presence very clearly. For example, for us, as soon as we get within a kilometer of him, he’ll notice us, making it impossible to assassinate him by surprise.”

“And he’s particularly cautious about unfamiliar auras. He’s most afraid of encountering level-six or level-seven mutants from other major cities who might kill him without warning. Haha, he’s a real coward.”

Su Hao smiled, “So be it! Tomorrow evening, I’ll kill him. Once he’s gone, it will be up to you guys to take over.”

Gaili placed his hand on the table and stood up, saying, “Alright! Tomorrow evening, we’ll wait for your good news.”

Su Hao stood up and said to Yashan, “Yashan, let’s go!”

Yashan, who had been silent throughout, immediately rose and said, “Sure thing, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao and Yashan returned to the hotel, contemplating their strategy against the enemy.

The earlier plan of aerial bombardment now appeared to have many flaws. Once he took to the skies, Stan, as the Heavenly Lord, would undoubtedly become aware immediately. If the opponent was someone unafraid of heights and combat, they would engage in a prolonged aerial battle with Su Hao. As the Heavenly Lord, he had to protect his aerial domain and his authority.

If the opponent was a timid individual, they might quickly retreat underground when things went south. Based on experience, the effectiveness of the bombs would be greatly reduced. They would only level the castle and kill a bunch of minions, having little impact otherwise.

So, the simplest approach was to take a long-range shot while the target was unprepared, regardless of his royal status.

Regardless of what kind of lord he was, one bullet to the head would take care of him.

After Su Hao and Yashan left,

Xiaotong immediately became furious, transforming into a female demon and baring her teeth and claws at Gaili.

“Gaili, you scoundrel! How could you bully me in front of outsiders? Am I, the Shadow King, not entitled to any dignity?”

Gaili hid behind Kas, weakly laughing, “Haha, Xiaotong, don’t be angry. This was an accident. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

Xiaotong exploded, “How many times have you promised that? Kas, step aside! I must give Gaili a proper beating today!”

Kas quickly moved to the side.

Gaili hid behind Ashi.

Xiaotong pointed at Ashi, “Ashi, you step aside too. Don’t protect him!”

Ashi calmly replied, “I’m just following Gaili’s lead.”

Xiaotong was on the verge of tears, “…”

Kas tried to mediate, “Alright, alright, Gaili had his reasons for doing this. We have to trust him. Come on, let’s all hear Gaili’s explanation.”

Gaili immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at grains, “Yes, yes, an explanation. Listen to my explanation!”

Xiaotong placed her hands on her hips, “Fine, go on.”

Gaili chuckled triumphantly, “Hahaha, I could tell at first glance that Wei is a person with… compassion!”

Everyone nearly burst into laughter. Is that it?

Xiaotong smacked Gaili on the forehead with her hand and said angrily, “It’s already this late, and you’re still joking!”

Gaili held his head and protested, “I wasn’t joking. My first impression of him was exactly that, so I wanted to befriend him and get to know him, ideally recruit him into our Four Kings Gang…”

Xiaotong, grabbing Gaili’s collar, roared, “Get to the point!”

A beautiful young girl had been forced into this state by Gaili…

Kas couldn’t help but sigh and shake his head. If he were to marry Xiaotong, it was unimaginable!

Gaili, covering his ears, said, “Alright, alright, I’ll get to the point. Xiaotong, let go for now.”

Xiaotong released her grip, and Gaili immediately pushed Ashi in front and said, “At first, I didn’t pay much attention, just thought he was unique. Then I began to feel something was off, so I pondered it for a bit, although I didn’t come up with anything…”

Gaili was about to make a joke, but a glare from Xiaotong made him say, “I deduced that Wei is at least a Level 5 mutant! Yes, the guy following him, Yashan, is also a Level 5 mutant.”

The other three were not surprised. If they could kill the Steel King Abby, they had to be at this level at least.

Gaili continued, “So I paid more attention to him. In case he joins our Four Kings Gang, we can become the Six Kings Gang in the future, right? So when he proposed cooperation, I didn’t think twice, I just agreed!”

The three of them stared at Gaili with puzzled expressions.

Gaili said, “Don’t look at me like that! He’s such a compassionate person; how could he be a bad guy? He must have shared ideals and goals with us, right? He must want to change this fragmented world! Then, as I was shaking hands with him…”

The three were suddenly excited, looking at Gaili expectantly.

Gaili said, “I realized he has the strength of at least a Level 7 mutant.”

The Three Kings: “???”

The Four Kings Gang was actively mobilizing its forces in preparation. After Su Hao and Yashan rested for a night, early the next morning, they were wandering in the south of the city. Around noon, Su Hao and Yashan stood on a tower, overlooking the entire city of Linyuan, which seemed almost endless.

This spot had a vast field of view, with most streets visible. Most importantly, the castle of the Heavenly Lord Stan was only 1,600 meters away, clearly visible.

This was the ideal sniper’s spot chosen by Su Hao.

According to Gaili, the Heavenly Lord’s sensing range should be about 1,000 meters, so for safety’s sake, Su Hao chose a distance of over 1,600 meters for the sniper shot.

The only question was whether the Heavenly Lord could sense a deadly threat from afar. This was the legendary, enigmatic “killing intent” or “danger perception.”

Having traveled through many worlds, Su Hao’s understanding of “killing intent” was limited to a sense of lethal intent, something he could feel from a person’s aura.

However, he hadn’t experienced that uncanny feeling that someone was “watching” or “staring” at him from afar, let alone having the ability to foresee danger in advance.

Su Hao believed such abilities existed, but so far, he hadn’t encountered any. Perhaps he would have a chance to explore more mystical aspects in the future and unravel this mystery.

Su Hao went down from the tower and said to Yashan, “Let’s go, Yashan, we’re leaving the city.”

Yashan was puzzled, “Boss Wei, why are we leaving the city?”

Su Hao said, “To ensure nothing goes wrong and make sure the first shot is fatal, we need to recalibrate the big gun. Watch and learn from me.”

Yashan replied, “Okay, Boss Wei!”

(End of this chapter)

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