Chapter 151 – Why this empress makes no sense!

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Western Sand Desert.

A prosperous city-state sits atop an oasis.

All the buildings appear to be built of sand and shine golden in the sunlight.

Inside a luxurious palace.


Damour slammed his wine glass and said coldly, “What is going on here?”

The bodyguard knelt on the ground and said in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty, the Second Prince was attacked by the enemy in the desert, and General Kachar went to provide reinforcements, but the two have not yet returned.”

“The jade slip of the Second Prince’s divine soul has been destroyed.”

The people around inhaled a cold breath, their faces filled with disbelief.

The Second Prince had really died?!

The atmosphere was cold and stern.

“Who on earth would dare to kill my royal son!”

Damour’s expression was very unsightly.

In this oasis, although Mochen Kingdom was not a big country, its power was definitely not to be underestimated.

How dare they kill the prince? That was tantamount to declaring war on the entire Mochen Kingdom!

“Who did it?”

“Liusha Kingdom? Or Tulong Kingdom?”

The oasis was dotted with dozens of sand cities, each of which was almost like a small country.

There were trade exchanges and frequent conflicts and friction between them.

It is hard not to attribute the murder of the Second Prince to a conspiracy by another country.

The guard said, “The Second Prince has been swallowed by quicksand and his body is difficult to dig out, only this object was found in the yellow sand.”

The guard handed over a broken jade.

It was the second prince’s personal jade pendant.

Damour looked to the black-robed man beside him, “Guo Shi, will you see if you can find any clues?”

The black-robed man walked over and picked up the broken jade.

Shimmering light shone in his palm and yellow sand coalesced in the air, reflecting fragmented images.

The silver spear pierced Kachar’s chest, and the second prince was crushed by a wall of sand, his bones missing.

Sand buries everything.

At the end of the picture, a figure in white flashed.

Damour frowned, “That outfit doesn’t look like someone from the oasis ……”

Guo Shi’s eyes were shocked as he said, “I recognize this person!”


Damour asked hurriedly, “Who is this man?”

The Guo Shi said, “Your Highness must have heard of him, the Shengzi of Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, Su Shi!”

Damour froze, “That’s him?”

This genius of the Demonic path had recently become famous.

Being the Shengzi of the Demonic path and the hero of mankind, he could be considered a popular figure in the Linlang Empire!

“Why did he attack my Mochen Kingom?”

Damour’s brows furrowed.

This time it was hard to figure it out.

The Linlang Empire is a powerful country with a vast territory, and it is a first-class power in the entire Human Realm.

Not to mention that there was still the Holy Empress sitting there.

Because the Tiger Clan threatened Huangnyuan City, they went as far as pushing the northern border forward by 300 miles!

What kind of wisdom and courage is this?

Damour didn’t want to offend such a powerful person in his heart.

But if he left it at that, he would never be able to raise his head in the Oasis again!

After thinking about it for a moment, Damour said in a deep voice: “Su Shi, as minister of Linlang, has brutally killed my Mochen prince, this is tantamount to starting a war!”

“Guo Shi is at your service.”

“I am here.”

“I order you to take the messenger letter and go to Weiyang Capital at once to tell the Linlang Empress about Su Shi’s evil deeds.”

“…… I obey the order.”

Guo Shi’s face was a little ugly, obviously unwilling to be cannon fodder.

However, there was no way to disobey the King’s order.

Guo Shi left the palace with the messenger, and the palace exploded into a frenzy.

“Su Shi has gone too far!”

“Presumptuous, too presumptuous!”

“Killing prince and general, the Linlang Empire must give us an account of this matter!”

“They must give an explanation to our Mochen Kingdom!”

The hundreds of officials were in an uproar.

Damour’s eyes flickered slightly.

After all, Su Shi’s status was there, and he did not expect to make the other party return life for life.

But whether it was apology or compensation, the Linlang Kingdom had to take a stand!

After all, this is a matter of diplomatic relations between the two countries!

“Even if the Linlang Empire is strong, it can’t be unreasonable, right?”

One hour later.

The Guo Shi flew back to the main hall in a dusty manner.

Damour was puzzled, “Back so soon? What did the Linlang Empire say?”

The Guo Shi shook his head and said, “I can’t meet Empress Linlang.”


Damour frowned, unhappy, “Such a big thing happened, and Feng Chaoge didn’t give any statement?”

“There is an explanation.”

The Guo Shi said, “Although I have not seen the Empress, I have received a verbal message from the Empress ……”

Damour’s face lightened slightly at this point and asked, “What did the other party say? I’ve lost a prince, the compensation to be paid shouldn’t be less at least, right?”

Guo Shi’s voice twitched and he said in a low voice, “She asked Your Majesty to make another child…”

The hall was deathly silent.

The courtiers looked dumbfounded.

Damour’s eyebrows jumped wildly.

Making another child?

Is this what the Linlang Empire said?

Su Shi’s acts were already quite unreasonable.

How could this Feng Chaoge, as the ruler of a country, be so unreasonable?

“How dare she bully me! I want to sever diplomatic relations with the Linlang Empire!”

Damour was furious.

Guo Shi carefully reminded, “Your Majesty, we have not established diplomatic relations with Linlang.”

“…… Then I will make Su Shi’s evil deeds known to the world, so that the world can see his ugly face!”

“Your Majesty, Su Shi was a member of the Demonic path from the beginning.”

Damour fell into silence.

Guo Shi came over and whispered, “Your Majesty, Su Shi has more than just Holy Empress behind him, there is also that Demon Empress, please think Tiger Clan ……”

Damour shivered.

That Demon Empress was far more ferocious than the empress!

Damour’s expression changed, hesitated for a long time, cleared his throat and said, “Cough, why don’t you check again, Guo Shi, and confirm that the man in white is really Su Shi?”

The Guo Shi suddenly understood and said, “It seems that I have seen wrong, that man is not Su Shi at all, but a traveling bandit from the desert.”

Damour nodded, “I order you to investigate this matter clearly, catch the real murderer and deliver justice to my son.”

Sang Guo Shi arched his hand.

The ministers looked left and right, pretending nothing had happened.

They knew in their hearts the so-called investigation was just a random scapegoat.

The second prince and General Kachar should have died in vain.

Oasis center, Shaxin Kingdom.

Incense curled up in the bedroom.

The young girl in a gorgeous palace dress sat on a chair and asked, “Are you sure it’s the Mysterious Sand Divine Pearl?”

Her voice was clear and pleasant, like a yellow parrot coming out of the valley.

The golden-armed guard bowed and said, “It should be right, the place where Mu Khar died is exactly where the ruins of the Shafan Kingdom are.”

“Greedy snakes try to swallow elephants. Without power, they are too delusional to fight for opportunities.”

“I guess this is something that Mochen Kingdom will have to swallow bitterly.”

The young girl leaned on her chin, her handsome brows furrowed slightly, “How can I make Su Shi come to the Oasis?”

Fengsha City.

In his bedroom, Su Shi looked at Yu Jiao Long.
“Saint Yu, are you ready?”

1. Guo Shi

Teacher of Nation, highly respeted monk in imperial court

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